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Saga & Show Birthday Feature Live - [SS] Saga SIDE

This June trip to Tokyo is definitely the shortest one that I have in year 2016. The unplanned trip I would called it, an unexpected trip because I have never thought it is possible. More like I had told everyone around me how this trip is impossible for me, I won't have enough money to make it work, having that I just flew to Japan the last 3 consecutive months, and then planning for trips to Tokyo in July and again in August, at the same time I am also anticipating an FC trip... Yeah, it is an impossible trip, I remembered telling my friend that. I am sorry I'll be missing Saga's birthday, I've said, I probably can go for Shou's birthday if I really want to - because Shou's birthday is after the payday - but then I probably gonna give it a miss too because I need a breathing space.

Apparently breathing space is not on the menu for me, not at the moment.

It was a spur moment decision that I've made up my mind to come for SS - Saga Side. A decision not easy to live with the last two months, those two long torturing months filled with struggles, I probably annoyed a few friends of mine with my whining when I've discovered that I need to pay part of the FC trip fees already too by this month - what a crazy month indeed. Although in the end it was all sorted out, and guess what, my original thought that I would not regret the trip? It came true. I am not regretting it at all, not even one percent of it - those struggles somewhat became an experience, I now have a better idea on what to expect next time when similar situation springs up - and I certainly did not regret buying the ticket when I bought it - late, my number was 457, but it still offers a great view and I got to meet up with my friend Angel, we had so much fun there dancing to the music and "mostly" (in my case) ignoring what those around us do and just do what we like to do. The live could not get better any other ways.

Japan greeted me with gloomy weather on my arrival, not a sign, just inevitable. I knew it is the rainy season there already before I fly in - and trust me, I did complain about that to my friend a lot (Sorry Lia, seems like I've really dump most of those complaints to you, and yet you always remain so patient and positive. I love you most!). I hate rains, all of those around me knows that. When it starts to grow dark and gloomy outside, I won't ever step outside unless necessary. And when it's necessary for me to get out in the rain, you'll hear my sigh and see a scowling face. I hate it when it rains! Yet there is Lia, my amazing friend, somewhat managed to made me stop complaining about the rain with a simple sentence. This is too good to not share because, well I have to say that I don't hate rain now don't I? Because she told me: "Rain is blessing, (so) he (Saga) is full of blessing (because he's born in the rainy season)."

Right, good way to shut me up about the rain, you know I can't argue with that! He is full of blessing.

And this trip too, even with all its gloomy appearance, is full of blessings too.

I shall skip to the event day now, my train has really gone way off the track, sorry. But hey, these random little facts are fun to read too, no?

24th June, D-day, Saga's birthday, another early day for me. As usual, the sunlight in Japan messed with my schedule. It was sometimes past 4.30 am and the brightness outside made me thought I've slept late got me sitting straight up from my bed. It was after I saw the clock showing an innocent 4.30+am that I groaned and dropped back into the bed. What a way to start the day. But the rest are not uneventful, except my search for the right exist from Shinjuku train station. That station is a maze really, almost as bad as Tokyo station, almost.

Met up with a friend I just got to know recently (Hey Regina) and together we headed over to Shinjuku ReNY, which wasn't too hard to find. The queue for goods wasn't as long as I feared it would be either, we were about the 7th and 8th person in the queue as we reached there just slightly past 11.30am.

Guess what guys? The first surprise of the day that got me stunned and just stared him for several seconds, Saga appeared not long after we settled down in the queue. O.O

Dressed in a blue shirt and with his hair dyed into a darker shade - it was kind of grey? Silver-ish? Not quite black yet. Even though he covered half his face with a mask, looking at those beautiful eyes, how could we not recognise him? He looks so fine there yo~ And when he saw us there, apparently it was shocking to him too. For a moment he just turned his face away, I kinda guessing what going inside his head would be like "Really? This early?" or maybe even "Do they recognise me?" (and these are mainly Paige's imagination of what's going on inside his head, by no means I know what he's thinking) and he turned back towards us - eye contact - (oh those blue eyes) he nodded, mumbled something along the line "ohayo gozaimasu"? (Or is it really "otsukaresama"?) Seriously, I can't remember, my mind was overwhelmed. I am looking at him, that perfect human being, just that few steps away from me, politely greeting us, and still able to appear adorable at the same time. My hands were shaking by the time I recovered enough after he walked passed and went in, and I texted my friends about the encounter, still couldn't believe it was real.

Geez, get a grip Paige, this is not the first time you see them in real live. Not the closest and not the first, why the hell are you freaking out over here?

Apparently I just did. And I can tell I will still do the same thing in the future. Oh God, what should I do??!! D:

The second surprise appearing from another lift, and that's our Toraさん, with his newly dyed orange hair - so bright! - and black outfit. His guitar on his back, so much like a bandman really. He was so chill and was even talking to some of the fans in front.

And time goes by, Regina and I chat, about our trips, about A9. And then another friend, Aisu came join us. It was after that the third surprise popped up.

When I say he pops up, he really did. Appearing out of nowhere. When I spent the whole morning just looking up whenever the lift made a sound, by 1.00 pm I've already given up hope for any of them to come this way - cause there are too many fans around already, they won't come this way when there are so many fans gathered right? ...Right? Popping up out of nowhere the staircase, is Shou. Dressed in a checked shirt, with a hat and his sunglasses on - I somewhat find that style a bit weird, could be the hair. I am not saying he doesn't look good, it's just... not as I usually see him? He has a smile hovering on his face when he sees us, "Oh, konnichiwa!" he greeted, we greeted back (I know I did) and he walked into the venue after talking to some fans at the front.

いいな~ if only my Japanese is good enough to communicate with them I can probably strike up a conversation with them too - also if I have the courage to. (Working on it, working on it...) XD 

So that was my pre-goods sales little surprises. Goods sales started at 3.30 pm, I got everything except the human-sized towel (really? Human-sized towel? What should I do with it? I don't even have a wall big enough to hang it...) After that the three of us - Regina, Aisu and I headed off to grab some food and put our bags into a locker - we also took time to check out the goods of course, and changed into the new T-shirt. XD Met with another fan who came from Singapore (Hello Mazu). It was raining by the time we got back to ReNY, there we spent some moments under the trees - not the best choice to hide from the rain really - spent some time under the basement area, and finally some time under the rain. I met another friend (ゆあさん, hello!) while waiting for my number to be called - being 400+ I am the last and only one in my "pen" (among my group I mean). I also met another girl I've met in Diawolf live back in March, been referring her as "the cute Tora fan" I haven't even learn her name. Hahaha! Sorry, I'll make sure to ask next time. It wasn't too long until I could go upstairs and into the venue.

And guess who I found inside there? I found Angel!

She's definitely a fun company to have at live.

My view~

Gotta mention this, because I really really am in love with those songs Saga has playing for us while we waited for SS to start. Those mix of 80's and 90's R&B jams and some jazz in it, some of those tunes so familiar and others just lovely to listen to. Saga, please show me your music folder someday because I want to raid it and take them all for my own! If only I have better hacking skills I would hack my way into your pc and get it... Oh dear, that guy make me wants to be a criminal.

Anyway, back on track. The event started with - guess what? - that Disney birthday song!

"Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy happy birthday to you~"

What a lovely way to start a birthday event, they even push out a cake on stage. XD

Saga has chosen to play all these lovely songs that he thinks isn't popular enough to be play on all the lives - but I love these songs, Saga, you can put them into every lives, really, I love them~ Started with I, followed by Kiss Twice, Kiss Me Deathly (I squealed, remember how I was tweeting about that unvoiced song request several days prior to live day saying that if I can't get to listen to Cross Game live I would happily just listen to Kiss Twice?). That song has turned into a wonderful dance moment for Angel and me, it was sooooo goooood! So much fun! The few other songs following are also my favourite - Blue Flame, so beautiful, DAYBREAK~ totally awesome, oh and Rosario! Rosario, sound so nice!

So Saga was talking about how amazing Hiroto is doing that tapping on his guitar, I guess that somewhat has Hiroto stressed out. When it's time to perform the song (Solar Eclipse), suddenly Hiroto fumbled and missed a note, he immediately called for stop. Someone - I think is Shou - commented how this has never happened before while Hiroto was there all flustered and hurried to practice on his part. It was just a few seconds of mishap but I guess everyone could see how stress Hiroto is - poor boy - but he got it right the second round. XD

A9 did a cover of Blame, which we already know since Saga shown hint before. It was beautiful, I have to say. And perhaps this is a bias opinion, I think they did it so well, it's on par - if not better than - the original. I love Shou's voice better, the deep richness of his voice like thick honey to my ears, even when he came to the last part of the song. I just found it is so good that I wish I have a copy of that track now.

The other cover song however, I can't say I am really familiar with Where the Streets Has no Name (I'll search for it after I get home), but Shou singing in English I couldn't make sense of most of what he's singing. -shrug-

I have to mention this, 4U is absolutely beautiful. Another of my favourite song, and it sounded so wonderful at live as it is recorded - actually the feel on live is better because they are singing in front of you, and that atmosphere, you're surrounded by all the fans who enjoy the same song as you do, somehow make it feels so much better.

Thank you for the song choices that night, Saga! I don't think it can get any better.

When they started playing Heavenly Tale, I found my eyes couldn't move away from Saga because he was so sexy there just focusing on his bass. He just look so charming and so handsome there playing those complicated notes, his fingers move so fast up and down the four strings, it was such a beautiful sight I wish I can see more.

They also played 開戦前夜 (Kaisen Zenya), another of my favourite, follow by - wait for it - G3!

And that song is certainly the most fun among my many lives.

I thought gyaku dive is very dangerous, it just look so scary when other people do it, doesn't it? The first time I witnessed it was in April and I was like, OMG someone can get hurt with this. Though when you're actually doing it, well it might hurt because you might get elbowed - I got several, one near by forehead even LOL - well, it is also very fun. You really have to try to know seriously. I had my moments worrying because there are people there being so small they look fragile, but much fun to stop. Hahaha. Anything for the fun!

It was repeated so many times, I couldn't even count how many times already but I felt all hot and sweaty and out of breath by the time I finish. Now I finally understand why the boys would repeat the same chorus again and again for some songs - because I never did when watching live on DVD, since they always only show the boys and not the crowd.

Between catching out breathe and trying to cool down, we called for encore. They didn't keep us waiting for long, Saga and Hiroto came back out soon, Saga came out first, carrying an acoustic guitar, and I knew then, I knew before Angel lean over and tell me that he's going to sing. He is going to sing~~


"Hiroto you're slow!" Saga called, after he stood there talking for a while and Hiroto still does not come out (come oh, you know your Pomeranian needs to make sure he looks presentable in front of his Number Six). Hiroto came out finally, and before they perform, Hiroto was like, "are you going to sing?" he ask Saga, "This is new." he commented. LOL. Are you really surprised Hiroto? So cute.

Hiroto is full of cuteness that night really. But maybe cause I am standing near the right side of the stage I could see him so much better here. There was a moment he was like so high he doing funny gestures - I sincerely have no idea what is he doing, random movement perhaps? Hahahaha! And there was the magical moment when both guitarists swung their bodies in sync with the beats again. XD

Silly Saga, you should turn around and take picture with us and not with your back facing the camera! Dork. XP But your thickness is cute, I like you.

Let's backtrack a little, because I can't not talk about that magical moment. Such a beautiful voice, that man is a God sent. The whole venue hushed as he sang, there was only music, and I found my whole attention rested on him, only him. Because he's that shinning star in the dark - sorry Hiroto I did not even look at you, except when you come over and lean your chin on his shoulder, you flirty boy. Hiroto also picked up Saga's hand and gave it a princess kiss at the end too, but let's not talk about that.

We come back and talk about Saga's lovely voice, the beautiful melodic vocal he has, it's like music and him has became one when he sings, his fingers playing out various chords, and he sang with feelings, he sang so deep. His voice go so much deeper than Shou's, at the same time it's not. Like I always describe Shou's voice is honey to the ears, Saga's is like, a refreshing flower tea perhaps, lighter but never dull, very rich in fragrance and taste. I love the emotion his every tones carry.

I would just like to put a big giant heart or smiley emoji here hahahaha! Because there's no word to describe what I feel about his voice. I really just hope he would do a solo project and release his beautiful voice to us so I can put that song on replay forever.

After he done singing, and they talked a bit more. Hiroto was then like, so here's Saga's birthday present, the members! Saga was like, you giving me the members as present? Hahahahahhaha!

Nao came out wearing Saga shirt, and he's like, "Saga will always be here in my heart." aww Nao~

And Shou was like, Saga can play guitar, he can sing so well, in the futute he will be a startling producer. In reply to that, Saga said he will only be A9's producer. XDDDDD

Shou teased Hiroto in his coat (it's green and silky) looking like a mom - the coat looks a bit like those western sleeping gown really. Hahahahaha! Poor Hiroto. And during all these Saga turned back and stole bites of his own birthday cake - someone is still hungry. Hahahaha!

"Tora-san, why are you wearing Shou's shirt?" Hiroto pointed out suddenly (Tora came out wearing the checked shirt Shou wore when he arrived). Some fans went like "Oh? Oh?" hahahaha! Tora, blushing a bit, like "Eh eh eh," calming everyone down. Hahahahaha!

Nao got embarrassed when he's telling Saga Happy Birthday somehow. -cough- and he suggested to go drink again. Lol! さすがNaoさんね. XD

And they were talking about that incident how Saga got so drunk he ended up at Tora's home. XD

It was a rather long speech during the encore. The boys just throwing things around, randomly. It was funny.

Second song in encore, Saga rapped. It was so well done!

They sang +- too! Omg! I love that song when I saw them performed it on 2014 Singapore live - sadly it was one live I missed. I'm just glad I get the chance to see witness it live this time. XD

The last song closing the night was Dead School Screaming, another round of gyaku dive. Hahahahaha! No wonder my body felt sore today, probably did too much gyaku dive and headbanging and jumping. Thank god for the day of resting - on the plane - and hey the seat beside me is empty, I'll go stretch out in a bit soon as I'm done with this giant blog here (sorry and not sorry for the length xP)

By the way, you know there's this part of opening to Dead School Screaming where Saga would usually yell out the name of the place they're performing at? This time he screamed "Happy Birthday!" instead. Hahahaha! Looks who's high about his special day?

Oh, Hiroto went and put some icing on Saga's nose. Nao feigned to slam the cake onto Saga twice after they done performing. Hahaha! Saga's reaction to that! He was like "What the!!!"

A part I just remember and inserting here, cause I don't know between which two songs they did that. So Saga and Hiroto was like talking to one another across the stage - like bantering really - and Shou in the middle probably feels ignored and drifting off to dreamland already, so when Saga suddenly address him he was like "Hai Hai?!" hahahahaha! It was so cute his reaction.

That's roughly the whole live, after which we met up with the rest. Aisu and Angel and I went met up a friend of Angel - hi Kelly - and we went for a late dinner. I even went to Rockaholic for a bit but never really stay long because I haven't pack my bags and all, my flight is so early today. Perhaps the only regret. I wished to stay, it would be fun. Well perhaps next time when I have more time in Tokyo I'll go there and have fun. XD

I'm closing this entry with the night's set list and some pictures. As usual, please take this with a pinch of salt, although I praise myself to have quite a vivid memories, I don't understand Japanese that well yet so what I understand from their conversation might not be true at all.

And if you want to know more about the live, feel free to check out tweets by @itsmisho_o and @rilarilarin. You might have to scroll down to find the tweets though. I'll update this again soon enough, let's see if they are getting as crazy on Nao's birthday or not - I won't bet on it, but I look forward to see what Nao and Saga have planned for us on 31/7.

1. I
2. Kiss Twice, Kiss Me Deadly
3. Blue Flame
4. Daybreak
5. カルマ (Karuma)
7. Solar Eclipse
8. Lemon
9. Blame (cover)
10. 4U
11. Where the Streets has No Name (cover)
12. Heavenly Tale
13. The Arc
14. 開戦前夜 (Kaisen Zenya)
15. G3

E1. 歌うたいのバラッド (cover)
E2. 有心論 (Cover)
E3. +-
E4. Dead School Screaming
My gifts for the birthday boy. XD
Postcard Set

Another postcard set
The group postcard you get if you buy both sets
The Galaxy Bracelets, I love the design - and the colors.
Bracelet back-cover.
More fliers from the live. *\(^o^)/*

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