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Second day in Osaka, the winter was still cold but at least my day was clear. Once again I'm staying at a place near the live venue itself, it took about 15 minutes walk which feels so good in the chilly air. I was a little surprise to find another fans there joining me to wait for the boys that early in the morning (cause usually the fans don't come until later, especially in the cold like that).

Arrived at the venue~ *\(^o^)/*

I've expected the boys to come in group, since they must be staying in a hotel and it'll be easier to just come in groups? I wasn't wrong. Arriving by 11plus are 3 of them, Nao, Hiroto and Saga, learned to know that these 3 are usually the "early" gang. XD everyone dressed in their usual style but because of the lighter hair color I couldn't recognize Saga at first. I was like, that blonde should be Saga, cause he's that tall and skinny, but cause I don't remember him being blonde the last time I see him, and he wasn't wearing a hat, I couldn't quite recognize him there (geez, you found a way to throw me off, Saga-cchi) XP

The wait was rather long, I was the persistent one waited until I spotted all the members. Hiroto came down not too long later to buy something and I nodded to him from far again. Next to arrive about 2 hours after those 3 are Tora in his camouflaged jacket, he actually passed by right in front of us, on his own, giving us a shock. We all told him "Ohayou gozaimasu" and he mumbled it back.

And then about 1.30pm? 2pm? Another member surprising me by coming down and going across the street: Saga, I was more certain it's him since he has wore his usual hat and mask. Flanked by Gakki and another staff, they went off.

Where are they going, you might ask? I wish I know for sure too, but I don't. What I know next is that he (Gakki and the staff too) came back with Shou in van. Saga once again quickly ran off, he kept doing that during the Black Period it seems, Shou took his own pace. He nodded at us who waited for him there, looking super adorable today wearing a pair of square frame glasses.

And there gone my morning wait for the boys.

Helped my friend gotten the goods and then attempted to trade the lots, though it wasn't going very well over there and the staff came down chased us away before 4.30pm. -_-

After a quick dinner, and I return just in time to put my things into the locker and then started queuing up for entry.

The venue has 3 levels, to my surprise, there are many fans who chose to stand at the upper levels, though of course, it would guarantee a good view of the whole stage without anyone blocking. I went for the moshpit (of course, it's the best place to have fun, at least to me it seems so), and somehow find myself meeting Vee, and we had a great time talking until the live start.

Live started with Kowloon, crazy song, crazy vibes, but so intense that it was so fun. Song after intense songs, we were (at least I was) sweating so much by the third song. While my initial position is more towards the center (in front of Shou) I couldn't help myself moving towards Saga's side by the middle of the live. XD

They did some MC, talk about tons of random stuffs, the member's underwear choices were brought up again. Upon mentioning about Saga wearing T-back, Saga was like "No I don't wear T-back!" he was so fast to deny it was cute. Kekeke. And they also mention Nao's and Nao was like, "No no no, don't talk about this." 😂 they are just so cute.

By the way, Maou was wearing blue contact lenses today, maybe he doesn't want to appear too scary (referring to what I told him the day before) but you look damn cool in that scary image though, Maou-sama. XD His image on that day is rather princely instead, especially with his right (our left) side of his hair pinned up. The hairstyle wasn't clearly shown on the selfie he took himself, he looked so much more princely and handsome there, for real!

It appears that Saga still wasn't feeling too well, so he rested and took Shinkansen to Osaka by himself at a later time. Nao drove 3 others over. He also revealed that when Shou and Hiroto were doing the in-store, he and Tora went spent some quality time with one another. I seriously curious about what sort of quality time those two has. XD

They did the "jump up when your bias section is mentioned" thing during メロウに沈んで. One funny mention from Shou is that, you're supposed to jump up when the section you're standing in are mention. You can't be standing at Saga's section but because you love Hiroto more so you jump up when Hiroto's name is called. 😂 LOL, thanks for the tips, Prince.

Speaking of Saga and Hiroto (this should be highlight of the night for dozen of fans), they kissed.

I just caught the last part of the kiss, where Saga was breaking away with a shock face followed by some adorable laughing/ giggling. But I saw tweet that said Hiroto tongued Saga. @_@ Pon ah Pon, what got into your head there? 😂😂😂

Pon was also a little off that day, when it was his turn to MC, he was like, "Ehhh? Today is the last day for BLACK PERIOD? No I don't want it to end~" Aww Pon, you know what, I don't want it to end either... 😭😭😭

But at least it was brilliant while it last right?

From Kuriyama is soooo good, although at one point of time (OK, during the choruses) the instruments are a little loud and I felt Shou was struggling to sing above the music. It wasn't too bad though, still beautiful.

Nao did his self introduction again, and when he's getting himself into position (where Shou already have his mic adjusted to Nao's height for him) Tora sat himself down on the ground getting comfortable, like he was waiting to be entertained. Saga went into the drum to give us some sound effects. Shou was like standing one side, watching, smiling so wide and bright... XD

Shou was so brave that he came into the crowd to play with us during -Dice-. After telling us to part a way for him, he went under the barricade and into the crowd, the mosh went a little crazy as you can imagine, Shou and a group of fans fell too (hope you all are okay) and so many fans pushing forward just to have a feel of the God Maou. 😂 Fans grabbing his hand, touching his cheeks, and he just stood there singing. I almost died when he stopped right behind me to sing that long note, somehow my back touching his side/ chest, and his hand held up (and out, so I'm kind of like, under his arm?). I've always think Shou is too skinny, but he felt so firm and warm, I could already feel how lovely it would feel getting a hug from him. Well I shall stop here before I get killed or something. 😂

By the way, the material of the Black Tour costume is just so nice. I want it~ LOL~

So much smiles from Saga on Rainbow, and so much headbanging during 闇二散ル桜, and the night came to a close. Fans wasted no time calling encore, when the boys came back out, they started playing Memento.

I have to say, Memento is a good song, one that the more you listen to, the more you like. And it's exceptionally fun in live, I wish they would always do this song in future lives.

Goods introduction came on next, and somehow when Saga was standing there, he kept pulling the collar of his shirt open and looked inside, especially when the introduction comes to the T-shirt. Like, I really have no idea what he's doing (is he checking himself out or something?) but he looks a hell sexy and adorable doing it. I almost die looking at him keep doing it.

Hiroto recommend us to get the choker, the Black Period towel (Which is really beautiful) and the Osaka tee. If they are opening these goods for oversea sales, look out for them!!

Closing the encore was Velvet and G3, what an end! No one wants to leave still and all fans were calling for another encore (which didn't happen though, sadly, but the boys do need their rest before next day's live.)

Setlist for the night:



I waited until they leave so I get to wave to them as goodbye.

And that was the night~ I'll have one more report up for 27th Jan, A9 2-man with Pentagon! As usual, comment and feedback are welcome~

Caught sight of Fujisan on my way to Osaka.
And sight of beautiful snow scene passing by...

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