Tuesday, January 30, 2018

# 20/01 # A9

F+IX=YOU!"A9 Will Heal You. Counselling Room for Your Problems" Talk + Handshake Event @ Tower Records Shibuya [20/01/2018]

Our very handsome, very awkward bassist at Tower Records Shibuya that day.
 Continuing the crazy schedule, we have a in-store event happening at Tokyo on the 20th January.

Saga's event (the only one I planned on attend, and attended) happened in Tower Records Shibuya at 12.30pm, a timing early enough but not too early that I'm glad to not have to rush down from Utsunomiya. I've only reached Shibuya around 12pm, and made my way up to Tower Records slowly.

After wandering about for a while and meeting up with a friend, we wrote down our questions, just in time for the event to start.

He wore black today, head to toe, again. Well it looks good on him so I am not complaining. And that "I'm so awkward I don't know what to do" look on his face. He started with a brief greeting, asking us how are we doing and is there anyone who came down from Utsunomiya, then he thanked us for coming down even when it is so cold outside. "If it's me, I won't (come) in the cold," he laughed, being awkward and adorable there. He was really just finding casual topics to fill the silence there.

Lucky for him, it didn't last long. Following cue from the staff asking him to sit down, Saga started tackling the stack of question papers now resting in his hand. To my surprise, the fans had really taken the chance to ask him for advice, though I am really not sure he is qualify to answer some of those questions.

One of the question went "I love Saga so much that I can't sleep, what should I do?" You should look at his face when he saw that, he's like, "Why am I getting this question? How should I answer her?" It's so awkward it's so cute. "Please go to sleep!" was all he said, in that tone that's like, seriously, don't do this to me! Lol!

Nah, he's not like that, but you have to understand it is really a pretty troubling question that he has no answer to. Hahahahaha!

He got all types of questions, each and every one he did give careful consideration and reply. There are people asking him advice one how to deal with friends, with work, one asking him any advice on skin care, there are also one asking him advice on finding a boyfriend, stuffs like that. He tried his best to answer them, giving them his best advice. There was one question he lingered quite a while, giving all sorts of suggestion to the girl was asking him advice on buying a bass (his strength and topic which he likes I think).

He came to my question paper and he read too! I was kind of shock that he did, and did not, you know, skip it. What I've written was not really a question you see, I just wanted to tease him that day so I wrote "Saga, you've not been updating your salon! :P love you!" Hahahahaha! I've to school my face neutral when he read it out loud, with a bit changes here and there because yeap, he definitely isn't going to read out my last comment and my name. XD hehe idiot! It is so hard not to laugh watching that guilty expression as he explained why he hasn't been updating his salon and apologize.

He said, he will update it soon (I am holding you to it, Saga-cchi!). Recently he is addicted to a game Tora introduced him so he has been playing and forgot to update. He said sorry, apologizing a cute boy tone (wish I can pinch him). Meh come on, Saga-cchi, I'm still waiting! Don't apologize, do something!

He knows I'm trolling him by the way. 😋

There was a handshake with everyone on the way out, my conversation with him during then was quite brief (in compare to the sign and handshake I've got the day before and after). It was just a brief exchange of thanks, me telling him to take care heading off to Akita cause it is cold, he did the similar (if I'm not wrong). I told him to please remember to update his salon lastly, which he laughed and said he will do it soon. XD

The rest of the day spent on having pizza with Flor and her friends, it was a great time. Can't seems to find Saga's favorite pizza in Shibuya anymore, so we went for something else instead, which is actually very much like Napoli but it is with a different name so... It was still great. After which I traveled to Akita and settled myself down in the hotel, food, bath and rest for the next day's live, that's mostly it.

I'll have my next and last entry of the trip up ASAP! Thanks for waiting! As usual, comment and feedback if you have any! See you soon!

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