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A9 Tour 2015 Re:birth-天翔- Live in Kuala Lumpur

And it's over, it's over before I could protest it being too soon, it is over and the next morning has come, bringing along it a fresh wave of feelings, like sadness but not quite, like restless and still not quite, like... Well it's like I'm missing them already, and there's no other words I can find to describe it.

The months of waiting, counting down the days. That day when I decided to go Kuala Lumpur for A9 last stop for this tour still fresh on my mind, I can still recall how excited I was, how I just decide to purchase ticket for the show because I know I will miss them terribly after seeing them for 2 consecutive days in Singapore. Then how I felt frustrated about the ticketing system, which the organizer wanted us to bank in our cash for the ticket, how I worried that if I didn't do the bank transfer thing right and my money would go missing; it was a terrible feeling when I got email from the organizer saying they never receive my order, like seriously! And then, finally! Finally, they got it and my ticket confirmed! The rush of relieve and excitement! The realization that I am going to see another A9 live!

Then came the busy time booking flight, hotel. I got myself a good hotel to stay at - well... actually I've switched to stay at the same hotel as the boys, nothing new nothing too exciting. But yeah, all that, which happens about a month plus ago, still fresh on mind like it happened yesterday.

It isn't easy, waiting for the day to come. The week after Singapore live, with a mix of withdrawal from their last amazing performance in Singapore, and anticipation of seeing them again in Malaysia, I think I totally being just half there at work and real life for the whole week. It is horrible, I am feeling a little guilty, well not like I can do better if I try. Its just... Well it is A9, probably anyone who's reading this or who has a favorite band they saw live before would understand.

Anyway, let's not talk too much more on this pre-concert feeling things, let's say we all agree that waiting is hard - LOL. My journey starts on the Saturday morning when I'm flying off to KL. I'm taking a different airline than my friend - well I kind of just want to try taking this new airline I got to know and yeah it is cheaper - we later reached KLIA2 about the same time, just about half an hour apart. Had a hard time finding one another because there is no Wi-Fi at the airport - can you believe it? OMG Malaysia! - I did get my own connection though cause I bought myself a local sim card. But yeah, I don't think I can survive with Malaysia's non-existence Wi-Fi at all. Haha.

So we journeyed to the hotel together, by the time we reached Novotel the boys' press con already started and ending. Didn't manage to see them there. Didn't manage to see them in the hotel really, but yeah its kind of thrilling to know we are in the same building, and we have our clues pointing us to suspect that they are just staying one floor above us. Haha. The day went by normally, we went for dinner, done a little shopping - didn't manage to find my drawing pen (cries) - and went back hotel to work on our letters.

my first photo upon arriving hotel, purposely took that cause
Hiroto tweeted about it moments right before we reach. haha!

Wearing Midnight Galaxy on Day 1

It also appears that the boys were at Pavillion about the same time as we did there, and they were having dinner at the floor above us. Haha. Didn't get to see them. Well more to the point that I just have no luck meeting my favorite idols/ bands outside the official shows. Haha.

Sunday morning started very early, 5.00am I was awake and preparing to go for the days live. After breakfast and stuffs we reached KL Live around 7 something - in the morning, yes! There wasn't anyone there! It was about going into 8am that we saw someone else. And we went up sit around, chat a little, doozing off... The wait through the day was long, finally joined by another friend sometimes after 9am. We watched the Malaysian fans work on their banners as we waited, went back to hotel to refreshed ourselves and grabbed coffee. Funny encounter at that time, we actually saw the boy's van waiting outside hotel and their manager waiting at the lobby. Would really wait to catch a glimpse of them if we aren't like dressing so obviously as fans, LOL! Oh wells. Another funny thing is that we saw their van - empty now after dropping the boys at the venue - zooming back past us as we were walking to the venue. They sure have it easier than us. Lol!

KL Live is on the first floor of this building.

Anyway, little detour, just thought I should put it in because I found that somewhat funny.

Back to waiting, by the time the boys were already at the venue and the Malaysian Number Six has also done with their banner. We got several surprises while waiting there, when the staffs were just setting up the merchandise booth, I was walking back and forth to look - haha, I was a little restless - and then one of my trip heading towards the merchandise booth, there came a silver-haired peeking out from behind the curtain, guess who? That's out adorable Hiroto peeking out. Haha! I got so surprised I just stopped on the spot and stared at him, looking cute and handsome there, with that pair of sunglasses on. Keke.

Thanks for the surprising peek, Hiroto-kun. <3

I heard that Nao and Saga did peek too, though never manage to catch a glimpse of them. They quickly went back into hiding soon as the fans started screaming. Haha!

The really cute banner made by fans in Malaysia. Good job!

Official merchandise booth opens sometimes in the afternoon, and there I went became the biggest spender of the day - I think! Lol! Well it's more or less cause I am helping all these girls back in Singapore to grab what they want too, which is actually a lot, like really lots. Steadily as I told the staff what I wanted - Nao and Tora design shirts (so now I have a full set of their t-shirts, lol!) 2 artbooks (friends'), 2 midnight t-shirt (1 is mine and another a friend's), 2 midnight keyring (1 mine another a friend's too), one motion bracelet, and then - something that got the staff stunned when she heard - 11 Alicans. Lol! The expression on the staff's face, it's priceless! And when Gakki-san saw me when I was carrying my haul away, his expression when he heard how much I spent, how he told me "Arigatou!", well... I never expect that but hahaha! This is the first time I ever experience something like this!

Paiseh, feels like I'm bragging a little, but seriously, it does feel special when the artist's manager told you thank you, and it happens when you're just helping a group of friends to buy what they wanted (along with your own share... Well...)

My haul from KL stop!

The concert only starts at 8, what a long day of restless waiting in between, but we were comfortably seated and listening to the boys rehearsed inside the venue. It appeared that someone was not in good condition today, which isn't good, but he did give us his best performance still, which leaves me feeling both proud and heartache to see.

So position inside the venue when we can finally go in!!

My view!

As you can see, it was perfectly positioned right in front of Saga somehow. I was thinking about getting somewhere in between Shou and Saga at first, but well, it is more of a convenient thing. Val was standing right in front of Shou, and Kyra somewhere nearer to Tora side. It's weird we all stand separately but in a way I don't regret the position I picked and I doubt the two girls do either. We enjoyed ourselves throughout the concert, that's most important I think.

The view was awesome, first row indeed, you get to see everything on stage, the boys expressions, the way their fingers flew up and down those six strings creating familiar tunes we all know deep within our hearts.

The concert setlist is same as Day 1 in Singapore, that allows me to anticipate what's next. Bad thing about it though, soon as I heard Shooting Star started playing I knew that the concert is going to end really soon. Like I just felt that and it struck me with a melancholy feels, and listening to all the slow songs, watching the boys giving their best there thinking about how this will be my last live with them for the year, I felt like crying. Felt like but didn't, I am stubborn that way.

Malaysia Setlist
1 Phoenix
2 Heart of Gold
3 道化師
4 銃弾
5 華
6 ブループラネット
7 流星群
8 Shooting Star
9 フリージアの咲く場所
13 Spiegel
16 春夏秋冬
EN2 ハイカラなる輪舞曲
EN3 the beautiful name

So I should definitely talk about the highlight of the concert, which if you've been keeping up with some other fans tweet or something, you probably already know that our amazingly sexy Saga-sama licked his bass on Malaysia stage. OMG! He did it right in front of me! Like, yes! Right in front of me! With those teasing shift of his blue eyes, those little smirk hovering at the corner of his lips, I don't think I can ever forget the scene.

Why did you do it to me Saga??!!

So apparently I am still a little crazy here, erm... Third day after the KL live and I am still here thinking about that sexy man here, I think I'm lovesick now. Hahaha! Seriously though, I doubt anyone can forget that, that moment, those moments already leaving me half dead and mostly crazy when shown on videos, seeing it live right in front of my eyes? Dear God, I am really glad I am alive and still manage to type my blog now.


It was an amazing live (if I have not repeat that enough, YES! It was an amazing live!) with perhaps one thing that is my eyes got too busy swifting between Shou and Saga and Tora, and then Hiroto and Nao. It's like all of them are demanding for attention at the same time, and no, I don't think I've seen them enough, even though my eyes were dashing left and right across the stage the whole night. Uncle Tora still charming and full of smiles, he is the only one who even engrossed in his music and yet he's still looking at the crowd giving them smiles and nods, feel like fans service but hey I am not complaining cause we met eyes a few times and I am melted at that little gesture. Saga-sama... What else do you need me to say, I stand right in front of him and can clearly tell that his electric blue contact fits him perfectly. Shou... Million watts smile, dazzling, even though he wasn't feeling well, he was still giving his best to all of us. His beautiful voice, his playfulness on stage, pride gliming in his eyes when he look at us knowing that we know their songs, we know their beats their tunes their lyrics, those expressions for me are priceless. Nao was very engross at the back drumming, his talking session got me laughing out loud as usual so funny! And Hiroto of course, he did his best to get as close to the fans as he could throughout the show there, even came down to high 5 all the outstretched hands at the front row when the live is over.

Last stop for their rebirth tour, it felt like a perfect ending for it. With the brightest smiles from the boys, the crowd screaming loud - even though I don't think there are that many people there - the boys distributing us 'gifts' there, haha! I got nothing yet again this time, sadly... :( eh Saga, Tora, I want your picks! Though yeah, it doesn't matter, the best gift I've gotten from them, having the memory of seeing them right in front of me, better than any other lives I've ever been to. I'm happy for it.

Handshake/ meet and greet session next, initially I didn't want to go up to them so soon, also should've stayed because those at the back got some freshly signed albums - they ran out of signed albums for the fans, lol! Well I can't say too much in complain in compare to those fans who got pushed by the working staffs there so they would hurry up, I don't think I really got push along apart when at Tora's side, towards who I also get to speak a few sentence to. Though I seriously need to brush up my Japanese for them I guess. -sigh- Tora-san didn't get me when I ask him does he remember the drawing I've shown him in Singapore, he just replied me it's really nice (in English) that got me thinking either 1, he doesn't remember which is possible, there was a week between then and now or 2, he just doesn't understand my English sentence, well it is late already. Why the hell do they start the live at 8pm at all? Should've started earlier...

I lingered a while at Saga's side too, he saw the drawing - I've arranged it in a way that they will all see it when I'm standing in front of them - and he too mentioned that it is very nice. He seems surprised when I passed it to him, and then another pause cause I almost forgotten to pass him the gifts I've gotten him lol! He looks surprise, adorably so, haha! Like he didn't expect getting so many gifts all of a sudden haha! Cute!

I hope you like the gifts I picked you Saga-san!

Shou's next! Handsome and bright as ever, he kept praising the drawing being very nice, all I manage to remember is him saying "very nice, very nice," as he was pointing at the drawing. Ahh, that's enough, with that and the reaction I've gotten from him in Singapore, it is seriously enough. To know that someone I like very very much would appreciate a drawing that I didn't even do a really good job at... Shou-kun ah, I promise to draw something even nicer for you next time, one that's looking the best of all, promise. Just come back to Singapore and Malaysia to get it, ok?

Nao being adorable, seems like he's liking my drawing of him too, and so is Hiroto. Somewhat though, with Hiroto now I am able to act naturally and even pose at him as I tell him "See you in Singapore," in reply to his "See you soon." He was caught surprise a little - eyes widened, 2 times in an evening! Haha! That first was when I -ahem- flew kiss at him and he managed to see that on stage. He didn't even have time to react to that, lol! Though yeah, Paige was high then and did crazy things.

It probably make me sounds dangerous. Hahaha!

The night didn't end there, went with the girls for supper. When we were leaving to go back hotel we met the VJ and two crew member and then passed us their crew passes - we only manage to get 2 though... >.<

The pass from that kind crew. <3 Thank you!

There was also a wild goose chase happened next morning sent by Saga's sudden tweet about his nice experience at Starbucks, didn't realize that he was tweeting from the airport or I would ignore him and then this blog should've been up about a day or two earlier. Look, he hasn't even tweet since going back to Japan... *grumbles* *makes faces*

It still feel kind of surreal for me, how fast the concerts had came by and now a past, part of the memory, part of this blog. Years of liking Alice Nine, though I has never been the best fan they had since the day I got to know them, I have not even follow their news until this year, I do believe though, this is the band I would keep following and supporting from now on. They worth it, looking at their dedication, their talents, their love for their fans are all visibly shown on these few days I get to see them up close. I had a great time with them, and I had a great time getting to know these girls, this group of Alice Nine fans who I never know exist, I wish I've known you all sooner! The laughter you've brought into my life! LOL! Keep spamming and being amazing girls!

I am going to end this post with more pictures spamming, I haven't even shown you all the gifts I've gotten for the boys. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I had fun writing! Till next week, look out for my update on meeting Takeru Sato! What busy month for me here! XD

Dinner at Pavillion!

Saga's package!

Nao's package!

Shou's package!

The whole loot I've gave to them all. Ah... I missed these drawings already...

Gifts collection point in our hotel room, LOL!
(From left)For Tora, Nao, Hiroto, Shou and Saga.
Surprise me to find Nao has most gifts from us bunch. He also received a lot of coffee it seems.

My Ticket!

Thanks girls! You are amazing! <3

Last but not least, my Total haul from these three days!

And a little bonus! This I've recorded on live venue when the boys are rehearsing! Nothing great but hey, it gives me the live feels there. XD

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