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A9 Re:Born In-store Event @ Tower Records Sendai [23/06/2017]

My handsome boys..
It was about a week before this trip to Japan that I found out that A9 is going to have an in-store event in Sendai on 23rd June. A pleasant surprise nonetheless, although that did kind of messed up my initial plan to go for an onsen trip that day. I canceled the trip eventually, having not enough time between finishing my A9 drawing, and the need to move around. Hopefully, there will be another chance for me to go for this onsen experience one day.

23rd June started a little earlier for me, I've wanted to make sure that I have everything packed and readied to move over to Kooriyama (since I am staying there for the night), and then come back to Sendai before event start. The journey form one place to another is just about 45 minutes by Shinkansen making it possible for me to pull that off, which I'm grateful for. I got back to Sendai by 5pm, by when I became an idiot thinking I'm late for the event (the event starts at 7pm and I misread my clock 1700 as 7pm there), I had a panic attack for a moment there when the staff told me the event start an hour later (which at first I thought I was an hour late for the event, you know, when you're panic and trying to understand a new language, *laughs*). Eventually we cleared up, I've got some time to calm down and chill with a glass of Black Sugar ice latte at Douter even (which is awesome by the way). Half an hour later I returned to Tower Records and found the place is being set up now and readied for the in-store event.

I really like how the staffs made their present boxes. So nice!

My number being 20 allow me to be at like 3rd row from the stage, which gave me quite a nice view. I picked the wrong side to stand however, not in front of Saga, but on the other side. My view of him was still good though (well I'm rather front) so I have no complaint.

The boys entered soon after all the fans came into the area, and they started by talking about their new song, Re:Born. Its Saga's song, and the member mentioned it being very elegant (I look forward to hearing it).

By the way, Nao and Shou were saying that the song should be pronounce as "ReBooorrrrnnnn!!!!!", it was so funny, the way they pronounce it. I wonder if they are really sticking to that pronounciation. If they do you'll definitely hear them saying it on their 13th Anniversary live, Shou said he wants to do that song on the anniversary.

They did already said their new concept is red, and Shou said Saga in red on the MV looks like some beautiful lady in red outfit from makeup CM (CM meaning advertisement). Tora said the feeling for Saga is like he's advertising for Tsubaki (apparently all of you looks like you're advertising for that shampoo there, *laughs*)

Hiroto said the PV looks like movie of some sort. Once again, Tora is the director, I wonder what is he going to do with it, looking forward to it. ٩( ‘ω’ )و

Nao was so happy that he gets to sing Undead Party, he even have a clip of his own recording on his own phone, and he played the clip for us during the in-store. It is really funny, he named it "Undead Nao" even, and there's only one line in the recording: "Let's get the party started now!" So cute, so funny! This is really why I love Nao. Shou commented too, that he would never be so brave as Nao to play the raw voice clip to public like this. *laughs*

After which was questionnaire time~ So because the next day is Saga's birthday, they pick fans questions that's aiming for Saga, mainly. The first one was like "How is Saga's driving like?"

Surprising answer? Saga's car has already been sent for fixing *laughs* His new car, I think he just gotten the car like a week or 2 ago? How that guy drives, it makes me wonder. The members said Saga's driving is actually not bad, compliments from Nao and Hiroto. They said Saga actually do it seriously (which I can imagine, though how does he already send his car to fix? Hahahaha~). Tora said he never been drove around by Saga before, so Hiroto suggested that on the second half of their 2man tour, Saga should drive. Saga looks genuine surprise by that, and of course he would like that. ( ̄▽ ̄)

The next question is to ask the member to introduce food they like from konbini (convenient stores). Before Tora even start on his answer, Saga was like "肉まん (meat bun)?" Hahaha~ Tora has been eating a lot of meat bun during spring tour I think. Tora said he has changed his favorite, these days he has been eating the hamburger from 7/11.

Saga said his favorite is from 7/11 too, the Omurice Onigiri (see image, and it is very delicious). He said he can eat a lot of that, like, about 10 pieces(?) at once. LOL! The members are so surprise to hear that. He loves it so much hahaha! Then the members teased him saying now that this is known by the fans, who knows everyone might buy him omurice to tell him happy birthday tomorrow at Kooriyama. *laughs* Oh by the way, Saga said the omurice would taste good if you put it into a pan and heat it up too (the members' responded to that like "Hey, isn't that just like real omurice?") Hahahaha~

Shou likes the vegetable drinks, the members are like, "for real?" I think vegetable drinks are not for everyone (because of the smell and taste?) Hahahaha! Then they asked Shou which convenient store does he usually buys it from, because the one from 7/11 are not nice. Shou agreed, but he said the rest are really nice.

Nao's recommendation is cafe au lait (no surprise there Nao). And Hiroto said he doesn't go convenient stores often, but he like the oden from 7/11. It looks like 7/11 is a popular choice by everyone. Hahahaha! Well the food there are really good, and when you got a chance there, be sure to check it out. :)

When requested to talk about Lolita23, Saga was like, "among Lolita23, who do you like?" to Tora. Tora was like, I don't have a favorite. XD He said among the members there, only Ryosuke is very cheerful and bright. Shou likes Ryosuke too, saying he's smart and cheerful.

By the way, you saw the A9 x Lolita23 postcards yet? Shou was like, when he was editing the photos to be postcard, he really like that shot of Saga and Yuki. He said, Yuki there doesn't look like male's at all, but a girl. And the expression on Saga's face, it's filled with adoration. It's like a senior's adoration towards a junior, he added (you sure that's all that you're seeing, Shou? ( ̄▽ ̄))

The last question they answered that day was a question to Saga, "who you like to be if you get to reborn as someone else?" at first Saga was like, he probably wants to reborn as something not of this world (AB much?), but he was like if I reborn into someone in this world it will be Nao... How does it feel being Nao? (Nao: it is very fun!) Further consideration, Saga was like well, I would like to become Nao's daughter. He doesn't looks like he's too strict (Nao: I am strict.) *laughs* Next Tora directed the question to Nao, "So who would you like to be if you get to reborn?" Nao: "Hmm... I think I would like to reborn as myself." *laugh* I really admire Nao for that, the way he loves himself and always being so cheerful. XD

Handshake session next, due to the long talking session, they sped up the handshake. I barely have enough time to tell them all what I want to say to them. I did have time to tell Saga that I've finished his drawing, though I couldn't remember our exact words to one another. I just remember how beautiful he looks, and his eyes, and his sincere thanks to me for attending the event. I did dolphin handshake with Nao, twice. And he was laughing so happily, told me thank you in English (again. I now suspecting that Nao remembers me as a fan from oversea at least, not sure if he remembers me exactly or not, but yeah. XD). I also told the members I will see them the next day. XD

Most of us waited around to see them go off, and that's most of it. I headed back to Kooriyama after and pack to get ready for the next day, another busy day that is. Lol. Well I'm sure the entry is up, feel free to click on it and start reading. I'll be waiting for your feedback and comments if you have any. XD

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