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[J-Movie Review] Heroine Disqualified (2015)

Native title: ヒロイン失格
Also Known as: No Longer Heroine; Hiroin Shikkaku; Heroine Shikkaku;
Writer: Momoko Koda (manga), Erika Yoshida
Genre: Teen-Romance / Based on a Comic


Kiritani Mirei as Matsuzaki Hatori 
Yamazaki Kento as Terasaka Rita
Sakaguchi Kentaro as Hiromitsu Kosuke
Wagatsuma Miwako as Adachi Miho
Fukuda Ayano as Kyoko Nakajima
Takahashi Maryjun as Emi (Kosuke’s ex-tutor)
Hamada Mari as Rita’s mother
Takeuchi Riki as Man of high school cafeteria


Matsuzaki Hatori is a female high school student who has a crush on her childhood friend, Terasaka Rita. She believes her life is like a shojo manga and Rita will eventually choose her as his heroine. However, Rita begins dating Adachi Miho, a nerdy girl in their classroom. Even though Rita dated before, Hatori feels that Rita really likes Miho and it is the first time Hatori feels threatened by Rita's girl. Because of Hatori's jealousy, the most popular playboy student, Hiromitsu Kosuke, takes an interest in Hatori.


Well... I am having a little dilemma when rating this. While it is certainly comical and enjoyable, there are things in this movie that I doesn't like that much. I am just going into the individual section and list down my likes and dislikes from there.

STORY 7.0/ 10
Story is enjoyable, many parts of this movie are rather comical that's actually what have me giving it a rather high rating, while honestly, this story is nothing too much difference than many other high-school romance movies out there. Girl likes boy, boy likes another girl, another boy likes this girl who has her heart broken... You get the gist. The saving grace really, is the funny scenes, the comical/ dramatic scenes (this is a movie talking about the hero and heroin after all). While maybe I am probably being picky, what more do I expect from a high school romance movie right? Seriously, I think there are much better stories of the similar genre out there, But if you really are just looking for something easy and relaxing, and up for some laughter and yelling at your TV screen, this is your movie, go on and watch it.

As I said, there are plenty comical scenes which I think Kiritani Mirei has done a good job portraying the role - good, however not amazingly good I think. But seeing I never really expect her to be able to play a role like Hatori, Mirei san has surpassed my expectation here. I look forward to see her future projects, Yamazaki Kento is good as ever, but Rita isn't a difficult role to play. Who I really really like in the movie is Sakaguchi Kentaro because he has this bad-boy/ good boy act down, he can be so adorable and dangerously charming at the same time. Fukuda Ayano acts well too, I like her a lot in this movie. So well, overall, a 8.0 out of 10 here. There are room for all these main casts to improve their acting on, but perhaps not on this movie, I look forward to see them all challenging bigger roles in the future.
Chemistry between the main leads are lacking a little, but chemistry between Mirei and Kentaro exist, which to me is a good and bad thing.

MUSIC 7.5/ 10
I have to say, there isn't anything really memorable, but nothing stands out as too annoying either, so 7.5.

Will I rewatch it? I would think yes, when I need something funny and easy to pass my day, this will be a movie I will go for, but other times, no, I think not. This is the cookie-cutter kind of story I can find so many others that's similar to this. So wells...

OVERALL 7.5/ 10
Well, it is rather a high rating all considered, but I really have had some really disappointing manga adaption so I don't want to put this way too low. I would say this movie is enjoyable, but not terribly outstanding. It is funny and easy - with a bit of heartaches in between. A nice movie to pass an afternoon.

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