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Wow, I've delayed this long enough, so long in fact, that I really am not sure if I remember half the details happened in the live at Shibuya Club Quattro on 20th Jan. Well, guess I'll have to try very hard to think and remember. *laughs*

The supposedly dark but still shinning boys. XD
20th Jan, the 2nd day of Black Period at Shibuya Club Quattro, the one-man live. That day started out cold, colder than I expect, but thank God there wasn't rain, just drifting of fluffy snow that quickly ceased.

Waiting outside for the boys are impossible today, but Ai-chan and I did head over to the venue early to wait for them. By 10 plus we were already there, even BookOff, the bookstore beside the venue, hasn't open yet. *laughs* We both had a moment of panic when we continued to see no one during the next hours, no one coming in and out.. Would all the boys be upstairs already? But it couldn't be right? Part of me logically deduced, if they are already here it's impossible to not even see a staff rushing in and out getting them stuffs.

I was right, and another hour of wait provided me solid proof, when one following another, staffs started arriving the venue. It was a little awkward, when some of them glanced at us two as they passed by, I am pretty sure they started to recognise us. These two foreign girls, waiting for the boys in the cold this early? At least they never stop us or chased us away, instead they simply eyed us as they walked pass, going into the venue to set up for the evening's live.

It was until about 12 that the boys started to arrive. The first to arrive were Nao and Hiroto, by when we have migrated indoor, standing near the entrance - it was a little too cold to wait outside. Hiroto was a little surprise to see us both there, after a brief pause, "Oh, good morning," he greeted us back, with that makeupless cute face wearing that hat. Nao following behind was bright with smiles already so early in the morning, "Ohayou gozaimasu, ohayou gozaimasu," he repeated, one for each of us, so adorable so friendly as one would expect from our drummer. And there they are gone, went up to Club Quattro to prepare.

Continuing our wait, we actually been to Lawson earlier and bought warm coffee and tea for our princess and Gakki, thinking they would be the first to arrive, our princess surprised me there (though not without a good reason, we found out about it later).

Ended up, we decided to give both drinks to Gakki instead, as a thank to him for taking care of the boys. He has been running around, it must be hard for him too even though he's just doing his job. So we tried to catch Gakki alone. It took a while, he's a busy man so of course. And finally, there he came down to wait for a member to arrive. Aisu went up to him, and like "this is some small stuff (for you)..." he accepted it with a thanks, turned back to wait. And then, I think because he couldn't see a name on the bag, or any tags on it, neither did we told him who's the drinks are for, he came back to us asking "Who are these for?" Ai-chan was like "Oh, it's for you." Gakki was so surprise to hear that, he was like, "Ah, me? Thank you!" he turned back again, waiting for the member for a while, then turned to us again, "Can I drink it?" he asked, Aisu went like "どうぞ," and he popped open the coffee with an itadakimasu and drank it.

It's nice to see, when you gave something to someone and they appreciate it enough to use it. We waited for a little while more, Tora arrived in a cab - it was cold today so... - He nodded at us both when he goes in. After which we hide back into the building, at the staircase area so the staffs don't look at us suspiciously again. Lol.

I've almost missed Saga, busy talking to a friend on LINE. Aisu spotted him walking in, alone. Either he didn't ask anyone to come down or the staffs hasn't time to react to him reaching the venue. He walked very fast, probably rushing because he was late. Aisu went like, "Saga-san!" he just nodded at us and kept walking. I thought of not disturbing him anymore, from the way he's acting, but he stopped there waiting for the lift so well, since he's waiting right? "Saga-san," we called, he turned to look at us.

Ai-chan: Would you bring (this) home? *handing him our present at the same time*

Saga: Sure!
*he looked down and saw the big bag (not sure if he notice it is a pillow or not), his eyes widened*
Oh, thank you!

And he took our bag and went up when the lift arrived.

Such a short exchange I know, with him it's always short, I'm glad enough that he is alone and we get to catch him before he runs away. He's probably late (it is already 2pm, of course he's late) hence why he's rushing. Without makeup that day, except contact lens(?). As usual he's wearing a mask that covered half his face, but looking so handsome there. He was wearing a hat, and the long coat he wore the day before, I really really like his style.

Hahaha, Ai-chan is so happy. And we chat while waiting for the last member: our vocalist. Until Chris arrived, and we are still chatting, and then I spotted the cab rolling to a stop at the front of BookOff.

The moment he stepped down I've already recognized him by his grey hair - seriously guys, you're so recognisable XD I went out to greet him, thought the girls would follow me but they didn't. Lol. But I'm glad I did because Shou did something so cute after he came out of the taxi, he paused before entering the building, and looked up. Looking up at what I have no idea. Perhaps he's trying to see if he arrived at the right place (Ai-chan's theory), he's not looking up to admire the sky right? You know, sometimes artistic peoples do weird, unexplanable things XD I know I stare into the sky just looking sometimes too, not while I'm in the middle of the streets - or did I do that before too? Lol.

Anyway, that moment was very cute. Mami-san and her friend was there too, and he went in by the middle door, we all went back in to greet him properly. Makeup-less, his cheeks shinning (in a good way) and chubby when he smile at us. He seems to not know how to go up to the venue (LOL! I thought this is the second time you come to the venue, Shou-cchin. Or are you still sleepy? Or were you mainly sleepy and following the day before? Hahahahaha!) so Mami-san and her friend told him where to go. He was like "Ahh, thank you," and went to press the lift.

Kekekekekekeke, too cute. Too too cute. Cutie Shou. XD

After which Ai-chan and me went for food and then back to the venue. We were forced to abort our thoughts of finding trade for the cards and other items from the lots, since by the time we got back there aren't many people left asking for them anymore. But we did try - I did managed to get the favorite picture of Saga among the trading card set this round. We chat until we were told to line up.

Met a few more friends in the meantime, I saw ゆあさん again, and みーさん, and Lis, and Vee, and I met Flo and Kaoru from Chile, it's nice to have met you girls. We also met a Japanese girl who is very good at English - sorry I didn't get your name! D: Please give me a little poke on Twitter if you're like, reading this 😊 - and 亜沙美さん (よろしくお願いします). Its a bit embarrassing, like cause I recognise all these people from their social profile but yeah, you know, so yeah, feeling like, hehe, I've been following you, hi! (that doesn't sound too creepy right?)


Our view wasn't too bad despite our ticket number being 200 plus. And 4 of us standing together again, Chris, Myu, Ai-chan and myself. And another plan to troll the boys, and today we came up with names for all of them! *laughs*

Soon the live start, from Kowloon, we were promised of another intense night.

20th Jan, this Black Period alone proved itself to be the intense kind that only consist of feelings and music, the kind that you would just move because the beats and the tunes feel right, the flow of the night was just intense, fans around crushing into one another, moving in unison. This kind of feeling I've had once last May, but it felt crazier on this day, on the jam-packed moshpit of Club Quattro. No one is moving back after we gained space forward - surprisingly! - everyone were touching everyone. And even more surprising to me, is that even in this tight space, we manage to still headbang, and the fact that I've still enjoyed myself. *laughs* Guess I was just high.

We did call the boys names during their MC *laughs* And we got response. Calling Shou "Maou-sama" once again and there's this time Shou turned back and shot a glare at us, that very Maou pose, so adorable.

Calling Saga "Sexy" again tonight and he replied us "Thank you." I didn't catch it, I caught the first few times when we did and he just trying so hard to ignore us, but his obvious attempt to hide just making it so much adorable. I guess, at the end he realized that he isn't going to hide away from these "crazy girls" here *LOL*, he might as well take it as a compliment and hope that we move on. *laughs* (Sorry sexy baby, that's not working.)

We call Hiroto "番長" as in Goods番長, his role in A9 who manage the goods. He was so lost when he heard it, looking around the crowd, Hiroto's face was like "this is not in the script! What's going on?!?!" he's so lost it was so cute. Hahahahaha~

Tora was a tricky one when trying to find names for him, we eventually decided to call him Tiger, with the tone and voice like "Tigarrrr!" He knows that we were trolling apparently, replying us like "Are you guys idiots?!" but in that way like he wasn't sure should he laugh or cry. Adorable Tiger. Hahahahahaha!

The only one we didn't get a response from is Nao, who we call "Ouji sama (meaning prince, a nickname we picked up from Alternative sections back in July)". Guess Nao doesn't realized that we're calling him there and hence no response. We have to make sure Nao knows that he looks princely these days so that he will response to that next time. 😂

Seriously I don't remember much from today's live, apart from all the trolling. Not a thing from the MC - but that could be because I've dragged this blog on forever too, sorry, been busy settling down with life.

Setlist for the day:



Anyway, we waited for the boys after live too and saw all of them going off, waved to all of them when they gone off in taxis. When Saga came out carrying the gift we gave him, I think Ai-chan lost it a little, she started saying "he's taking it home~" startling the staff, I wonder did it startled our princess too. *laughs* Either way, I'm taking it as a sign that he likes the pillow a lot hence he's bringing it home himself (otherwise I would expect him to pass to the staff to bring home for him like they usually do with fan gifts you know).

A very lovely 2 days with our boys, you may look at the next entries for the rest of my journey seeing them at the Osaka stops. :) As usual, comment, feedback are welcome~

Till next time then~

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