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# 19/01 # 2017

A9 BLACK PERIOD w/ Diura @ 渋谷CLUB QUATTRO [19/01/2017]

It has been 3 days since the live, 3 days, first in a long time since I leave an event unblogged for such a long while. Unintentional, but even now I wonder would I be able to finish this before going off to meet my friends later. *laughs* Gomen ne, it'll probably be a little while before you get to see this entry here.

Before I digress too far, let's get into the entry to yet another amazing day spend with A9.

Club Quittro Shibuya~
19 Jan, to those of you who doesn't know, is my birthday. First time of my life in spending the special day far away from home, with friends and people I love (not to say I don't love my family, it's just different). Its strange, it's interesting, I guess most of the first times feel this way.

The day started out rather nice. As usual I've came to the venue early. Meeting up with Chris and the 2 of us waited for the boys to arrive. The day wasn't too cold but it is a little chilly after several hours of wait standing outside, though our effort was not wasted. We saw all out boys - as well as members of Diura although we did not recognize them. *laughs* There was a moment when the Diura drummer (he arrived sometimes after Saga) stood there eating and he kept glancing over at our direction, I guessed he was wondering whose fans are we and why we are here so early waiting in the cold. *laughs*

Saga was the first to arrive! He came in around 11am, in a long, dark yellow coat and his usual hat, such beauty. Having staffs accompanying him as he walked in didn't give us lots of chance to talk to him, he just nodded to us when we greeted him good morning - why so cool princess? And there he went up and we waited for the other members to arrive.

Hiroto was the next member to arrive, also by cab. He was so small and cute there, makeup-less, holding a giant Bennu bag on his left shoulder that just made him look smaller and cuter. 😁

Gakki accompanied both these members over, I think he actually took train to their homes to fetch them over. Wonder did they not know the way perhaps that's why? XD

Nao arrive with the van, as usual our drummer was all smiles and already greeting us when he saw us from inside the car. Shou arrived next and he greeted us with his usual smiles and ohayou too. Tora arrived last, after Aisu joined us waiting.

Interesting note, Tora walked to the venue, in his camouflaged jacket which he wore on the Memento in-store event. His eyes look red that makes me wonder has he not got enough sleep the day before (maybe he was spending the night up drinking/ playing games?). He actually ignored us and went straight into the venue. Because of that cold attitude, Aisu wanted to call him name just to troll. "虎ボッケ!" I held the door open and Aisu called to him. No reaction from inside for a while, and then, Tora leaned back and look out to see who did it. His expression was not mad but rather puzzled. I bet he was like, this bunch of girls... *laughs*

虎し, ごめんね!

The rest of the time was spent on buying goods, and then tried to trade our cards, followed by waiting in queue to go in. Thanks to Chris and Muriel, we are standing about... The 5th row? Haha, for the first time I've not taken picture of my view, I wonder what got into me, too excited maybe.

We've chatted a lot, and plotted on trolling the boys, calling Shou "Maou-sama" and Saga "Sexy" when it's their turn on MC. *laughs* It wasn't long until the live starts. Diura perform first, they are pretty good although the songs are a little intense for my taste. Lots of headbanging and it was actually fun, but yeah I've got to rest somewhat in the middle, too much. Hahahaha, Ai-chan got a little excited when the lead singer started taking off his coat and showing off some lovely muscles. Well I'll have to admit that he looked so well maintained, lean and muscular. Not really into him however, you all know who has my attention. *laughs*

The highlight for me is when Nao came out to sing along during one of the song, he's so funny, even brought along the white glasses from Rainbow MV, which he threw it into the crowd later. I managed to touch it, didn't manage to catch it, sadly. Well, some other fan's luck it seems.

A9 next, it was a while when the staffs move the instruments into places, and finally, the boys came out, started the heated evening with their most rocking song: Kowloon.

It was the perfect start of the night, yet not like the night got any less rocking then that. Song after song, the crowd was so hyped up, the boys had so much smiles, even though they are supposed to be all dark for the Black Period.

I stood in front of Saga - where else, right? It gave me a great view of his playful smiles and teasing gaze. So many times that man held his bass up, kissing it, licking it... That one moment that got me and Aisu killed somehow, was when Saga holding his bass up close to his lips, those eyes of his looking at us (Aisu and me was standing close), tauntingly, as if asking us "do you want me to lick it? You want it?" I nodded, although I was so dead on the inside. He did a slow-motion lick for a little bit, and looked at us once again like "you want more?"


It's not fair that you tease us this way, Saga! You're evil, freaking big shitty ass of a tease!! I don't like you!! >.<

That being said, of course I love him! Hahaha!

We did troll the boys during their MC, calling Shou "Maou-sama" and Saga "Sexy". (although I didn't witness this, Aisu did) when we went like "Sexy!" when it's Saga's turn to speak, Shou turned around and looked into the crowd like "Who did that? Who?" *laughs* Oops.

The setlist of the night was very intense, so glad that they play both Velvet and Scarlet that night, I missed these two songs, don't even remember just how many months I haven't get to listen to those songs live. And of course Rainbow~ the last I heard that song was back in... May? It has been so many months~ *laughs*

Setlist for the night:

02. 倒錯症レジスタンス
03. 赤い虚像
04. deadly number
05. blind message
06. black sheep under the shallow sleep
08. The abyss
09. Mr.Isolation (with: Nao)

01. 九龍
02. ヴェルベット
03. 開戦前夜
04. G3
06. Scalet
09. the Arc
10. Dice
11. 闇ニ散ル桜

Saga was probably in an extremely good mood that evening, because he smiled into the crowd a lot of times, trying hard to catch everyone's gaze and acknowledge it. There was a moment, that lovely moment when he caught my eyes, and out of instinct I flew him a kiss, to which he nodded in acknowledgement as if saying "yeap, I got it. I know you're here."

Saga-cchi~~~ XD

It was overall a wonderful live, a beautiful way to celebrate my 27th birthday, a brilliant start to my 27th year on earth - a little cliche I know. Hahahaha! I'm pretty satisfy with how the day went. There wasn't encore and the boys gone back very early. Me and a few friends went for pizza before heading back. There were lots of laughter, thank you so much for spending the day with me, Aisu, Chris, Myu. And I'm glad to have met you guys at live venue too, Yua-san and Daiko-san. Thank you!

Keep looking out this place for another upcoming report for Black Period One-Man happened on the 20th Jan~ Thank you for reading! And feel free to comment and feedback if there is any! Love you all too!!

Some photos from Day-1 in Shibuya Club Quattro

With Chris, it was so much fun while it was cold. XD
Both birthday girls on the day~ hahaha~ I am liking this shot a lot~
Definitely my favorite shot of the day, look at this precious girl~ I love you~~
ゆあさん、会えて嬉かったです!ありがとう~ また今度ね!

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