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A9 13/13 Tour @ Akita Club SWINDLE + Sign Event [21/01/2018]

Firstly, let me apologize for the extremely late entry, work and life has been crazy since I came back from my trip. I just started my new job, it is a bit crazy, and after work all I want to do is to start on a new drawing. That being said, I am still far from able to complete it here >.< Oh wells.

Anyway, before I digress too far, let's get onto that day at Akita shall we?

21st January morning in Akita started with drifting snow, and by drifting snow I don't mean the fluffy small ones that melt right into your clothes type I've seen last year in Tokyo, no, I do really means those giant, very visible snow, and I kinda jumped out of bed with excitement, after which spent around 20 - 30 minutes fascinated the view before me, at the same time dreading about heading out into the cold. It does looks very very cold, but very exciting at the same time (I am weird I know, I've been told).

Eventually I headed out of the hotel, which is next door to the venue, though sadly I've not met the boys (like it is easy to meet someone on the street, even if they are staying just next door). I've promised Saga I won't be waiting for him to go into the venue that day (it would be crazy to wait in the snow like that!), so yeah, instead of waiting I've went off to the malls near stations, did some shopping and had my break at Starbucks (there was this nice lady who introduced me to their latest chocolate cake, and it is really good. Missing Starbucks in Japan so much D:). The busy afternoon continued with me gone to get my Saga sign ticket from a fan, then I've got an extra one when I headed down to Tower Records Akita just to have a look, there I was approached by a fan who I've gotten a Saga ticket from before, and she got a Saga ticket again. Yeah, I can't resist it, I've bought the ticket from her with the thought to just enjoy my trip fully so I won't regret it later. So there we have it, 4 tickets for Utsunomiya and 4 tickers for Akita, and I really have no regrets going back to him for signs so many times. XD

the sign outside the live house.

Flor only arrive to Akita after 2pm? I think, can't really remember the timing. I know that we went back to hotel after getting last of our goods, and I got another lots, I've got another Tora x Pon card -_- My Pon luck is super strong for this tour makes me want to cry a little. Rest of the hours were us just chilling and chatting in hotel room until before live start.

My weird Pon luck on this tour. XD

Have you ever tried standing in the darkening cold night with just a thin piece of T-shirt (Saga tee)? It is quite a new experience I promise you. The uncontrollable shaking, that you know moving a bit more might warm you up but the same time all you want to do is just standing there, holding yourself as close and tight as possible. And then the icy wind comes blowing...

Yeap! Been there done that, I have a new personal experience for my writing disposal now (yays!). Soon as I see the chance, I've ran into the warm and hide there, swore to myself never to do it again *laughs* Another good ticket number (thank you for helping me get them!) although Akita Club Swindle is another small venue so I ended up around the 5th/ 6th row still, it is not that bad, I can see what happened in front clearly so there's that.

The live started with Le Grand Bleu, followed by Kowloon (Saga! I still want to have both Adam and Kowloon in the same setlist one day! C'mon!). I was so excited to finally hear that song, I am not kidding, I yelled when the first series of tune came out. I really love their lives filled with crazy songs like these, I mean, of course, where else is the fun of going to rock concert huh?

The energy in Akita is undoubtedly, unmistakably, definitely 100% higher than Utsunomiya, even with the similar setlist. There were so much jumping and head banging right from the start, and before we reach the 4th song, I am already all sweaty, definitely one way to chase away the cold from earlier.

Shou seems to be unable to forget the illumination he saw around the town and kept talking about it once MC time came round. He kept saying how pretty it was and he can't believe it. XD "Yesterday our Saga-san is supposed to take the last Shinkansen to here but when he reached the platform he was just in time to see it went pass by him. He missed the train." Saga had that guilty face on as Shou described it to the fans. They didn't get too detail into it until another song.

Next is Pendulum, and yes, definitely still love the song and wish to be able to hear it again next live. And my option on 造花の代償 (Saga's bass is still very beautiful 😭) and 百花繚乱 has not change. I do get better at the furi though (well, when I am not too busy watching Saga on stage I am getting them right at least) XD

Came into brief MC after 4 songs, I find that slowly I come to enjoy these brief sessions more, now that I'm better with catching what the boys says, I can understand the content better, but there are still time when I just completely blank and not sure what the hell they were talking about. 🤔

They continued with Saga's adventure on the previous night, on how be missed the last Shinkansen. This time Saga went into a detailed description on how he went back home and rest after his event finished at 1.30pm. He took a nap, since he has about 6 hours, he would have more than enough time to rest up before travelling over to Akita I think (and I think they all actually didn't have much time to rest, travelling back from Utsunomiya right after the live and sign event or early the next morning before the in-store starts, poor boys). When he woke up, it was already evening and his train was about to depart. He still went off to the station, running up to the platform (the cutie made breathy sounds like he had just ran a mile), and when he reach the platform, he just made it in time to watch the train passing by him to its destination.

"あっ、これは終わったな〜 (something like, 'oops, I'm done for~')" Saga commented with a guilty face. And he stayed at the platform for a while, thinking what should he do, should he take the next train to Sendai and stay there for a night, or should he go home, then come back take the next train to Akita next morning? (I would so love to see him in that state, being guilty and lost there, omg!). He decided to go home, then took the next morning train over. XD

Saga also reviewed that he Lined Yuki from Lolita 23 trying to ask if he could give him a ride, sadly Yuki wasn't in the area to help our idiot there.

Shou commented that Tora was getting a lot of "scared" look wherever he went. Tora then shared his experience of getting asked by a Lawson staff who went, "You're Tora, right? Please give your best today!" (Tora: "It has been a while since I've been asked that." Shou: "Isn't it? He looks like Tora no matter how you look at him." 😂😂😂) Tora commented that when he heard question like that he felt like, wow I'm very glad to be in Akita, I shall do my best today. 😂😂😂 Aren't you thinking about doing your best anyway, Tora-shi? 🤔🤔🤔

Jewels is still a beautiful song, one of the slow song that we doesn't have much to do, I took the chance to just stand there and watch a certain bassist on stage being so serious as he plays his song. "He is so beautiful, omg!" I remember thinking, and he really is.

Lots of bright smiles on Blue Planet, that was a song where Hiroto and Saga decided to bite one another, those boys being silly on stage is just the best. Following that was Velvet, that's one song that gave me half my arm aches (laughs). The venue was so hot inside by then you would have no idea Akita was covered in snow outside.

Brief MC session where Shou thanked us and he told us Akita is the semi final live to 13/13 tour. He then introduced us to the next song, Armour Ring.

Twice on this tour I heard Armour Ring, both time it sounds so beautiful. I hope they will play it on their future lives too. After all these while, I still love how the fans are singing along on that part of 平成17年7月7日, it is so beautiful, it feels like connection between fans and the band you know.

Brief pause for MC again, and they are sharing about how they feel taking Shinkansen to Akita.

Hiroto was praised cute when he was out to eat. And because he hair was in such a color, he got quite some attention everywhere he went (in Akita). Show revealed that he was wearing full makeup to board the train after his in-store, and combining that and his height, he got plenty of stares from his fellow train riders (well even I would be wondering, if I don't know Show, who's this ikemen boarded the train, right?)😂 Show added that he did that because he dislike removing his makeup and color contacts in train toilet (it could be messy yes.)

It appears that the boys are not letting Saga off easy on his case of missing the last Shinkansen to Akita. Whenever Shinkansen was mentioned, Shou went like, "And you didn't miss it right?" Saga at the side was just, speechless and his expression was like "Please just stop". It's so adorable.

Nao and Tora came on the same last train it seems, and Nao was like, even though he was wearing full makeup, no one was telling him anything. *Laughs* He revealed that a lot of people shot weird stare at Tora on the train, due to Tora's height, and his half-blonde hair and tattoos. XD

Rainbow was as awesome as I always remember it on lives, so much energy, so much fun, Akita fans were really really amazing. Saga seems to be in a very good mood too, the ending bass part was so good. Basically he was just in a good mood, despite being teased so much. XD Q was very fun too, Show and Saga singing 😍 basically I just like the fact that Saga sings a lot this tour. He also sang on the next song, Undead Party, after Nao appointed him to continue continue the song (Nao: "The one who missed the Shinkansen!") *Laughs* There, after pumping up the energy (a lot of yelling there, oh dear), Saga, who put down his bass, he held two drumsticks and looking a little lost at what to do, just raising the drumsticks and dancing there being so adorable I kept laughing at him.

Meanwhile (it was very messy) apparently Hiroto has came down from the stage and walking among the fans as he plays his guitar. I was told (apparently I was too busy looking at adorable Saga and didn't notice) that Pon was leaning on my back as he plays guitar (and there I thought which fans was pushing me from behind, I am such a failure. XD)

Saga sang, he sang the last two choruses of Undead Party, such beautiful voice.

Memento, I need more of that song in my live (and my life yes!). The energy is just unbelievable (and I like how I just know what to do in every part, and there are a lot of different movements *laughs*).

The boys came back out for encore after changing into their tour tee, with Fix You playing in the background. Show quickly gone through with us like which part he likes us to sing along, and about doing the wiper action during chorus, and they proceeded along with performing the song itself.

And we went into goods intro! Today's goods includes bracelet, phone case, calendar and NEW GINGER!!! 😂😂😂 (Sounds like they are promoting it too, *laughs*) Saga didn't even hesitate about opening and eating it. *Laughs* And of course, they talked about the reel charm too, Nao said they will make a pass case to go along with it next tour. 😂😂😂

They talked about Saga participating in Asagi's solo work and Tora was like, he's jealous. It's weird how Tora actually know Asagi but Saga is the one going to participate in the performance. *Laughs*

Somehow the boys brought a banana on stage. Don't ask me what or how or why. 🤦😂

Hana next, it seems like they are mainly playing the new version of the song these days. It's nice, if you have a chance please go to the live and I hope you will hear it at least once.

I love Red Carpet, I still love it, it's so much fun jumping during that song. And of course at this part of the live, during the encore, you can go all out and just don't care if you're going to hurt the next day (everyone on the pit seems to be doing the same too, so it is definitely ok). 闇に散ら桜 has become something like a ending song for me since last year Jan I think, the Black Period has some pretty good impact on me it seems, a live doesn't seems right somehow if I don't have that song, so I'm glad they are still including it in the setlist this time round.

They ended the live with the new version of 銀の月 黒い星, as I said, their setlist for these 2 lives I attended hasn't much difference. It's still good, switching Adam out and Kowloon in is definitely a good move, great job boys. 🤗

Le Grand Bleu
Blue Planet
Armour Ring
Undead Party (normal version)

-MC + goods intro-
Red Carpet Going On
銀の月 黒い星

After live they have the signing session, and yeap, I get 4 tickets for Saga and 2 for Shou, 1 for Tora (Shou and Tora is to help my friends to get signs). I went for Saga once first, it was quite as usual, hahahaha! I am asking him to sign that porn- photobook 😂 asking him which picture that he likes. He picked two, in turn asking me to pick between them, so I chose the one I think would look good to have signature on. He then went on like, is it okay I might sign across my chest? Hahahaha! Idiot Saga!

He did sign across his chest, and it is very nice. Hehehe~

We had some casual conversation, like me asking him if he's very tired these days, but Saga said it's still fun. He laughed at himself after telling me that he missed the Shinkansen that previous night, such cutie.

One of the conversation I had with him was about pizza, I was telling him I can never find Napoli pizza in Tokyo anymore, he enthusiastically assured me they are still in business, but I have to have it delivered.

Me: Erm... But it is quite hard for me to call for delivery you know...
Him: Well, when you're staying in a hotel, just go to the front desk and ask them to call delivery for you! They can do that. Please eat (the pizza).

Okay~ thank you for the tips Saga-cchi, you sound like you have such experience (and I'm so not surprise if you do, you hikikomori. XD)

His excited expression and voice told me that he really really happy I brought up the topic. I'm just so glad to be able to witness that. XD

That idiot also told me that he'll be waiting for me till June and he looks forward to see my next drawing T.T Okay, I'm going to draw something good for you (I'm still considering which picture here. Lol), I'll make sure that it is one of my best. I can't wait to see you again too *cries a river*

My conversation with Tora was really short, like it last about 30 secs *laughs* With Shou it was longer, I asked Show if he has plan to come Singapore. Show replied saying that they will have to work harder to come back over to this part of Asia (T.T poor boys), and he asked me (us) will we wait for them. I told him, we will be waiting, please come back here when you guys are able to. So yeap, South East Asia, be a bit more patient and support them however you can okay?

The night ended with me and Flor chatting late into the night about our boys. Then next day, going back into Tokyo when we parted. It seems like we brought snowy winter back home with us that day too, Tokyo became a winter wonderland, so beautiful, although I didn't go out to visit the snow-covered Tokyo that evening, which is a good thing too since most train are delayed and some aren't operating at all due to the heavy snow.

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Ahhh, kinda sad, if only I had plan on going into Tokyo, I'm did want to visit one spot in Tokyo that I'm sure will look magical covered in snow like that.

Well I found another magical view in Narita itself as I walk around a temple. Definitely a lovely way to end the trip even though there are some unhappiness happened during it. It is beautiful in its own way, and you know, sometimes you have to have some bad to balance out the good, only then the good feels even better right?

So, the next trip will be June, as I promised Saga, and I'll definitely write up another entry here again. Thank you for always reading~

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