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While Waiting...

Hey dear readers, long time no see, as really, it has been really really long since I made my last entry, and I should make one too, there is still that little entry I should make about my meeting with Arden Cho. Although no, this post is not about her, this entry is simply some of the random thoughts I have on Alice Nine as I am waiting for their concerts in Singapore.

24th and 25th Oct, such two big days for me, looking back and I can't really believe that when I got the ticket to the show, it was about 2 months ago, and how fast time has flew by, leaving just that brief 12 days (11 soon) between now and D-day. 12 days, just a week and 5 days to go, it felt like too soon somehow, and I am here, worrying, worrying about what should happen then, how would the concerts be? It would be great I am almost sure, and at the same time I can't help myself wondering would there be something missing, just like everytime before something big that's going to happen. I worry that there will be things happening there, making the memory imperfect, though no I am not exactly a perfectionist regardless what my star sign says about me (laughs). I also kind of worry about how time would fly by, and 2 days would pass by (after all, what is 2 days in compare of the 2 months I have to wait for them to come) in a blast, and I would left missing them so much that I probably won't have the heart or energy to do anything else (withdrawal is a bitch seriously). Though yeah, I would still get to see them one more day after the 2-days concerts here in Singapore, I would be going to their tour final stop in Malaysia, that... just doesn't feels enough, especially when I am already so hyped up and anticipating their arrival right now.

It feels surreal actually, to finally be able to meet them. Having liking them for about 6 years, I still remember how I came across this band in the first place, when I just joined a new RPG forum and started my journey on writing, there was this other member who have this character based on Shou, and his reaction on things that happened cracked me up. I still remember that RPG site which I was on, the name was Battle of the Band, long since closed now, and that friend who has roleplayed Shou character already lost contact after my brief absence in the RPG world. But yeah, I would never ever forget that first contact, and my first impression of the band.

My thought then, such pretty faces playing a band? Are you sure they are really good?

The first song I ever heard about them, is Cross Game, which was one of the songs they were promoting then, surprised me. Or more precisely, Shou's voice surprised me. I have definitely not in a million year would imagine a boy with such beautiful face would have voice like that, deep and rich and thick, his voice is one that commanding attention, and even when I am not entirely convince I love their music genre (knowing me knows I always favor the slower, more melodic genre), I found myself gotten drawn into it, and slowly come to accepting the way they sounds

And they sound really fantastic.

I haven't been an avid fan of them for the past 6 years or so, for that, I am deeply regretting now. All the good music I've missed, the amazing performance they put on on Sundown Festival 2 years ago, and then the solo concert Supernova Symphonia last year, both which I've given up going simply because something came up, or simply because I haven't a like-minded friend to go with me, or well, having money issue is a good one. Still, doesn't make me regret any less, doesn't stop me from thinking, "if I had..." thoughts that which I hate the most. "What if" is always that life-taker, when you think about "what if" meaning you have not live an alternative of life you should've had lived, that you could've live, if only you would risk that one step forward.

Well, finally that one step was taken, almost a year too late. Almost, that if they had actually disbanded after leaving PS Company last year, I would probably never ever meet them, never gonna see them performing live, those beautiful songs and amazing tunes. Perhaps no one else would be more glad than I am knowing that they've came back. It is more than just glad really, it is both relieve and happy, seeing that after a year of hiatus the boys came back as a brand new Alice Nine, A9 in short. They are going to make their music as they like now, creating sounds they wanted us to hear, A9 true and natural. Their genre of music, a mix of loud and soft, noisy and melodic, true to the genre of Visual Kei bands mixing Western and Japanese music together. It is important I think, and it is beautiful, it is unique, it is definitely just going to just make me love them more I would think, and hence I can so confidently saying it here, that I will continue this journey down with them, wherever they plan to go and taking us to.

I am a Number Six

Well, definitely feel nice to type those words now. :)

I am going to end this post by listing down my top 10 favorite songs (though yes, it is a tough choice for 10) of the bands, so some of you curious souls if you feel curious enough about what band am I talking about, would go and do some digging of your own, and who knows, maybe you would love their music too, just like I did fell in love with them. I will come back with updates for the 2-days concerts I am going to attend, and then another 1-day in Malaysia. Wish me luck with the boys!

Paige's Recommend (Alice Nine Edition)

1. Waterfall

Edit: adding this video here because I really love this live so much I just want to share. <3
2. Cross Game
3. Rainbow
4. Shooting Star
5. Kiss Twice, Kiss Me Deadly
6. Freesianosakubasho
7. Phoenix
8. Kowloon -Nine Heads Rodeo Show-
9. Scarlet
10. Niji no Yuki

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