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MEMENTO Pre-Order Event w/ Shou and Hiroto @ Tower Records Namba [25/01/2017]

And I'm going to start on this now since I'm going to be on this bus for like 8 hours, heading back to Tokyo to get ready to go home. Thousands of unwillingness has already crossed my mind, part of me wondering if I am going to survive the next 4 - 5 months without coming to Japan to see these lovely boys, and how. I don't know, I've no answer to that question, guess I'll just have survive there, and make the best out of these time waiting for the next time I'll return.

So, before this wander off somewhere too random and melancholy, I'm going write about my meeting with Shou and Hiroto at the in-store event in Tower Records Namba.

Coming to Osaka alone, first time experiencing another city of Japan, I was quite nervous at first. Though it quickly dawned on me that nothing is too difference between Osaka and Tokyo, isn't it? Yet another city, the pace are more relaxed here, trains are not as crowded - at least of the few times I took trains, they aren't. There are still plenty of conbini around, and restaurants (big and small) could be found everywhere, so food are pretty accessible - and they are still cheap and delicious.

As it was a normal weekday, the in-store event start late at 7pm, which left me plenty of time to arrive to Umeda by 3pm, do my pre-order for Memento singles (it's the requirement to get the ticket to see our two boys) and then grab some food (got curry udon finally and it tasted soooo good) as well before the event start.

The boys arrive not long before the event, give or take about half an hour? Both of them dressed in black, wearing hat, I bet you guys already saw the picture, but if you haven't yet, here we go:

Anyway, loving both their style that evening. It looks casual, but very handsome. I met a girl name Melanie there while waiting for the event to start and had a good chat, thank you for keeping me company!

The number I've gotten for the event is 100, it was quite back, which is fine by me since I still have a rather good view. The boys came out of the room they were in and went out to the store somewhere, for about 10 minutes? And then they came back and up onto the stage.

Before the event starts.
 "We are hat brothers!" one of the first greetings, they announced. "Well, today's point is, hats!" and they said, looks like they are pretty happy with their main accessory of the day!

Oh, and another silly greeting at the start:
Hiroto: I'm vocalist, Shou.
Shou: ... I'm guitarist, Hiroto.

The two of them were so cute on stage, they talked a lot, discussed about their new single, Memento, and then followed by answering fans questions, being silly the whole time. Both of them frequently looked into the crowd and acknowledge fans gaze and return smiles and waves too, Shou especially, did a lot of that, and his smile was so cute.

Since its an event for the single, Memento, two of them discuss a lot about it. They touched on Saga bass solo (Hiroto: this part is bass solo, not piano solo - because I think the staff there just adjusted the music to vocal null, so there are some part of the music missing out.) and Hiroto had to say that Shou's singing is very good too that got our vocalist like blushing a little. XD

They were rather surprise to find plenty of fans question when it comes to the Q&A time. Hiroto was actually like, "Whoa, there are a lot of questions! Thank you!"

One of the question asking them how they spend their time in Osaka. Shou was like, he really don't go out of my hotel room. But he said he likes the food there, takoyaki, yakiniku, and the price is cheap. XD

Speaking about food, Hiroto kept mumbling about curry throughout the event and asking fans to introduce him to good curry house.

Pon-chan ah, just come to Singapore/ Malaysia, I bring you to some good ones. XD

The funniest question of the day however, would be that one asking them what color underwears are they wearing. Almost immediately, Hiroto went and check Shou's, "It's black," he told us with a proud expression on his face, the whole room erupted in laughed. And the boys gone ahead and discuss a bit about underwears. After a bit more Shou too leaned over and check Hiroto's color, "Today it is grey, isn't it?" Shou said, "Yeah it's grey." Hiroto confirmed, "usually though I wear white." and he said something about he likes white underwears normally. And then two of them went on discussing about the members' choice of underwears. Poor other members, they are not here and yet there they are getting involved in such topic. XD They said that Nao owns some Pooh and Mickey underwears; Saga wears purple and red T-back? (laughs); and Tora owns some 褌 (the sort of traditional Japanese underwear). These are all jokes however, so please don't take the answer seriously.

I hope I would understand more of the content, and remember more of them, however, this is as much as I've got. I'm very glad to understand as much as I did there though. There are live reports around tweeted by the Japanese fans though so feel free to look for them and read it through and try to understand. XD

After the Q&A ended, we are all given a chance to handshake with them before we go.

Being at the back, I'm going near last. Shou and Hiroto had to go for a short break before my turn too, my slight complain here however is the fact that they changed position after their return. Before that it was Shou to the left and Hiroto to the right (so we meet Hiroto first and Shou second) but they changed their seats so those of us at the back is getting their handshake the other way round. :-/

So I approached Shou first:
Me: Shou-san...
Shou: Arigatougozaimasu!
Me: *shake head slightly indicating no problem* Shou-san... Recently, your image is a little scary isn't it?
Shou: (somehow he was not surprised) Hehh? Photo shoot?
Me: No, your image is scary.
Shou: Is it because of the photos?
(I have no idea why he kept thinking his photos are scary. Lol!!)
Me: No. Because your eyes are red in color (I mean the contact)
Shou: I see *laughs* Thanks ne!

He is so cute, so patient throughout the whole conversation, and his smile was so kind! Cutie. XD It is not the reaction I'm hoping for though, thought he might react bigger than that and like, maybe give me a pouty look... But well he was smiling all the time. That Maou. XD Ahh... I miss him already~ Miss them all already. 😂

Moving on to Hiroto:
Me: Hiroto-san!! Recently... (paused here, cause I'm not sure why am I starting with recently there) Erm... How's your English studying?
Hiroto: *actually surprised that I asked that* Eh~ *laughs awkwardly* Recently, I didn't do it at all... *blushing*
Me: *dying inside cause he's so cute* *laughs so to make it easier for him* Thank you.
Hiroto: Thank you very much.

Yeah, I kinda lost what I wanted to say after seeing his cute blush, did thought to troll him harder but... Part of me feel bad to do that to that cutie, hence why the abrupt stop. Did want to tell him like, hey, you better study it soon cause the next time I see you I'll speak to you in English XD Yeah, how could anyone have the heart to do it to that cutie though.

After the event ended I've lingered inside Tower Records until I saw them off. But that's about it.

Now we've reach here, let's proceed to the next day now shall we?

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