Monday, November 16, 2015

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Takeru Satoh @ Suupaa Japan 2015

Talk about surprise of the year, there's probably never one bigger than this happening in my life: I get to see Takeru Sato in Singapore!

I have long since came to a conclusion that the chances of seeing actors outside their country are slim near to impossible, unless said actor is 1) an international star, or 2) they are filming some movies or another outside their own country, but even so they seldom come so far out of place to this part of Asia. Singapore is one lucky country though, that celebrities just like to come visit, the same thing definitely won't happen back in my hometown in Malaysia.

But well that's not quite the point. Back on track here, so you see why I was quite shock when I heard news that one of the Japan best actor is coming to visit us in Singapore. Takeru Sato, you know, that lead actor in Kamen Rider Den-O, he also plays Himura Kenshin in Rurouni Kenshin live action trilogy, and a big number of movies and dramas he has acted in throughout the years. That one celebrity who is so dedicated to his art and yet so humble and down to earth, the one who got me drowning in feels, feeling sad and sorry and happy for the characters he acts as. He is that amazing actor, and not only that he's also an amazing guy, one which you would know as long as you watch some videos of him outside the shows he's acting in.

That much I love this guy, that much I am excited to see him in Singapore.

Granted, I am probably not as hyped up as I would've been if say, I've not just bid goodbye to A9 2 weeks ago. Time flies it seems, so soon that A9 has ended their Asia tour and back in Japan - I really need to fly to Japan soon - and this last star-spotting event for me has came and gone. Haha, sorry I'm just feeling it for a moment here. Takeru is the last exciting event I will have for a moment here, all left for me to go now would be in 2016.

So... I'm going to skip right to the day itself as there are nothing much exciting to say in between. The day started normal for me like normal days should be. A quiet morning, lazying around at home, it was until 12pm that I bother to get ready for the event. I remembered that I've kept commenting the whole day how it feels like Sunday to me - because I'm off, LOL, and probably also due to how relax I'm acting. It was a pleasant day. I dressed up a little for the event - just the usual a casual long skirt, black shirt - I thought that the event would be hold indoor with full aircon blasting - the place is call Wave House for a reason... Right?

Man, I could not be more wrong. :P

This is an outdoor event, and the day itself is so hot that I was sweating puddles before Takeru came on stage. There was a moment there I seriously regretted my wardrobe choice, standing in the crowd listening to two DJs (HyperJuice) playing disco music on stage, I totally acted cool though, just grooving to the music and attempting to chill. There are lots of people waving their fans around me that saved me the trouble of taking mine out at all. Haha!

After HyperJuice ended their session with the disco music, we all moved forward and get readied for Takeru's appearance at 3pm. There came a Japanese traditional dance before it, Awa-odori, which is performed in mid-August as part of Obon Matsuri in Tokushima Prefecture. For someone who hasn't seen much of traditional Japan, I find it very interesting to watch.

A short video of the dance.

Sometimes after 3pm, there came Takeru-san walking up the stage after a short introduction given by the host of the day. He looks fresh in that blue tops and coffee jacket, though there was a part of me wondering why did he wear a jacket at all, something he would sure regret in a while (haha, he did). Takeru has introduced himself with his perfect English, I am so impressed by it and I am sure most of the fans there too. The following are conducted in Japanese though, which much to my surprise, I understand most of it.

I love that very cute part where when Takeru was invited to take a seat, he immediately came out with a comment "暑い!". It was such a natural expression that has the crowd laughing out loud.

They talked about Takeru's past roles, in Tenno no Ryouriban (and those of you who hasn't watch this show yet, please go do so! It is so so very good!), in Rurouni Kenshin, and then in Kamen Rider Den-O. There Takeru has touched on him visiting Malaysia and seeing Orangutan (you can check out HT: Sekidou no Mashita de, Nabe wo Tsutsuku for that. Lots of funny moments where Takeru and Haruma just being silly and having fun XD) and then he has also touched on his own school time, commenting that no one noticing his presence in High School because he always sleeps in class (because he used to not sleep at night to practice dancing. Takeru is really good at break dance ne! Something he has shown off in both Kamen Rider Den-O and some moves are even used as a fighting choreograph in Rurouni Kenshin there).

Highlight moment of the event is when Takeru finally can't take the heat anymore and he removes his jacket. We scream (I did it just to tease him actually, hahaha!), the expression on his face are total embarrassment, priceless when he was like "Atsui ne!" back at us. Ta-chan kawaii. He also seems surprise to find that there are many fans there to see him that day, more so to find that there are fans flew in from overseas (like Malaysia and Philippines, you guys are awesome). He talked about his upcoming movie, Bakuman (airing in cinema on 19th November! Please go to cinema and support the movie guys!), he said his relationship with Kamiki Ryunosuke are like brothers, and then the future roles he wants to try (he said he wish to act as someone who has a mask or so much makeup on that he can't recognize himself. LOL!).

It is supposed to be a no-photography event, though I am bad, I sneaked in a few shots, some pretty good ones I must add. Sharing you all some videos first! I will update this post with some good pictures sometimes later.

The event was nicely wrapped up after the last session allowing us fans to ask Takeru questions. I love his reaction towards the girl who ask him if he can show us some dance moves (he said cannot, of course, haha! He is totally not in the right outfit for that! Haha!)

It was a great time, though short, now I certainly know more about Takeru. Able to see him up close I also feel blessed because he's appearing so handsome there, plus his many adorable expressions I get to catch with my eyes and sometimes through the lens of my camera.

Although you would not be reading this, Takeru-san, thank you for coming to Singapore to see us (and let us see you). Please continue being that amazing actor I admire and give us more good movies to watch, I look forward to see Bakuman, and If A Cat Disappears From The World, also for any upcoming dramas/ movies that you would act in. Also a big thanks to Waku Waku Japan for organizing Suupaa Japan, thank you for inviting Takeru here!

And till another time, readers! Thank you for reading!

Added! Fancam from ET Land! Enjoy!


  1. I do feel the same. Seeing Takeru closely was such a blessed moment in my life.
    It's the right decision to attend Suupaa Japan in Singapore last Saturday.
    That was my first time seeing him, so ofc I did feel so excited.
    Even it's really hot there, isn't it?! I didn't matter at all
    Me too. .I tooks some photos or even video secretly >.< but the quality is quite bad so can't wait to see your other pictures because you took it well.
    Thank to WakuWakuJapan for holding this event

    1. Thank you for your kind comment here! I am glad to see that you've enjoyed yourself too - who doesn't? Haha! Even in the heat yes! I think it is because of the heat he has so many cute moments. XD
      I hope my photos will not disappoint now. Shall get to them tomorrow first thing I get up! XD

  2. Hey miss, my name is Alice. Can I repost your report(including all photos and videos that you took) to 百度佐藤健贴吧 and Sina Weibo?

    1. Hi Alice. I have no objection of you doing that. :) Pictures and videos (and even posts, although I am not sure I written it well enough) are meant to be shared. It would be appreciated if you will give credit as tagged in pictures, and do not repost the videos elsewhere, there is no need to link back to the blog. Thanks!