Wednesday, October 14, 2015

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[Fancam] Arden Cho in Singapore/ Youth Festival

I am not going to write much about this as it has already been 3 months since I saw her. Arden Cho, the beautiful American-Korean actress who starred as the famous Kira Yukimura in the hit TV series named Teen Wolf - which is where I got to know her by the way, and fell in love with her with each and every episode I saw her in. She is talented, and strong and beautiful and lovely, which impression was left even more deeply so after I've met her in Singapore, she tried so hard, so so hard to give us all the best fans experiences, trying to pose with us who wanted to take picture with her, though me being sucky at selfie I could not take one. I took one with the Jrods Twins though, they are both equally friendly and talented.

Below are all the fancams I took of Arden during this two days events, the quality of the first day is obviously much better than the second, because I got to stand at the first row on that first day. Arden looks stunning on both days - and personally I think she looks like Snow White with her second day outfit, Disney, you should really consider remaking Snow White and cast her as the lead role, or something!

It was two pretty memorable days, I especially couldn't forget the last wave goodbye Arden gave to me, that was after she went up the van that's supposed to send her back to hotel after the second day event, I was waving and she saw and waved back at me, that smile, so beautiful and brilliant. Wish I could've snapped it down, haha!

Here are the cams! Enjoy!!

Day One (10 Jul 2015)

Let Her Go - with Gerald Fernandez

Lukcy - with Gerald Fernandez

Stay With Me - with Gerald Fernandez

Say Something - with Gerald Fernandez


Day Two (11 Jul 2015)

아름다운 밤이야


Memory (Arden Cho's Original)

My True Happy (Arden Cho's Original)

Which is a fantastic song, the lyrics is so meaningful, you guys should check it out.

I'm the One to Blame (Arden Cho's Original)

So that's more or less everything I have on Arden. I have fancam on others as well, though haven't really upload them to YouTube there are always other times. Have fun checking out these videos meanwhile. I hope to be returning for my from my upcoming concerts/ fans events here. <3

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