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A9 × Lolita-23q 2MAN TOUR NINE TWO THREE @ Hipshot Japan, Kooriyama [24/06/2017] -SAGA'S BIRTHDAY-

And here I am, on the flight about to reach KLIA to change flight back home once again, so short a time just about a week after my last trip, everything felt so rush this time, even though I had this planned about 6 months ago, I've promised myself to celebrate Saga's birthday with him every June 24th, I hope I will and I can always hold truth to my promise. Well, at least I've managed to do it this year, regardless how difficult it was to pull off when I first heard that it will be held in Kooriyama instead of Tokyo.

And so, there I was, June 24th, in Kooriyama. Saga's hometown is a very nice place, it is very relaxing, slow-pace, the town actually reminded me a lot like my own as I was growing up, with a lot of low buildings that's a little out of time, old but at the same time with a touch of solidity and friendliness. Actually my first impression of the place was, "wow, this feel exactly like my home (Ipoh) except it's cleaner, safer, nicer (weather wise) and with everything there written in Japanese instead of Malay language." Lol. I'm sorry I got a little sidetracked here, I just got a lot of good vibes from there, and I hope that one day I can just move to a nice little place like that and just be there, building a family, settling down... Um.

So after the previous night's crazy dash from Sendai to Kooriyama and back to Sendai again for instore then back to Kooriyama, 24th proved to be another busy day that I got to check out and arrive at the live venue early so I can wait for someone and show (and if he would like to take, pass) someone the drawing I've finally finished. Turned out being there early is totally unnecessary, because they all came out so late about 11pm (they all probably gotten so drunk the night before that they decided to start the day late) and Saga and Tora didn't show up the live venue until about 2pm (after Shou, how rare!).

Unexpectedly, they all stayed at that hotel just across the street from Hipshot Japan, where the live would be held. We didn't realized it at first, until the staff pushed their luggage with their live outfits back to the hotel, temporary leaving it there. And then around 11am... Plus? That I saw their van parked right over there slightly ahead of the hotel, watching it for a moment and then I caught them, Tora, Hiroto, Nao and Saga, walking out from the hotel and got into the van (having the live venue being just across the street you would think they would walk over, well no, I'm still very amused about that. Then again, they are all getting older and it's probably better to save the energy for the live later huh? *laugh*). The van drove away and then came back, surprise surprise, we only got Nao and Hiroto coming out of the van, Saga and Tora has left for somewhere (I strongly suspected it being either food that Saga like to go eat, or a saloon trip). We greeted them as they go in, at that moment I did hesitated a little should I show Nao and Hiroto the drawing I did or not (I really did thought of just showing Saga, since he has been expecting it from earlier that month). I did show them in the end, under my friend's prompt for me to do it. A little surprised but they both seems to like the drawing, Hiroto gave me a thumbs up. It was a little weird, I'm always feeling a little weird showing my drawing to other people somehow. *laughs* Except Saga. *laughs more*

Next to arrive is Shou. We thought Saga and Tora would arrive with him, but those two didn't. So Shou entered on his own. And again I showed him the drawing too (since I did showed Hiroto and Nao before, I figured I might as well). Shou didn't notice it at first, probably rushing a little and eager to get into live venue, but when he saw it he was like, big grin, he said something like it was good (I can't recall any of their reactions exactly, so sorry) before he gone inside the venue.

Since we figured out which side they will be coming in from, and the staff doesn't really stop us from greeting them on the way in, we hovered around and waited. The staff did stopped us however, when my friend wanted to pass the members her letters to them. Well, that builds up to my next surprise.

Finally, Tora and Saga arrived at the venue. Sometimes after 2pm, near 2.30pm I think. If I don't remember it wrongly, I think Saga was wearing his hat in the morning when he exited the hotel, he was wearing the same shirt he wore for in-store the day before. But when he got out from the van this time, there was no hat, he was wearing a pair of sunglasses however.

Tora got out the van first, and he was with the black parka and cap like his look from the day before. I briefly showed Tora the drawing (well he saw it anyway cause I was holding it in front of me), I think he did commented or if he did not, he gave me a nod of approval before moving on to go into the venue. And then Saga, our sweet, kind birthday boy! XD Upon seeing the drawing after he got out the car, that guy just casually wandered over to where I stood, stopping just a short distance in front of me and he looked at the drawing with such a grin. It was like he really like the drawing, I don't really know how he feels but, that smile was dazzling. He said something to me, probably praising the piece but I really couldn't remember (should I blame it on the smile this time? Nah, my memory was shot that day for some reasons, probably from the lack of sleep last 3 days plus my eyes was really feeling uncomfortable from the contact lens I have to wear so I can see during live). I remember after he stopped talking, we stood there for a few awkward seconds. I was lost for a moment because I didn't expect him to come up to me, in that manner not unlike a puppy upon seeing someone or something it likes (I mean it in a good way, his reaction was so adorable!). Belatedly, I finally open my mouth to speak, wanted to ask him would he like to take the drawing with him, but even my Japanese escaped me that moment, I repeatedly trying to remember how to ask him, and he waited so patiently for me to get the sentence out. I think I did get the correct sentence out, or at least he get the gist of what I wanted to ask *rolls around* then he just went on like "Sure!" and he held out his hand. I hurriedly put the drawing back into the bag *still in shock* and handed it to him. There is a lot of reasons why he could have not taken the gifts from me. There are 3 other fans waiting nearby in hope to pass him gifts directly too, and they watched the whole thing. And usually we won't allow to pass gifts to the members anyway, especially with the staff around, they would stop us. I think the staff was there watching, but Saga was the one saying be would take it so he couldn't stop us. Saga took the other fans' gifts as well (because he took mine? He will have to take the others now especially cause he took mine you know) and then he went into the venue.

Oh God, it's now a little more than 24 hours later, and I couldn't get that smile out of my head. Lol~ I still kind of finding it surreal, the fact that he still remembers me after 4 months. Granted I talked to him a week ago, but before that it was 4 months, and yet there he is acting so familiar with me like he sees me all the time.

I miss him already. :(

My drawings this time round! Left is for Saga's birthday and the right is the one I've promised him, and showed him. He seems to like them. And oh God, I LOVE them in frames!
After that, it was queuing for goods, I bought his shirt, the postcard and a Galaxy bracelet, purple color - because hey! Purple is My color before it is Saga's (LOL). And then we gone for food after putting our bags into lockers.

Saga-sized towel!

Going back to live house around 5pm, the fans had already started queuing.

My number for this live wasn't that good, it was 215. Granted it was way better than the one I got last year at 400plus. The entrance and everything was very efficient, one thing i don't quite like is how they gave out drinks right on entry, it means I either go on without one or I would have to hold my bottle throughout the live and it will be no fun. Lol. Ended up after 2 - 3 songs where I couldn't enjoy fully due to the bottle in my hand, I had to put it down on the side knowing I will never drink it again, because I won't be able to be sure if it is my bottle left sitting there after every one took theirs and went off.

The live started on time. Its either that or even a little early, soon as we all entered and settled down. Lolita23 was first to perform. I didn't have previous experience with the band, but so far from the songs I heard that night, they was pretty good and I really enjoy it. Their furi are pretty complicated though. They're probably a band I will check out later and if you have any confident in my music taste, go take a listen to them too. *nods*

A surprise for many fans but I kinda expected it anyway, (I've seen him done that during the last 2 2man live I've attended, LOL) Nao came out during Lolita's last song, 春夏秋冬. They played it in celebration of Saga's birthday. XD and I have to say they did quite a good job with it too.

Brief paused when the staffs arrange the instruments behind those black curtain on stage, it wasn't too long, just half an hour? And then we were greeted by a familiar tune; A9 would come out soon.

The first song after Cradle to Alpha, was Memento. The energy in the venue was awesome, which one won't suspect from the previous low energy level when Lolita was performing. Lol. Rainbow next, you know how crazy it is. I missed that song so much and really didn't expect to hear it again here, since you know, Saga did a very special setlist for his birthday live last year that include all the good but not so popular songs, well we should just learn to expect the unexpected from that guy huh? XD

There was gyaku dive during Red Carpet and because some fans won't do it, I soon find myself way closer to the stage than I thought I would get. I think I ended up at around the 5th row? It was about halfway closer than where I was before. I do really miss gyaku dive, had so much fun playing there. I wonder if any Japanese fans who attended that day's live is reading this, but if you are reading, and you happened to stand near Shimote side in front of Saga, I might have hit you or stepped on your foot, or in some ways maybe caused inconvenience to you, I'm so sorry. I hope it is nothing too serious.

Seriously, I think I kinda stepped on someone's foot there that night and I didn't get to apologize because the party was wild and everyone moved around so much! The girls at my side kept changing every few songs because of all the jumping and diving and rushing back and forth. Lol.

Haikara though... *laughs* It makes me wondered if Saga has gone back to the habit of bass licking these days or somehow I just keep catching him in the right mood to lick his bass out of nowhere? Totally didn't expect it but when I heard the first note of that song, the thought did cross my mind: "Oh God, is he going to lick his bass here again?" Seriously Saga, if you don't be more careful I'll start thinking you're doing it for me *shamelessly claiming glory* ;) But yeah, I guess he was just in a good mood, and when he's in that mood, he licks his bass. *laughs* Weird guy, I know.

Undead Party was fun, Scarlet was sexy, and I'm glad I can always get to hear that song on lives, it's still one of my favorite. And Daybreak was... Bright with lots of good energy. After Daybreak there come a bit of MC, during which the boys revealed that they've went to celebrate Saga's birthday the night before. Tora and Hiroto apparently gotten drunk and they both found themselves woke up naked in their own room later, hahahaha! Saga also revealed that Yuki came to greet him happy birthday the night before, but that guy has barely opened his door and told him that from the doorway, he didn't even step into Saga's room. *LOL* Sometimes after that, Yuki came out with a cake. Everyone sang birthday song. Saga was so awkward when the member suggested for him to take a photo, he always go on and think it would be his solo shot when member suggested him that, and the members have to ask him to turn around and take it with the fans. *LOL* He and Yuki also took another photo with the fans XD and those two hugged afterwards.

After that, they introduced another piece of goods, Saga tee! And the giant "Saga-size towel"! That gave Shou an idea, he was like, hey, why don't Saga change into the tee on stage? Well, now, I'll hold this towel up to cover you, Tora will hand you the t-shirt, you just change here. Shishou being Shishou, although he was a little unsure about the idea he did it in the end. Hiroto at the side playing some sensual melody, Shou and Nao held up the towel. As Saga was changing, Shou gave us some commentaries like "I got a good view," and "This is a member's specialty." interjecting the middle with the "Oooh!" and "Ahh" to add to the tension. I kinda think Saga blushed but I was a bit too far to see properly. XD In the middle of it, be it accidental or (but seeing it is Maou holding the towel, I have to say it is) intentional, the towel came down a bit showing Saga's beautiful white shoulders and neckline, the crowd cheered. Lol. That was it, no further incident and he managed to change into the t-shirt safely.

Next song, A9 did a cover of Glay's Kanojo no Modern. Saga looked so happy to be able to do a cover of a song he likes, his happiness  was shinning on his face. XD

They close the night with Kowloon, follow by Yami ni Chiru Sakura and then Heisei Juushichinen Shichigatsu Nanoka. Wonderful end to the night, at the same time too crazy, I'm not kidding, my neck still hurts. Lol.

Waited for the boys to come out afterwards, I saw everyone but Shou and Saga however, appears that those two went off first in a taxi that we didn't even realized while waiting there (we couldn't wait too near to the exit, doesn't want to be in the staffs' ways as they carry all the equipments into the cars). But I did saw a taxi gone off (and I didn't realized it, damn!) We managed to say goodnight to Tora, Hiroto and Nao though. XD And after which off I go, chasing the last Shinkansen back to Tokyo for next day's flight. It was really sad, I wished my stay in Kooriyama could've been longer, it was really such a nice place that I want to go around discover more 😳 Well perhaps next time.

As usually, thank you for reading. It has been 3 long entries *laughs* My next will be October now, patiently waiting for its arrival and bring me to Fukuoka~ Looking forward to it so much~

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