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DIAWOLF First Anniversary One Man Show 2016 - Shibuya, Tokyo

みんな, こんいちは!

It has been a while! XD and here I'm back with another brief entry for a live event I've went to.

For most of you who has been following my Twitter and Instagram updates, you probably know which event I'm talking about and might even been expecting this. As for those of you who stumble upon this entry, I hope you're not going to get annoy with my many rambling in my entry here, as I do that sometimes.

So, as you could see, this is about my day with Diawolf First Year Anniversary One-Man show at Club Asia, Shibuya, Tokyo. What makes this day special is not only because it's my first time watching Diawolf live, not only because it's their one year anniversary, those reasons do make it a very special event indeed, in my case what makes it even more special is having this be my first trip to Tokyo as well.

I'll be going more into that, perhaps another blog entry covering my period of about 5 days in the lovely city of Japan, what I did there, what I saw and what I ate, those are some very amazing moments I would really like to share. Let's focus this entry on the live itself so this entry won't be too overwhelmingly long now.

Diawolf, for those of you who hasn't heard of them, is an indie band from Japan, formed by Show Ohara with a dream in mind to do music that appeals to himself back when he was young. There are 5 members in the band, though mainly featuring vocal Show Ohara and guitar Tora Amano. Currently they have released 2 albums, the first named Rebellion and the second named Turbulance. An indie band, their music genre is leaning towards the hard rock side that makes it different than A9.

I know them via A9, where two members of Diawolf are from. If you still have not an idea who A9 are, you can always check back my previous entries on them.

So, onto the event day itself now, sorry for the long intro. I'm on this trip to Tokyo with 2 other friends who I gotten to know last October, during A9 first live in Singapore. It was a rather early day for me, as for some reason, even since I came to Tokyo, my body alarm clock seems to have messed up and I would wake up on my own around 7.30am - 8am automatically. I think it's because of the light in Japan, they have such early sunrise. XD We didn't get out of the room until rather late however, and reached Shibuya only sometime after 11am. Early enough. Met up with another friend and we headed over to Club Asia.

It took a while for us to find the place, though eventually we did. We were so early then there wasn't much fans yet. Waited for a while hoping to catch our Tiger-san, though we didn't manage, we went for lunch instead and back when the goods about to start selling. Then we see more fans there already queuing.

The surprise of the day is that they are selling checki as a special merchandise. I didn't manage to get any though I find its ok, haha. I bought myself the anniversary T-shirt and the Hoodie, which is very warm and soft, I'm wearing it now and loving it.

The four of us went off for a bit of coffee break after and then a friend of mine and me went to the famous Tower Records, I was hoping to find Saga and Nao's The Alternative photobook. Sadly though, I didn't see it in Tower and it was sold out in HMV. I'm still going to ask and see how do I go about purchasing the photobook in Tokyo during my next trip there (in two weeks' time!!). Meanwhile, yeah it was a bit disappointing that I didn't manage to get it this time.

Went back to the venue place sometimes about 5pm and we reach there sometimes around 5.45pm, put our bags in locker (love the fact thar Japan have lockers for bags near event venues, it makes the live so much more enjoyable without the weights on your shoulder). Admission started about 6pm and we were allowed to go in according to number. They are so orderly, the staffs just call out numbers and fans proceed to the front when their numbers was called. I was #53, about 5 person ahead of my two other friends, and another friend who didn't get the advance ticket can only come in later.

The venue wasn't big, and I was about the 4th or 5th row when I got inside. Somehow found myself standing in front of the mike where Show would be standing XD it offers me quite a good view where I stood.

The live started on time? I think so, once again I didn't notice the time once I got inside. I was nervous enough, waiting for them. It started soon I remember, and came out Diawolf with their first title song, "Rebellion".

Truth to be told, for me it was a bit of an awkward start, as I wasn't really sure how to act. Everyone else around me has already accustome to how lives go about in Tokyo, some immediately went into headbanging along with the music, but some don't, and standing in between these two type of fans... Well I did want to get right into headbanging but I was afraid of hurting those who doesn't. So yeah it was pretty much an awkward start for me. It wasn't because the band isn't good, they are. Show is bright and awesome as usual (さすが 将さんね!) and he did his absolutely best to bring the mood up with a series of hard rock songs in the first session. I gotta comment on this though, his voice! Still in love with it! Love him especially when he growl, he did it so amazingly.

I started to enjoy myself more after the first 2 or 3 songs too, though it was only when the DJ session started and we all got to move to a more comfortable place that I started really enjoying it, I was even dancing and jumping by the end of the session. Haha!

DJ session was good, no, it was great! They all spin well, starting with DJ-san, and then Tora gave it a go, and finally Show. Maybe I am bias, but I love Show's spinning a lot, his song choice are good (well maybe I haven't been listening to the really good ones though), it's a little sad when it has to come to an end. :-(

Nevertheless, it has to, because Diawolf has to come back out and continue the performance, after Show saying a quick thanks to us, he seems really happy, which I am glad to note but not surprise to see, his own band, his solo project has came to a year's old already, I am happy for him too.

Continuing the night, he got into Everlasting Flavor, which I was actually high enough to headbang and jump along with the beat then. Haha! I did try to care for those who doesn't and being quite gentle with my actions - or try. It was fun, really fun to just get lost with the music.

Haha, Show himself got really high during the second session and he did some crazy things like leaning back into the crowd and reached out to touch the audience. He almost couldn't get his arm back, the fans grabbing at him so tight, poor guy. I didn't rush forward to grab him myself, maybe I'm a bit gentle over here, I really don't want anyone to be hurt for something like this, not to mention, hey, I shook hands with him, 3 times last year, not like that's actually enough but enough for me to not to risk someone's life over something like this? I might take that back if it's Saga offering though. Hahahaha!

Bias moment, sorry. I do still like Show very much, especially that night, because I like him when he's a little high and wild like that.

Die For You was awesome, Turbulence and Unchained too (which was performed during the first session) all my favorite songs. And somewhat, as I predicted - because I am awesome like that, haha, just kidding - they performed a new song that night, it was a very hard rock song that I am not quite sure how I feel about it yet, I need to listen to a proper, recorded version to be the judge of it. First impression, it was a hard rock song that involves plenty of growling and screaming - which I do like when Show does it, so well. Please do look forward to it, I do.

As my Japanese is still that absolute beginner's level, I didn't quite manage to catch most of what they said on stage, though I do remember Show repeated thanks plenty of times, and I remember him saying that all the fans there are very beautiful and he loves us. There are other things he said, he joked some, like saying the motion bracelets might get out of battery soon at the rate that we all kept shaking it and making it lights up throughout the live - we then change to using phone flashlight and wave it in the air when he started Die For You. I'm sure there are more that he said but I just couldn't quite remember - or I didn't catch. So sorry that I can't really give the best report about this.

Probably just one of the many difficulties attending a live where you don't quite know the language yet - I'll learn better, I promise!

The night ended too soon - though I am sure few hours has went by - and the boys went backstage. We called for encore, it was once again an amazing encore, everyone were so into it. They came back out quite soon too. There everyone in the band was given a chance for a speech. I really can't get over Show's cute reaction towards Yo-san calling him an ikemen, he rolled his eyes, and I am sure I saw him blushing a little there. Show-san kawaii! XD Tora also shared a story about him having lunch somewhat? I didn't quite catch the whole thing, but it was supposed to be funny cause everyone laughed. They launched into another series of songs again, and they played Rebellion again before wrapping up the day's live.

It was actually a good live, minus the awkwardness in the beginning and for my lack of ability to catch everything they said on the stage that night. It was a good experience I have to say, that let me know what to expect next time, when I'm heading to A9 spring tour Truth in Light And Darkness this coming 16th April. I probably know better what to expect now. Probably. Seeing how different Diawolf and A9 is, I think there would be a bit differences but it would generally be similar? Well I really hope it would be lots fun in April, I have still yet to decide which side to stand, in front of Show or in front of Saga... Haha! I'll probably decide on the spot.

I think I really love Diawolf live, for it being so much fun and yeah it is a bit wild but that's where the fun parts come in too. And to see Show and Tora being so open and free here, more than when they are in A9 - especially Show, he acted so... himself, that side of him that's not usually shown when he's on stage as A9 vocalist. Its not like I am saying he's not him when he's with A9, but I think he's a complicated person, and there are many sides to him, I just happen to love this side of him when he's in Diawolf.

Before the night ends and we went for supper - or late dinner - we waited for the boys to leave. Saw both Tora and Show when they came out to go home. Show looked stylish - as usual - in his leather jacket and hat.

I hope the boys find my little gifts - once again my drawings - for them soon, I didn't even write them a letter, having no time or the energy for it. Just hope they would like them - I'm pretty sure they would, though you know that feeling, when you wish to know for sure that they already seen it and they actually likes it and they tell you that. Hahaha. Well I do hope to get to hear something like that.

 And a shot of the drawings I've gave to them~

After live~
Thanks for the company ladies! You girls are the best!
So my next event is on 16 April! Just about 2 weeks from now and I'll be on the way back to Japan to see the boys yet again, this time all 5 of them, both my biases will be there. I'll be updating this blog real soon.

Oh, by the way, anyone who's looking to go attend a Diawolf live, their next one is on 24th July! I want to go~ though really gotta see how things come along, if things are going well, I'll probably be in Tokyo for about 9 days just to catch both Diawolf and Alternative live. Spending summer in Tokyo though... just hope I won't hate it as much I hate the heat in Singapore.

Keep checking back for more entries! I'll introduce some Japan to you guys soon!


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