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A9 BLACK PERIOD -last stop- @ 梅田CLUB QUATTRO [27/01/2017]

The last live of the Black Period, this also marking the last live for myself, at least for a little while. Sometimes, life has to come first regardless how annoying it is, and regardless how much I want to make my life evolve around these lovely boys, I can't.

So you could probably guess how much of a heavy heart I was carrying with me towards Club Quattro on this day. "I don't want this to end", I guess everyone of you here could understand this feeling. Well, at least I had fun while it last, and I've got to carry a dozen of beautiful memories with me home.

The board on the last day of Black Period at Umeda Club Quattro

This morning was sunny and warm, in opposed to the cold rainy day I was expecting. To my surprise - or maybe I should not be - there wasn't a single person in sight when I arrived to the venue - and throughout the morning, really. I did managed to catch Saga, Tora and Hiroto when they go into the venue though, did my usual waving and nodding to them, and off I gone off to have my breakfast at Tully's.

Cause it is weird, I didn't wait around the venue much on this day, cause there wasn't anyone else around, and it gets boring, waiting around on your own. I headed to get a gift for Saga - it's a troll really, an idea sparkled when our Princess mentioned about his running nose during Shibuya 2nd day live. I got him packs of tissue papers, written a message for him to "Get Well Soon", wrapped up nicely inside this beautiful gift bag..
He will never suspect what's inside this... *laughs*

Hope it would at least trigger a laugh from him when he sees it. Hahaha~

Goods sales starts at 3.30pm and I helped my friend to get something, and since there wasn't anyone around to trade cards/ lots, I headed back to my room to have a quick rest while waiting time to pass.

Arrived back at the venue sometime after 5 to meet up with some friends and then queue up for our entry, it was quick. I had a small shock seeing so many people on the moshpit today, most of them are Pentagon's fans however, and they headed off soon as the band finished.

Pentagon is rather good, music wise though... I find their music are a little... Cute? It's not the kind of song I will listen to either. But they are certainly something. The guitarist, Taku (I think?) is rather cute, and Minpha is really beautiful.

A9 came out sometimes after Pentagon was done for the night. And today our vocalist is back to his Maou image, complete with his red contacts and extensions! XD

First song from A9 tonight - as it has been many other nights - was Kowloon. Followed by Velvet and 開戦前夜, three amazingly intense songs that get everyone right into the rocking/ headbanging/ playing mood. The feeling of this live is good, perhaps it's the last, that everyone are giving their best.

And it has been soon long, I got a chance to do gyaku-dive from the back. It was so much fun! I've missed it.

Plenty of space to move around on this live, maybe because there are less people, Pentagon fans has left after the band is done and that left just about half the number of fans in the giant mosh pit down at level one, I'm in around the fifth row and the last row already.

Danced in Scarlet and kind of wished a friend of mine would be with me, Ai-chan maybe, or Chris, Myu or Angel, anyone, dancing would be more fun if there are company don't you agree? But I guessed because I started it, soon my neighbor Japanese fans are moving along with the beat too. XD

Probably because it is 2-man, their MC are much shorter. Nao still has his section on 自己紹介, he was so high. Today, like the day before, Shou adjusted his mic for Nao, and he stepped back allowing our drummer to take his place. Hiroto went to play drums the moment after Nao left his seat. Tora just crossed his arms in front of his chest and stood at his usual spot. Saga... I think there's something wrong with his bass, I think there was no sound... he was busy fiddling around. Eventually it was fixed though. And he did his proud momma friend pose: hands on hips and watching Nao did his performance with a beautiful smile.

Nao was apparently high that day (since when he is not though?). He did the best 自己紹介 that day. The guy who love Akihabara, height 170 and weight 50kg (www). There was one part where he was only supposed to open part of his shirt to tease us, ended up he opened it too big and shown us some peekaboo ;-) He was so shocked, our drummer! LOL, and let out some high pitch voice between laughing and screaming, quickly covering himself back up. Saga was laughing, I remember that face clearly, but I have no idea did he noticed what his friend did there. *laughs*

During The Arc, Shou commented that for years they've played this song now, this is the most beautiful he has seen us fans over there. Personally I think the fans were just pretty united on our actions when it was performed, like there was not even a thought in my mind, everyone are just doing the same action together, in perfect sync. I can imagine how it could look pretty from on stage. :)

Today's setlist:

the Arc

The moment I forgot between which song, it's near the end, I remember, I've flew kissed to Saga again when he's watching. And he nodded to me acknowledging it again, again the same pose even, hands on hips, and the "yeap, I know" expression. Hahahaha! Dork!

Shou didn't come off the stage today, but everything was beautifully done, it was a hot evening, so fun and intense and none of us wanted to go even after it ends. There was a long chorus of encore, which didn't come true. Wells, the boys definitely need their rest so I don't blame them. And how to encore for this 2 man live? Would they ask Pentagon come back out to perform again?

Went off to have curry with Daikoさん after live, I am still surprised that we managed to enjoy the food and even the conversation, it lasted about 2 hours? 3 hours? I'm not sure how Daikoさん understand my broken Japanese and not sure how did I catch on what she said there too. But it was fun, which is probably what matters. And I'm ever so grateful to her who has been patient throughout our conversation. Daikoさん、ありがとう!!

Before I close up this blog entry with more pictures (as usual), I wanted to thank everyone for reading this far as well. Thank you for always dropping by, reading, I really hope you all enjoyed these entries as much as I do writing them. It gives me a chance to reminisce these lives I've very much enjoyed, it's the purpose of this blog really, why I started it in the first place. I'm just glad that I won't be the only reader to these beautiful memories. *laughs*

As usual, comments, feedback are welcome. And once again, thank you so much. Now, I hope I'll have another entry back here soon, till then! 👋😘

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