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A9 Tour 2015 Re:birth-天翔- Live in Singapore - DAY TWO

Shou (upon seeing my drawing of him), pointing a finger at it, "Wahhhhh!!"

That, probably the cutest reaction I see from a singer/ artist/ idol upon seeing my drawing, ever.

I had certainly not expect it, when I thought of wanting to show him the picture, because it is just a feeling that I should. I was thinking that even if Shou would take it away, I can just try to get another one done in time for KL live. I think it is a risk well-taken, I am glad I did it, just so glad. Even if this drawing, being the first one of the bunch that I did, it is not the best one I did - I still think my best one this time is that drawing of Tora, or Hiroto, or Saga . But because his reacted this way towards it though, that smile and that surprised exclamation, it's like, I don't know, I think he actually likes it, even it isn't perfect in my eyes. I think he appreciate it, even though it isn't the best one I ever drew. It warmed my heart, he did. Thank you for being adorable at that moment Shou.

The "imperfect" drawing of Shou which I shown him.
It is still with me now, gonna bring this over to KL.

So, Day-2! Ah, what a day, with the fluttering heart and memories from the night before making me all giggly and acting all funny first thing in the morning - Saga's blue eyes, so pretty - the day actually gone by pretty relaxing, at least the start of the day is. Already aching all over from Day 1's rocking out though, and using the hours quickly typed out yesterday's blog, I never know I can write blogs so fast. Who would have expect however, that Day two actually rocked harder than Day 1, the feeling are awesome. The hour before my heart was already running wild, can't wait to see them on stage again.

 Poster on the venue. Took a clearer one today.

My view in the theater.

The show started on time - Or around, I guess, I didn't really look at my time. I am sitting with JH at center to the right, near Hiroto side, but I am closer to seeing Show. \o/

The show started with Pray, the scream was deafening as one by one the boys walked out, and then they started rocking with Phoenix. The setlist for Day 2 is about the same as Day 1, they just replaced a few songs with different ones, and then some performance did differently. Like Shou and Hiroto sang White Player during their acoustic performance on Day 2, Shou's vocal, amazing, I really think I am in some kind of music heaven listening to him sing - and Hiroto playing his guitar.

Shou and Hiroto's acoustic session. Such perfect moment.

The boys also played Scarlet, much to my delight, I've been wanting to see that song perform live, like live when I am there. And rock session, today we have the song! Kowloon! Right after Rainbow? If I am not remembering it wrong. Ouch for my neck, even though it was already complaining before that, Kowloon is just one of those song, one which will feel wrong if you don't headbang along, the beats alone is enough to make you want to do it. So there was it, the fun minutes, not nearly long enough, the whole venue was filled with shaking heads and flying hair - yes I peeked, don't recommend it when you headbang, you'll just feel dizzy faster. It was fun, I am glad that I finally get to do it live after seeing it on videos so many times, the crowd just went wild for it which is a great thing when you're at live, really.

Somewhat just a feeling, though not sure if it is, but I think I managed to catch Saga's eyes when he came over to the right side, for a moment, and he made a face at me, stuck out his tongue - again. Caught eye contact with Hiroto once, and he grinned back at my probably big smile - how can you not smile at them when their eyes met yours? This to me, is already a great live experience, really. Don't want to forget it, don't ever want to.

The encore is as good as last, consistent and persisting from the moment the boys walked in, till Nao and Saga walked back out on stage. I think they could've heard us chanting, it felt like today they came out sooner. And well, not surprising anymore, bras and underwear started flying in stage, today more than yesterday even. Saga went around picking them up, his face! OMG! I swear that smirk on his face was of amusement. The funny moments, he held up the bra on Nao. And then the funny comment, "The present. I am so happy." (something like that). LOL! Saga, if you're not careful people might think you're a pervert (though not like it is too bad a thing...) Hahaha!

So, seeing today having the extra amount of bras and undies around, Saga distributed it to all three mikes and then on Nao's drum set also. LOL.

Shou's expression when he comes out and saw that. He too commented about the "present" - with that look on his face like he was embarrassed. Poor Shou.

The boys continue to have fun on stage, part of it including Shou sitting on the raised platform for Nao's drumset and throwing those underwears at Nao. Poor Nao, he couldn't do anything because he has to continue drumming.
I think Saga was high after that, not just for the bra thing, but yeah, the atmosphere was actually very very awesome on Day 2. When playing ハイカラなる輪舞曲, after that solo part, he went and grabbed Hiroto and kissed him!

Sorry, I think I screamed really really loud and high pitch right there. And I actually though it's lips to lips, silly me (who knows what Saga would or would not do eh? Hahaha!). Hiroto being Hiroto he acted so cute and innocent, shrugging at the crowd giving us a "what could I do if he wants to kiss me" look when we continue screaming. Adorable. I really really wish I had my camera readied to take that moment then.

I believe that they really really love the banners filled with little messages, Shou made it a point to drab one on himself when he sings, it is so sweet of him. Before it ends, he also made us a promise that they will try to come back to us.

 Shou during Encore.

The evening ended with the last song, Subete E. Too soon still, it barely feels like I have spend enough time with them. A quick break later it was the handshake session again.

Today, Saga changed his tops, and he wore hat (if I have not remember it wrong, again).

Towards each and everyone of them I told them I will see them in Malaysia, saw some surprised expression on their face when they caught that. Shyn was in front of me, there was a moment when she was talking to Shou, the queue got stuck a little. That awkward moment for me, I just let go of Saga's hand, thought of moving forward and eh... got jam, looking back and exchange an awkward look with Saga, it was seriously funny now I recalled it. It was like one of those, "oh, what should I do?" moment because we already done out handshake and taking it back feels strange.

And then there is of course, that moment there with Shou. He is so cute!!!! I love him so much!

将くん, 大好き!

Nao and Hiroto are both who actually shown surprise when I told them I'll see them in Malaysia. Overall I think this second handshake session is awesome, not too fast, and I remember them better.

Just, SHOU! I think I will remember that moment forever.

Spent the rest of the evening with the girls, and although I saw some girls tweeted about seeing the boys at around Bugis area after the concert, strangely I don't feel too much regret about not hanging around/ walking around to find them here. It was fun for us, sitting at McD and just laugh and joke about things, sharing our own experience during the concert, and teasing one another and all.

Thank you, ladies, you girls are awesome and I am glad to get to know you all!

Just a little extra, woke up early and went to airport this morning, the boys has already taken the earlier flight back to Japan and rest before their next live. Manage to catch Tora and Nao when they are going in (missed Shou, Hiroto and Saga as the three of them already went in earlier).

A quick glimpse of the Tiger at airport.

Thank you A9, for coming to Singapore and giving me such amazing memory, I am still smiling right now, I am still a little hyper and wanting to rock towards your lovely tunes, even though it felt like my every bones has been dissembled and resembled back together again. I look forward to our time together in the upcoming KL live, and probably plenty more to go in the future!

And thank you all for reading! I hope you girls have lots of fun and great memories from the live too! <3

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