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# 10/06 # 11/06

A9 Secret live @ Shinjuku Marz [10/06/2017] and 2-Shots Event @ Aoyama Edition [11/06/2017]

Time passed slow, or they could actually slip by without you noticing. That is certainly something I've noticed from the last few months. The days dragging by as I wanted for June to come by, June, when I've planned 2 trips over to Japan just to see the boys, and then just as I noticed that June is approaching, and one of my trips has already became a part of my past live experience, just another entry from my mind into this space now.

9th June, I've spent millions of hours waiting for the day to arrive, the day that I will be returning to the land of sun to see my boys after 4 months. 4 long months, the wait was not easy for sure. I'm glad that I held on, I do really need to exert some control over my spending so I can get ready for a bigger plan of my life. Nonetheless, that 4 months still felt like and never ending torture that I could barely stand.

Finally back in Japan, even though it is already 梅雨 (rainy season) there, the sky has been good to me all 4 days when I was there.  There was no rain, just cloudy sky and some wind, I certainly don't mind the cooling weather seeing it was a good change from the heat back in Singapore. I am definitely not looking forward to my return there. ˇ▂ˇ

The first day was wonderful, met up with a new friend and several that I've not seen for months, and I get go share a room with Ai-chan! Haha, I'm really happy about that. And the fact that I got to enjoy food that I love, curry rice and pizza and Strawberry and Cream Fruppucino, I'm sure that definitely could made anyone a happy girl.

10th June is a live day, me and Aisu has both gotten our live ticket, the golden ticket from the boys' latest album Ideal. Sadly though our number wasn't very nice. But we did have fun. That morning we tried to rush to the venue to catch the boys going in, although didn't managed to catch Princess. We saw Tora and Hiroto though. Tora came by train I'm sure, since he walked in. And Hiroto drove his own car. We also saw Tora when he came out to have lunch at GoGoCurry beside live venue, and he told us he was looking for the conbini so we told him where is one (LOL). Then we went off without waiting for Shou to arrive, more or less because we our feet are hurting and because Aisu hasn't had food since the morning (it is fasting month), and me just had a very light one (I forgot to buy food back home the night before, idiot me) so yeah, energy ran a bit low there that we decided to just get out of there and rest. Went to Starbucks again, for someone who is avoiding that coffee chain in Singapore, I sure spent a lot of time in it when I am in Japan (laugh) I'm looking forward to their next drink too!

Tried to draw that afternoon, and I failed epicly. Having spent the night before playing late and the night before there just manage to catch several hours of sleep on the flight, automatically my body didn't want to cooperate when I indulge in some focus required activity like drawing. So yeah, my eyes kept dropping down, regardless that I was drinking coffee at that time, I caught myself in several snooze moment that I'm glad I didn't just fell on the drawing in front of me and ruin it in some way or another.

Poster outside venue.
Until Aisu came back it was around 4pm. By then we were rushing a little since I haven't even have lunch for the day (well I had coffee). Went for a quick bowl of beef rice bowl at the nearest Matsuya we could find and we rush back to the venue. Many fans are already there. We didn't manage to find a locker before hand either, so we used the one inside live venue - all the while trying to speed up so hoping that we could get a good spot. Not that it matters anyway, I think anyone who get from number 200 on don't get to have a very good view. The venue was really a little small that those who came in even after us could barely even get in...

Regardless, the live was fun. We started off with Adam (I'm glad to get to hear that song live for the first time, it was good. I'm sure it will be even better if I have space to maneuver a bit and headbang to my heart's content), they played some new songs in mix with old ones. By old I mean even the very old song that's call 明治, which I only ever heard once before back in 12 anniversary live. It was fun, appears that most of the fans know the song too and danced along. ヾ(*⌒ヮ⌒*)ゞ

Undead Party and Red Carpet are next, I would say it would be a very fun start of a live if only I have more space, getting crammed up at the back if the room wasn't allowing much room for us to enjoy the songs fully, and we couldn't do some furi we would like to do. But nonetheless, I like those songs in live, I hope that one day I get go listen to them in a live and fully have fun with it.

It was after Red Carpet that came this interesting part of MC. Where the boys talked about Tora's love milk and how if you drink it you will get a baby soon (LOL). And then the conversation made a turn into the recent trend in Japan's Twitter tagging about "I am having a date with my boyfriend right now, feel free to use" (I seriously don't get what's the actual point of this tag though, well...), so Shou was like, for this next song and next song only, you guys can take out your phone and take pictures of us tagging "(My) boyfriend(s) is doing live right now, feel free to use". Lol, and everyone broke out their phones and started snapping very soon.

Next song, 造花の代償, started with Saga holding a rose and he looked for a guy he could give (LOL) That smile on his face was so precious XD I really wish to see someone playing this song close up there, just to watch those slim fingers run up and down across those bass lines. It was a nice song, beautiful even. I just wish for my view to not get as blocked as it was by all the phone cameras trying to catch a snap of those boys on stage. I myself has given up trying to snap after 2 shots and realizing I am a little too far to get anything decent.
The only decent shot among my pile I guess...
And of course, I'm always better at just snapping the scene with my eyes so I can put them down in words anyway.

The next song following is Secret, right after some crazy talk between the boys hinting about them being in gay relationship (looks like Shou kept up with the fans shipping loop, plenty of happy shippers there that night I'm sure, LOL).

Shou also commented during the MC that he thinks their fans are very good at snapping pictures in venue, even the staff having trouble taking pictures of them during live that up to 70% of those are unusable most of the time. But the fans would always upload good quality picture of them. He said the only exception in the band is Saga who can always produce good pictures on stage. Saga went on and said that he was advised by the previous president who told him to not smile on stage so picture of him would looks good. Shou commented saying that he was told the opposite and smile a lot. And at last Nao was told that he didn't have to change anything and just be himself. (LOL) (⌒▽⌒)

Memento was nice, but yet again there wasn't much room to move around. -Dice- was the song where we all do the wall of death, and that was the time we really couldn't help ourselves rushing forward to play. We got to the front, and started jumping then. It was so fun, reminds me of Black Period. I found myself a spot before Saga again of course, and it didn't take him long to notice me from up there and giving me a quick nod (with teeth-ish grin) in greeting.

Thank you for recognizing me again, Princess. I would like to fly kisses at you but you won't look our ways again after we called you sexy though. (●′ω`●) Shy boy.

The live ended so early, I think they didn't book the place for too long. It last about an hour and there were announcement that we will get to have a high touch on the way out. Well that sure isn't too bad a compensation for the short live (and the fact that they did it to compensate the fans, even though they don't have to do it at all). By then Aisu could break fast and we went up to get our drink. Tora's LOVE MILK gone out fast, I'm pretty sure it is more due to the fact that it is nom-alcoholic than the fact the Tora said it would make those who drank it get pregnant soon that make it gone out so soon. LOL. So a little back story about this, during one of the MC in the live, the boys brought up Tora's LOVE MILK and Tora commented those who drank it would get pregnant soon. Silly guy.

Special drink menu for the night!

I picked Saga Ball, nice wordplay on his side changing HighBall into it. It was whiskey with ginger ale, and while the smell and taste of alcohol was a bit strong (I guess that's whiskey) it actually taste nice once you get used to it. And no it wasn't strong enough to make me drunk yet, LOL.

So the high touch happens on the second floor, after all the drinks gotten their drinks, the boys has also freshen up and mostly out of their stage costume. We didn't wait too long to go up, needing food soon and it has been a long day for us. So yeap, somewhere not too front but middle, we went up the stairs to greet the boys on the way out. Saga was first, follow by Hiroto, Shou, Nao and Tora. A thousand words flitted through my head that I wanted to tell Saga, I do have another chance go talk to him next day during 2shots, so a quick decision from me seeing how quick the high touch will be, I told him "Saga-san, Tadaima (it means 'I'm home' or 'I'm back' somewhere there, you probably get the message, maybe even familiar with this set phrase Japanese use to announce the fact that they are home)~" Saga started saying "Arigatou!" To every fan, caught what I said, replied with his own "Hai, Okaeri ('yes, welcome back', again you are probably familiar with the phrase)" in a sing-song voice that makes it so adorable. (Even when I said so, the way Saga said okaeri actually made me puzzle for a while because it wasn't the usual tone I always hear Okaeri in.)

Passed by Hiroto and Shou without remembering much, I was trying to gather back what Saga said to me before them. Though for Nao, I had been waiting for this chance to get close to him to dolphin him XD Since January really, LOL.  And it is not a dolphin handshake, rather it is a dolphin high touch (tell me if you want me to demonstrate, I'll show you personally someday. Lol!) Nao was so shock he was like "Oh~!" and he laughed repeating dolphin back to me. It was so cute for real and I can see our drummer was very happy.

I almost missed Tora at the end, had too much fun with Nao-sshi there. But I did catch him saying "arigatou" in the end. Lol.

There marked the end of the premium live, short but no less memorable, I'm glad I went into all the troubles getting the albums so to get those tickets. Below is the set list of the night.

1 Adam
2 明治
5 造花の代償
6 秘密
8 -Dice-
9 荊棘

Seeing the 2 shots sessions are brief and I actually don't have too much to cover, I'm including that here as well. Those with silver ticket included in their Ideal albums this time get to take 2-shots with the boys. Through arrangement I actually got to take 2 tickets to take 2 pictures with Saga. While to say 2-shots, I really love the casualness during FC trip more than this one, it was still nice though. I managed to tell Saga all that I wanted to tell him, even manage to trigger laughter that I was hoping to trigger when bought the Minions shirt and cap set. It felt like mission accomplished. XD

It was so funny that I was so careful with my Japanese with him (trying to keep to polite Japanese here cause it's what I should be learning) and all effort crumbled when he thrown me casual Japanese and I started replying him in the same manner. XD

The pictures... They are nice, he tried to smile for my photo cause I told him to, actually me and Aisu both told him to, both times XD Hence so when I did that last time with him, I was like "笑ってね!(Do smile OK?)" He went like "はい(yes)!" in that tone that told me he knows that I'll ask him to smile. Lol. The whole interaction with him was so casual it was actually nice and, I don't know... I hope that I can have more of it? To be chatting with him casually just feel so nice you know?

I've also told him that I couldn't finish the drawing for them this time, managed to show him the in-progress piece as well. Surprised that he was still actually impressed by that, even when half the page is still blank, and he told me that he will look forward to the finished product. I don't know, that exchange just feels nice. Like someone who can appreciate my art really looking forward to see the finished product of it.

Well now I really have to work hard to finish the piece I guess, so to keep the promise to get it done by his birthday.

I guess I am ending the entry here. As usual, thank you for reading my long long entry everytime guys. I'll have another entry here soon, though the next one is probably not about A9 but HyunJoong instead, after years, I'm finally going to see him again~ So excited~ Look forward to it, and if you have any feedback and comment, feel free to send them my way~

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