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A9 13/13 Tour @ Heaven's Rock Utsunomiya VJ2 + Sign Event [19/01/2018]

And as usual I'm writing this on a flight hurling me back home all the way to sunny land Singapore, left behind was my heart, and a thousand wishes that I could remain in the beautiful country, ten thousand more wishes that I can be there to attend the tour final happening on 27th January, I should have planned for a longer holiday but this is already a trip that I've done on a whim, I wasn't even supposed to fly over to Japan in January.

Anyway, no regrets. My regrets are always of the lives I never get to attend, never one of the opposite.

January Japan trip has been treating me well enough, apart from the unexpected snow on the 22nd Jan, even that is pretty nice in my opinion. As I've always wanted to see snow, and it made such a beautiful view, a brand new experience, and yeah, it is really not that cold (or maybe I am just too busy enjoying the cold weather that I will never get back in Singapore) *laughs*

19th of Jan started... Rather early for me. I've got to finish the gift for someone at the last minute (yes, handmade again, and no you're not getting a picture of it because even I didn't get a picture of it after I've finished it, *laughs*). I've only finished and got to the venue around 11am, and worrying that I couldn't catch them going in. I wasn't late at all, indeed I was so very early that none of the staffs arrive yet, less of the boys. ๐Ÿคฆ *Laughs* At least the staff didn't ask me to go away as I was wait there. Practically most of them ignored me, except one of the lady who I always thought as strict and scary. Well she isn't, she's quite nice (I discovered this last June) and she came to talk to me for a little as she smoked. *Laughs*

Caught Hiropon before he goes in, he came by cab, wearing black with a pair of blue lenses sunglasses. I noticed that he didn't wear braces for his neck that morning, and wondered did he actually felt better. Stupid of me that I didn't ask. All I did was simply passed him the gift my friend made for him, and told him it's from a friend from Malaysia. He said thanks! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Saga didn't arrive until well after noon. He arrived in taxi (same as Pon, and seriously what else should I expect. *Laugh*) it was in good time too, I was either getting too cold in the shade or too warm in the sun. And the sun was so blinding I couldn't see in one of the direction, making me keep worrying that I'll miss him going in. He wore black, all black. Top to toe, including his hat (it is the same hat he wears these days), and no makeup yet. After paying the taxi he came down, slowly walked over towards the entrance. I'm so glad there was no other fans around, so I passed him the gift with a few words exchange. After which, I happily skipped away to find warm place to wait until goods sales. XD

And no, I didn't wait for the other 3. XP

It was until way later I got myself prepared and head off to the venue. Not fully prepared though, I still have gazillion of stuffs I need to pack/ get readied for the sign later, and I am so glad that I prepared early - I was having a hectic time right before and after the live, meeting up with all the traders to get my Saga, Nao, Shou and Tora's sign tickets. The amazing thing is though, I managed to get all my tickets without needing to go buy the album's in store and pick a random ticket (not sure I can handle the stress at all, dear God). So yeah, a big thank you for selling me the tickets, you guys are the best!

And yeah, somehow I've also gotten myself 2 extra tickets (1 Saga 1 Nao) for the day one (Utsunomiya) and 1 extra ticket (Saga) for my day 2. Oh dear. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

I just can't resist it when anyone comes up to me and ask me if I want a Saga ticket, a ticket to see him one more time? Anytime please, anytime.

๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I'm so hopeless.

Anyway, no regretsssssss~~~~

I've mistaken the starting time of the live, kept thinking we will start queuing around 5.30pm, it actually starts around 6.30pm. *laughs* and the moments we have to stand outside waiting for our number to be called (my number was quite front so I dared not to stand inside in case I missed it so... Shivered in the wind! LOL!) Thank God it wasn't too long a wait! Soon I've got in and I got quite a good view, it is still around the fifth row (always there, lol! Why though!) and I'm standing right in front of someone, *Laughs* not like it should be a surprise to you all.

My view!
Came the music grown louder, and one by one, the boys walked out to the stage. Starting with Nao, Tora, Saga, Hiroto and then Shou. Shou was so cute, because the ceiling is quite low and he's very tall, when he stand up the small step at the front of the stage there's barely space for him to stand straight, so he peaked his head forward, acting so cute it's too adorable. XD

They started the live with Le Grand Bleu (the famous "pointing your finger to the sky" furi, it is fun. XD), the come the series of head banging, jumping for Adam. What a start to the night.

The brief MC with them thanking us about this being a sold out live, then Shou told us we should all do our best after having eaten the lovely gyoza at Utsunomiya, they went back to their next song Pendulum.

Such energy, I think I fell in love with that song for live. A9 should play Pendulum on every live because it is really really good.

At the same time, there are so many moments throughout Pendulum I just wish to stand there and watch Saga plays his bass. He's so charming when he's just concentration on playing, face turned to one side where his side profile prominently shown, beautiful, that man is just so beautiful.

Shou was the one giving out the rose that day before the next song, ้€ ่Šฑใฎไปฃๅ„Ÿ. While I really think it is a really nice song, I couldn't help myself missing Haikara instead. But maybe because it is an older song and I'm bias in a sense that I just love it so much more than ้€ ่Šฑ. It could be just me.

The bass on the newer song is still one to die for. XD

็™พ่Šฑ็นšไนฑ is one of the song that I find the furi being a bit too messy, I always mess up my furi on that song. XD

Asking Tora about the gyoza in Utsunomiya, Tora was like, is Masashi gyoza nice? Fans: They are nice! Tora: Don't lie! *Laughs*

They've all tried the gyoza there it seems, I did ☹️ Wish I have more time to try food and explore around next time.

They played Jewels, it is a beautiful song, and I'm very glad that they play that instead of say, ่ผชๅปปใจไธ€ๅคœใฎ็‰ฉ่ชž, which shall guarantee me to have tears shinning in my eyes. Haha. I just love that song ok? Blue Planet is nice too, reminded me how I was looking down from the plane on the way to Japan and pondering if they will play that song on these lives I'm going to see. They played the song at both lives by the way.

Basically the setlist of both lives aren't much of a different one, except the fact that they changed Adam to Kowloon in Akita, and it is a good change.

Velvet has so much energy and at the same time it's so tiring. All the arm pumping XD

Saga only recently learned where is Utsunomiya. he learned about this place around when they were at Gunma. And Tora is worse, he thought Utsunomiya is like a a prefecture instead, much like Yokohama prefecture. The boys has no clue where the place is until coming over is just... XD LOL.

Hiroto talked about his addiction to the ginger, it seems like not just him who's addicted to eating it, Saga and Tora too, they kept eating them. XD Tora is like, I don't even care if my calories goes up eating them... XD

One of the song I never expect to hear on live is definitely Armour Ring, and it is so good. Saga is taking his role as the backup vocal so seriously (since when he isn't taking his performance seriously though XD). I just like to say this because yes, I like watching him when he's just there concentrating on his singing/ playing/ doing his thing, it is a very beautiful view.

That being said, I don't think my eyes actually takes in any other view apart from him. XD There's another funny story which... Did not happen in Utsunomiya, but Akita instead, so I'll share with you guys on another entry.

Fantasy is a song that exist way before I get to know the boys, but it is a song I will always have a special place in my heart for. The melody of the song is just so beautiful, and Shou's voice when he's singing it, even back then. I am really glad to be able to hear it again. :) Same for ๅนณๆˆ17ๅนด7ๆœˆ7ๆ—ฅ, I am pretty sure the song hold a different meaning to the older fans who has been there with them since they were ใ‚ขใƒชใ‚นไน่™Ÿ, to me they are beautiful songs and I am glad to be able to hear it on live.

Apparently Hiroto brought some snacks into the stage, he brought 9 pieces (significantly). Later he distributed them to the fans.

Asking Tora what he knows about Tochigi prefecture he said he knows nothing until them all mentioned about Nikko. Again, Tora thought Nikko is an prefecture on its own. He mentioned he went to Nikko when he was in high school. They mentioned about ninja high school, which apparently the only thing Tora knows about Nikko. He reacted very adorably towards fans protests, apologized in that very unapologetic way about not knowing much. *Rolls*

Finally Rainbows, I am not sure if you know how much I miss the song, I really really missed the song like, I love to play along and jump along the beats and everything and I was just bouncing the moment I hear that first note came on. XD Yeah I'm that crazy annoying a fan still. XD

ShouPon has a lot of moments up there during the song by the way XD and Shou had so much fun maybe, they he even forgot lyrics/ totally messed up the second last chorus of the song XD Not like any of us mind it much.

I love Q, I'm just so glad to have Saga singing so much on this live/ tour. His voice is really beautiful T.T I want to listen to him singing a whole song again soon. Huhuhu~ (impatiently waiting for Alternative or Volland Gump event)

Said the next song after Q is normal version of Undead Party it is still a mess. XD It's so much fun. And we have Nao as the feature (I am not sure what to call him, maybe the MC? He was there to pump up the energy and being funny but he never really sing though XD). Passing the mic to Hiroto at the later part of the song, Hiroto went: Ladies of Utsunomiya's! -no one reply him- Hiroto: Eh? Should I be calling for bastards of Utsunomiya? *Laughs* Hiropon, don't use vulgarity! XD

After which everything was a mess, the members taking each other instruments. Nao was so lost for a moment, cause they (someone, I forgot was it the staff or a member) passed him Hiroto's guitar, and he was like, "I can't play guitar! Really?!" Hahahahaha! But they did it, even though it was a mess, they completed the song playing each other's instruments.

Memento ended the live for that night, ah... I miss Memento so much. It is literally one song that I didn't quite get at first, then grew to love so much, especially after listening it on live back last January. And yes, it has grown so much better sounding on live since then too. Hard to believe though, that the song is a little more than one year old now, and I just finish the second winter tour with live on my birthday itself. And thank you A9, for having live on my birthday 2 years in a row (yes thank you, Tora, even though you guys clearly didn't do it for me :P I don't care, I am still taking it as my birthday present from you guys :P).

They came out for encore in tour tee (Saga was wearing something black and long sleeves not the hoodie nor the tour tee though). F+IX=YOU was the first song they played for encore. Just before that though, as they were introducing the song and had it playing as the BGM, Saga being the cheeky idiot he was that day, shown us the nerdy pose (which Tora joined him doing it for a bit). Then being even more cheeky, he went ahead and made kissy face, waltzing left and right to the tune. That was sooooo adorable. (Shou and Tora had a "whatever hell happened to this silly guy" face on. XD)

Saga was being really cheeky and cute that day for real. Which I'm really grateful to be able to witness. He has all the kissy/ pouty/ sticking out tongues faces as he played the whole time. And smiles, a lot of smiles. Ah, the precious!

Introducing F+IX=YOU, Shou requested us to sing along the English part of the song, like "Give Me Tic Tic Toc" and "Sing a song for you". Shou said that's a lot of English lyrics and he apologized for putting them in. Saga commented that we should just sing with passion and it will be OK. XD Oh and we should do the wiper action for the chorus.

It is a very fun song to have at live, I hope you guys will get to listen to it someday XD

Oh, Shou put a pink reindeer headband on Hiroto before F+IX=YOU, halfway through the song though, Pon went on and put the headband on Shou's head. XD after finishing the song, Shou went on being super cute and like "Hironyan! You can't just anyhow put your things anywhere OK? Please remember to bring this home OK?"

Hiroto has another thought then and he wanted to put the headband on Saga. Pon got his way, despite how much Saga protest (of course, now Pon mentioned it and all the fans responded to it). After he put it on Saga's head, Pon: somehow, when the headband is on Saga's head, it feels so erotic!"


Goods intro next!
Pon: "Come in now, goods!"
*Came the staff carrying the goods*
Pon: "Oh, it is here! Are you ready, Nao-san?"
Nao: Readied! Hoi-hoi-hoi-hoi-hoi-hoi-hoi (pumping up the energy)


Their introduction of A9 2018 calendar, you should put them in your toilet too, so you can see A9 anywhere and everywhere.


Don't ask me what the boys are doing, I think they are high.

They introduced a goods that's call a reel key charm. Basically just something you can hang your keys, or card holder or anything you want to hang, and the string can extend or reel back inside. Pon said, that they barely sold 8 throughout year 2017, and after they introduced it on Goods intro, that night they sold about 20 - 30 pieces. Pon is like, "Kuugumi are so kind that they all buy after we introduce!"

They also promise to do a card pass that will go along with it, releasing it on spring tour. *Laughs*

Shou: the previous live, because our MC was too long, some fans had to rush to catch Shinkansen home can't attend our sign/ handshake event after live. We are so sorry. We will try to shorten our MC this time so you guys can attend the event after live too.

Saga-sensei said that after he ate the ็”Ÿๅงœ, his body feel hot. *Laughs* then they went on talking about names. Saga was like, I'm not giving out his real name, so even when people see him on the street when he has no makeup on and all, asking him is he Saga he can still deny it. *Laughs* stupid idiot.

While the one who has his real name out and known, Tora commented it is weird being call Masashi, as he has been known as Tora so much longer than Masashi.
Shou was like: they only call you Masashi at home right?
Tora: No, they call me oniichan (big brother) at home.

Well definitely not much chance of being call by Masashi then. XD

Hana was very fun, lots of jumping. And there came Red Carpet, the only song with gyaku dive *rolls on and did all the jumping* I miss that so much! Following Red Carpet was ้—‡ใซๆ•ฃใ‚‰ๆกœ, and yeah I totally got a painful neck for the next two days after the live, with all the headbangs and gyaku dive packed at the last 2 songs. Painful, but definitely satisfying. XD

The new version of ้Š€ใฎๆœˆ ้ป’ใ„ๆ˜Ÿ sounds great from what I  heard at live, and I really can't wait to check it out once I get home and able to take it out of my CD.

So there is it, the A9 live on my birthday this brand new year. It's hard for me to even believe it, two years in a row, will you give me a third year boys? Anyway, since it's a Saturday next year I'll be hoping for one. XP

Below is the setlist for the day. What a setlist for real, I am here thinking I want to go for every winter tour if this is the kind of setlist they do, it's just too much heat and fun to miss out on.

Setlist (19/1/2018)
Le Grand Bleu
้€ ่Šฑใฎไปฃๅ„Ÿ
Blue Planet
Armour Ring
Undead Party (normal version)

-MC + goods intro-
Red Carpet Going On
้Š€ใฎๆœˆ ้ป’ใ„ๆ˜Ÿ

After live it was the sign and handshake event. Rushing out as quickly as I could so I could grab my stuffs (and there are many, my arms are all red from carrying them from livehouse all the way back home!) and get my remaining tickets from some girls. Thankfully, I got everything way before they even start the sign session, so I have enough time for everything (well except to check how I look on the mirror, but yeah, I was holding too many things to check it anyway).

So... Initially I planned on going for Saga 3 times and Nao once so I can get sign for my friend.

Ended up I got enough ticket to go meet Saga 4 times, and Nao twice. Woots!!

Gone up to Nao first (because they are looking for Nao fans first so I was like, why not?) And I passed him first my Alternative photobook.

Me: Nao-san!
Nao: Ah~ Thank you!
Me: *passed him the ticket* I got two.
He replied something like thank you, and asked me to put the ticket into the basket, which I did. Then I passed him the photobook to sign.
Me: Well, firstly, this one*flipped open the page and passed him the Alternative photobook* ใŠ้ก˜ใ„ใ—ใพใ™。
Nao: Wow, this is nostalgic!
Me: Isn't it?
Nao: This is Nao playing guitar! *Whisper* Actually Nao doesn't play guitar you know.
Me: (softly) I know. (Sorry Nao, how else you want me to react to that! Lol!!) But yeah, if you don't mind, please sign here.

(I like that page cause it is a 2shot of Nao and Saga, they are side to side. And yes I planned on asking Saga to sign on the next page)

Nao: *break out his silver marker*
Me: Nao-san! Well, actually... Today is my birthday...
Nao: Really?! Whoa, Happy birthday!
Me: Thank you! Um, can you write a message for me?
Nao: *made a face* I'm so sorry, there are rules saying I can't write messages...
Me: Oh, yeap, understood. Please help me to sign here then.
Nao: Sure!(Nao continued to sign, he couldn't write message but he drew me a Nao emoji)
Me: Thank you! (And yes I'm already very happy. Like I'm sure he draw the same thing on every sign but still XD)
Nao: Your birthday, and you're spending it with A9, thank you so much!
Me: No biggies.
Nao: Congratulations (it actually more meaning like, happy birthday, but Nao just saying ใŠใ‚ใงใจใ†ใ”ใ–ใ„ใพใ™ there)! Happy birthday!
Me: Thank you!

(After taking it, I passed him the 5 Elements Pieces, Nao personal photobook, which I was asking him to sign on behalf of my birthday twin.)

Me: So the second one...
Nao: Thank you! (He flipped a few pages) Where should I sign?
Me: (no idea either but I had to tell him something first so) Actually, this book is not mine, it is for a friend. She is also celebrating her birthday today.
Nao: Eh! Really! (Then softly, like mumbling to himself) Same birthday...

(Why Nao, you can't believe that we share the same birthday? Well it is hard for me to believe it at first XD)

Nao: But where should I...?
Me: Erm (think fast) Well, which picture you think you look the most handsome?
Nao: Eh? Me? The one I like you mean? Which one I like... Hmm.... There's only one that I like... (Nao start to flip through the book looking for that picture)

He found. And it was a picture that has me gone O.O but yeah, I don't think I will share that picture because it's not mine to share. It is a very surprising one for Nao to say that's his favorite imo. But yeah! He signed it, and it's all wonderful and beautiful. XD

Nao was very surprised I said please sign that page too. He kept asking, is this OK? OMG is this really OK? Really OK?

Yes, ojisan Nao, it's better than OK! Because I also think my friend will love it. (And she does) hahahahahahahaha!

After few more Thank You's and Happy Birthday's, I left Nao's table headed back to the queue. This time for Saga. I have 4 times to go!

Since I've asked Nao to sign the Alternative photobook having out and all, I ask Saga to sign it first.

I am totally not sure if Saga overheard what I was talking to Nao or something, because I am still wondering why of all message he can write, of everything he can write, anything, everything, but when I asked him to write me a message he chose to write me ใŠใ‚ใงใจใ† (congratulations, or well happy birthday we say ่ช•็”Ÿๆ—ฅใŠใ‚ใงใจใ†, so...). And I didn't tell him it is my birthday before that.

I... Don't think I'll go into a lot of details about my meeting with Saga because 1. I don't really remember everything word by word. And 2, some of these... memories, I would think is private moments and I don't want them to be circulated. I can tell you though, he is a wonderful guy and definitely deserve 110% of all our love. He is sweet, and he is caring. I will be amazed by anyone who has any personal interaction with him and still able to resist his charm.

He definitely worry about me being in the cold since afternoon, since he saw me waited for him, and he worried that I stayed out in the cold too long and catch a cold myself. *Rolls* It is really so sweet, I melted right there after hearing it. *Rolls around*

He also said happy birthday to me a lot of times. And yeah, he definitely love the drawing I asked him to sign, like... He was impressed (or looking at the picture) that he went silent for a while. Like, the kind of speechless silence? Saga also encouraged me to keep drawing and he kept saying that he will look forward to see my next one, which I promised to pass him on his birthday. *Rolls* I need to find a picture to draw first!!

So that's mostly it, the amazing live on my birthday following by that 1 adorable  interaction with Nao, and 4 beautiful ones with Saga. That night ended with me passing out pretty quickly that I barely had the chance to hype over everything that happened with my friends. *laughs*

Next one is on the "Consulting Session" with Saga in Shibuya. See you on my next entry! Pictures below!

Arriving to the venue very early in the morning, I didn't even see this sign till when I am coming back from combini with food and coffee...
My trading cards seems to be Pon-bias that day... T_T At least I got my Saga!
He signed my drawing! I am done! Goal completed!
Nao's sign! XD That guy is really too cute!

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