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One Ok Rock 2016 "35xxxv" Asia Tour Live in Singapore

What should you say about your luck when you get hit by a drumstick before you manage to get it?
So, here I am sitting at the day after the crazy night of One OK Rock 3xxxv5 live in Singapore, with a bruise on my forehead - more precisely the bruise on one corner of my left eyebrow - and an aching body from two crazy nights out.

It was crazy, that's probably one word I can use to sum up the wild night. Definitely not the most enjoyable live experience for me, and this is coming from a girl who never mind squeezing moshpits for the best view and experience and always thinks that the wild crowds are fun. Well, not last night, not for me.

If you who're reading this blog currently having thoughts along the line that goes "What the fuck is this girl talking about her night with One OK Rock sucks or something?", let me assure you, it doesn't. I don't think my night with One OK Rock sucks, I just think perhaps it would be a more pleasant experience if I am not stuck in the middle of the chaos without a way out of it, if I was not being pushed around by people front and back and left and right, get splashed by water and sweat, and ketchup, and then this guy who stood next to me at that one point of time, his singing of Heartache actually sucks and it's louder than Taka singing it so I cannot enjoy my favorite song to my heart's content.

But I am not saying it is an absolutely bad experience because there was actually some part of the concert which I enjoyed, I just don't remember a big portion of it as I was busy trying not to fall over because people are pushing.

Let's start from the beginning.

So, this craziness started on Friday, the day when two of my friends from Indonesia are flying over to see One OK Rock with me, or rather, I am actually going to see the concert because they are coming to see them. It was a wonderful beginning, they arrived at 12pm plus and waited inside immigration for the guys, while I just took my time to go airport myself, reached there about 3pm something and still manage to catch a video of them coming out.

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The day continued with me having a good evening coffee at Baker&Cook at Intercontinental Hotel, coffee was free that day because it is Baker&Cook's Fourth Year anniversary (Thank you for the coffee and happy anniversary guys!) I've also had the nicest Cherry Danish I've ever taste and met the most pleasant staff there. It must be a busy day for you guys and you all still have the brightest smile on your face when you attend to us, thank you. I would definitely go back to you guys again when I need a coffee break.

It was until about 7.30pm that night's when our adventure began, the drizzling continued throughout the evening, thank God it isn't quite heavy still that allowed site visiting possible. Took some really beautiful pictures of Singapore's nightlights. Still loving my LG G4 camera, it manages some quality shots, especially of the night lights when I'm using it's DSLR mood.

Met up with my two other friends who's there to queue around 11pm, and spent the night at Fort Canning Park. It didn't rain for the rest of the evening, thank God, and hence we're managed to sit and chill and eventually drifting in and out of sleep lying on the ground. Felt like camping outdoor, only without a tent above our head. Hahaha.

The next day started very early for us, naturally. About 4 something in the morning, we were woken up. A little chit-chat, after which we went for a walk and then headed to McDonald's for breakfast when my two friends from Indonesia came and take over. I don't think I am really awake until I had my cappuccino from Starbucks sometimes around noon. However, bad news for the day, it started raining about the same time. Tthe day continued on that way, raining one moment and shinning the next, rather frustrating because you never know what to expect the next moment.

Eventually the rain stopped and the sky stayed clear, we were ushered to queue for entry sometimes about 5.30pm. The entry process was very fast, just a quick bag check and we were in, though the whole night's effort still didn't allow us to get anywhere near the barricade, first four rows were filled up by those who has gotten their VIP tickets.

Well, never expect that, but I did thought we had quite a nice spot... until the concert starts...

The stage when we first went in.

And then the stage, prepared for concert start.

After the intro, One OK Rock started the night with Take Me To The Top, where I think is when the craziness really began. People started pushing, those from the back, there were people who pushed their ways to the front, which I think isn't quite nice. It is one thing about getting high, do you really have to endanger yourself and others in the process of having fun?

I mentioned that I don't have much recollection throughout the actual concert, the part where I actually remember are when they performing "Stuck in the Middle" - which I really feel the moment when that phrase came out - and I like it when they started the slower number, Good Goodbye, and Suddenly are nice - not Heartache because I didn't get to hear Taka singing it at all. Regret of the evening, that's my favorite song and I didn't get to enjoy it live. D:

The drumstick came flying to hit me after Mighty Long Fall, when I was busy looking for my friends it came out of nowhere and hit me on the forehead - OUCH! - The drumstick actually bounced back to hit the guy in front of me at the back, don't think he noticed though, that it fell on the ground, don't think anyone noticed at all until I picked it up. LOL! That moment, I probably look confused, out of nowhere I got hit on the head and then got a drumstick. The guy who saw me taking the drumstick after I picked it up kept telling me "Take it, it's yours."

LOL! Well, not meaning that I don't like to share, I am keeping this drumstick however, cause it hits me on the head. We should have an interesting relationship ahead of us, seeing how it start. XD

The drumstick that hit me! (And thank you, Tomo-san. It is a nice gift, but it still hurts! (´;^ё^;`)


Went off to the back of the crowd soon after, saw my opportunity when a pair of couple pushed their ways out, I followed closely behind them and headed to open field.


At least I was able to enjoy the encore without having to worry about anything else anymore - not really though, I got some ketchup flying to me sometimes during the third or last song at encore. -_-

It was a beautiful finish to a crazy rocking evening, and I mean really crazy, and really rocking.

Lesson learned, so the next OOR concert - or any hard-rock concert of the same scale and craziness - I guess I would hide myself at the back corner where I will be having space to myself to have my own version of rocking and enjoying the music. ✌✌✌

I am sorry to anyone of you reading this who had has a hard time at the concert too, though still do try to find some good things to it, like, hey, it is rather amusing to watch those people going crazy there though, isn't it? I actually laughed out loud looking at their funny faces and movement, and I am sorry - and not sorry for saying and feeling that and laughing. I am sorry though, for those whose feet I've stepped on, and those of you I might've elbowed - I felt contact several times throughout the night. If you're bruised, well I am too, so feel better.

So, presenting the setlist for the night!

lntro. 3xxxv5
01. Take Me to the Top
02. Memories
03. Deeper Deeper
04. Stuck in the Middle
05. Clock Strikes
06. Last Dance
07. Instrumental with Toru, Ryo and Tomo
08. Cry Out
09. Heartache
10. Decision
11. Suddenly
12. The Beginning
13. Mighty Long Fall

E01. Wherever You Are
E02. The Way Back
E03. No Scared
E04. Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer

I am ending this entry with some shots from ETLand, hope you all have enjoyed reading the blog - even though yes I know it isn't quite a positive entry and all, I still think it was a good live, just there are probably ways I can enjoy this better. Thanks for reading!

**PS: My next live update will probably be in March when I am heading to Tokyo (First time!) to see Diawolf First Anniversary One Man Show. I am hyped up for that already! Look forward to see my updates! Till next time folks!

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