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A9 Tour 2015 Re:birth-天翔- Live in Singapore - DAY ONE

24th October, it is D-day!!

That's almost the thought I was having this morning, when I woke up to the half-dark room - it was still 7.45am, well, not really a time morning should start for me on an off day, though unluckily, I do have work today, although it was a short one.

No, I am not going to bore you all with my work talk, this blog is never about those not-fun things you know? ;)

 The beautiful banner of the boys outside the theater hall.

Left to meet the girls at LASALLE College of the Arts around 1pm, there waited for the merchandises booth to open and filled the between-seconds with all nonsense talks (laughs), and cheerful laughter, it isn't a bad way to pass an afternoon really, getting to know new peoples - a few girls I've gotten to know after we all bought the ticket, it is such a nice group of people really, do let's go for more A9 concerts in the future girls!

BTW, I am hoping Hiroto will somewhat tweet about the Tiger Balm patch one of my friend got for him still, will be very interesting to see him noticing such thoughtful gift

Merchandise booth opened somewhat half past three. I am going to show off my haul, after a good night's sleep really.

Queuing starts about 5, we got into the venue rather early. I  picked to sit around Tora & Saga's side (mainly cause I want to sit there first, and welp, I picked to wear Saga's T-shirt first. Hahaha, that narcissist though, if he doesn't have a face like art I probably won't bother to put his T-shirt on myself, a picture collage of himself as the T-shirt design. Though yeah, Saga, do you really have to make the shirt white?

 Saga's designed T-shirt cover. I didn't take picture of me wearing it.
Also, I really think I am the only one wearing Saga's yesterday. LOL!

My view on the venue is more towards the left, facing Tora (I think I am standing in front of his mike) hence throughout the concert I have a very good view of him. He... surprises me, very playful in stage, smile very big when he sees us fans, and interacting with us through eye-contact and nodding, smiling encouragingly. Oh, and something I find both adorable and annoying, when he sees us stop jumping, he would urge us to jump, or wave harder. Baka. I would like to wave harder or jump more, but, Tora-san ah, I didn't have lunch today lah - well, I had, but a bun and 3 pieces of little cheesecakes don't really count? Especially for a rock concert, all calories burned up already within few jumps loh!

My view of the stage, a little to the left but still clear, not bad. Best is, lots of Tora's fans service!

I think the highlight of my memory with Tora tonight was when I held up the drawing of him, he noticed it - well, third and fourth row of the seats seems to be on eye-level with them on stage, and yes, he looks at us, a lot - and mouthed "thank you" to me with a bright smile. Ahh~ Kind of melted on the inside, even though Tora isn't my main bias - I might have like him a lot more after tonight, cause he is all silly and cute and looking at him up close in real life, he actually looks very western, true to his German blood. Such beautiful face.

I admit I am totally giggling to myself here as I remember all his silly moves and funny dance on stage. Adorable.

The band plays lots of amazing songs tonight, starting from Phoenix, we had a rock session followed by 道化師, 華, 銃弾, smoothly went into the slower session singing Shooting Star,
フリージアの咲く場所, and an acoustic (? Like, do you call it acoustic when it is just a electric guitar and the vocal completing the song?) Shadowplay, so beautiful that I wish it is recorded and release on the market.

There was another rock session before the concert ends, the boys played Rainbow (one of the firsts songs I know of them), Spiegel, 春夏秋冬... TSUBASA is the ending song. The full setlist is out so I am going to post it here too.

1. Phoenix
2. Heart of Gold
3. 道化師
4. 銃弾
5. 華
6. ブループラネット
7. 流星群
8. Shooting Star
9. フリージアの咲く場所
13. Spiegel
16. 春夏秋冬
EN2. ハイカラなる輪舞曲
EN3. the beautiful name

Lots of cute moments from the boys in between, and they did well on fans service, I feel sad to miss out cute Tora x Shou moments and Hiroto x Shou moments when they were at the other side, though it isn't half bad, having Tora there going all out with his silliness.Shou didn't come to the left side of the stage, that's my part of the complain, didn't get to see my favorite lead singer, but his voice, oh his voice. Even though their music left me half deaf after, the power of his voice is so amazing, that I wish for more. And true to what I always say, A9 performs live is even better than songs they recorded in studio, that speaks something about a band, doesn't it?

Been trying my best to watch every member on stage, although Hiroto is a little too far for me to see - he did came over our side though not enough, you probably can guess that I am heading over to sit his side - probably try to pick near center so I can see Shou too - later tonight.

Saga with his new hairstyle! So handsome, it suits him, I like it very much. He has been looking at the crowd whole night too, although I am not sure if he's really looking, he isn't meeting anyone gaze like holding them, it felt more like, his attention is drifting. Hahaha! Love watching him play his bass, those fingers flight across the string and sliding up and down the neck of his bass so fast, like magic. What's best is I get to see both performances that I've been obsession over for a while now, ハイカラなる輪舞曲 (where Saga kissed his bass, and it got me screaming. You know, cause I've watched so so much crazier things he did with his bass already) and Saga x Nao session, BASS SOLO! Have you heard of bass solo before? Here is a rather good version of it available on Youtube.

Encore was amazing, never have I been to a concert with such loud encore, and it continue from the moment the boys went backstage till Saga and Nao walk out on stage again. Kudos to the girl who has been keeping us going, you're the best!  

Funny part of the concert, there were fans who actually threw bras up on stage when Saga and Nao came out to start the Encore session. Saga's face, priceless! And he proceeded to hang the bras (there were two, both pink, LOL) on both Tora's and Hiroto's mike, Tora was in for a surprise when he came out. Haha! That epic moment when he saw it, surprise on his face as he was like "WHAT?" I laughed so hard. And then the part when Saga help to put the bra on Tora's head, even Shou broke off in the middle of his singing and laughed out loud. Silly boys. This is part of why I love them so much, what fun they're having on stage. Hiroto went to put the bra on Nao's head later too. *facepalm* These boys. Hahaha!

What silly moments, boys will always be boys, what silly ideas they can get.

The night ended too soon, how it seems like it has just started, and then it ended. Somehow that makes me worry about the same would happens tonight too, what's worse is for this time when it is over, what's left is next week my live with them in KL.

Quickly following the concert was the handshake session. Though tempted to show all of them the drawings I've drew on the session, the thought that they might just take the drawing away had me held back, I do still want to show them the drawing during KL live here.At least the Tiger saw his tonight, and he reacted in the way that has my heart warmed.

, 大好き!

I just want to leave this here because you made my evening so special.

The handshake though, I really want to go back to the handshake session, how Tora was still all warm smile and telling us "ありがとう, Thank you," follow by Saga, Shou, Nao. Hiroto standing at the end, but his sentence a little different, saying "Thank you, see you." Well, look who's keeping up with who he is shaking hands with, recognizing us who has bought ticket for two-days live. That's why you always have that special spot in my heart even though you're not really my top bias. Love you, Pon!

Still, can we go back and talk about my handshake with them? 虎, all sweet smiles, 沙我... Those mesmerizing blue eyes, they are seriously mesmerizing. How those eyes looking into mine, holding mine, hands warm and grip firm, 沙我さん made me forget what I wanted to tell him there. I really really wanted to tell him that his new hairstyle looks very nice, instead I found myself repeating Thank you back to him. Silly me... 将... Ah 将くん... even worse, how my memory once again blacked out after the concert, I totally can't recall how the meeting with him went until this morning, he has this sweet smile on his face, I think I am dazzled, and yes it happened too fast. His smile though, such sincere smile. ナオさん is next, another with beautiful eyes, it is... honey golden (cause contact lens), I actually believe him the most when he said his "
ありがとう, Thank you," to me - not like I don't believe the rest about meaning it, but the way he was saying it to me right there... I think I am half melted already. Actually probably all melted, cause when I came to ヒロトくん at the end of the line, all I can reply him automatically when he told me "Thank you, see you," was an "Okay."


What the hell Paige, Okay??!!


Still wonderful memories, one which I will cherish, perhaps till the end of my days, I think I would still recall Tora's big smiles and silly dance moves, Saga's mesmerizing eyes, Shou's sweet smiles and his wonderful vocal, Nao's sincerity, and Hiroto's little warm move by telling me he will see me tonight... It's just... I don't know, I am probably Number Six till. the end of my life already, I am pledging forever here yes, and those who know me would know I only pledge this to one other group.

I am glad, I am proud, I am full of excitement and anticipation for another live later tonight, hopefully I will have as much fun tonight as I did the last. 

Shall be back again for tonight's live!

My drawing of the boys! And yes, I am still doing it. Tora saw his!

My Haul from Midnight Galaxy (apart from the poster and signed album that I didn't buy - it is included in the ticket. I think I am going to have another big haul of Midnight Galaxy merchandise back home again - pay's in :-x Haha!

And thank you everyone! It is awesome knowing you all! <3

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