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# 2014 # Can't Stop


Wow! Hey everyone! It has certainly been a long while since I last made an entry here. I hope everyone had a good time during my absence.

So as this title suggested, this is a fan account for my experience at the latest CN Blue concert, Can't Stop. Ah... how the long wait has just came and went, for around 3 month's time, since May 2014 after they came to Singapore and went, since seeing the news that they will be stopping in Malaysia sometimes in August, and suddenly the three months passed by, just like that. Now in the face of withdrawal sitting in front of the computer, clinking around, not quite sure how to get these burning feelings out of me, there was just the hope to rewind time and repeat last evening again, and again.

Not possible, but I've at least given the ability to live through my memories again, by sharing this post.

I am going to skip through the 8th August when we arrived KL real quick. A friend and I headed to this concert together, and we flew over on the 8th itself. It was a rather relaxing first day there, the only schedule we've set for ourselves was to see the boys going to press con by 3pm, which ended roughly 10 minutes after it started, so fast! I've got to commend though, JongHyun's hair isn't half bad if he takes the time and style it. XP That evening we purposely made a trip to Stadium Negara to check out the venue, just nice to hear the boys rehearsing inside too.

FanCam of the boys walking into the Press Con. They appear near the back. JungShin comes out first.

They walking to another room to do individual interviews.

The next day started early for us, waking up once again at 5.30am to prepare, went for breakfast and by 6.45am we headed over to Stadium to queue.

JongHyun is my bias, so naturally I bought the Rock Zone ticket at his side. When we arrived at 7am, the queue number I've got is 33, though that doesn't matter later. That one thing I actually resented about this trip is the attitude of those who queue here. While yes there was no official queue number stated for this event, it is still based first come first serve. For sure there are always these kind of person who argue just so they can get better things, I can't say anything else about them but they have some really bad manners and even yell at those who are supposed to stand before you because we worked for it, waking up early to queue just to get a better place. Even if this queue number we are having isn't official, it's only fair because we arrived the venue way before you do, who are you to say you're here first when clearly so many eyes seeing that you're not?

Not that it matters you see? Because inside the venue, you're standing beside me. I don't think you've gotten a better place than I do, even though you clearly play cheats and cut in before me. To do that, it only make you a look bad.

And oh, my fellow friends in Malaysia, pushing isn't going to get you into the venue any faster, more likely it will get someone injured. I know it won't really change anything, but I do hope those of you who're reading this blog will take note of this, no pushing! We are all just flesh and bones, regardless how big or strong you think you are, we're all breakable, and most of the time injuries takes just a simple mindless action.

Skipping over the bad stuffs, I do not want to count who's wrong and who's not anymore, so let's move on.

My Ticket.
My view, from the second row at Rock Zone R (JongHyun's side).

And I am sure not forgetting the fan project. ^.^

The concert starts after 7.30pm, slightly late but everything from the moment it started makes it worth. The boys came out and started rocking with "Time is Over". One amazing thing I love about KL concert is the energy everyone were putting into it, which is what a rock concert should be, to dance to the songs you love and enjoy yourself and have fun. Before the second song ends I was all sweating, it was that crazy the evening started out to be.

On their first break, it was one of the memorable moments for me. That moment when CN Blue took a brief break to greet us. Standing at JongHyun's side (right in front of his mike) given me a clear view of him. He was being cute as he drinks water, and I totally gawking looking at him with a big grin on my face (which I have not realize until later). That is beside the point, the memorable part was when his eyes came to meet mine, and for whatever reason he did it, he wrinkled his nose making a face at me. Oh boy, my heart probably stopped for a moment, and currently it is having an effect on me that I will think of that moment whenever people make a face at me now. This might pose to be a possible issue in the future.

Different from the concert in Singapore, this time the boys play us more rock songs. While I do wish they have added in the ballets like Love Is... and Teardrops in the Rain (I just want to listen to these songs live again), their rock numbers are what makes this night as special as it is. It has given me a whole different experience than what I had in Singapore. And of course, there are the little parts when the members being adorable on stage, be it when they all trying to speak malay or when they flash a smile at the fans; when YongHwa grinned embarrassingly when he made a mistake, or when JongHyun giving his 120% on fans service that night, he thrown all his water down the stage to the fans (which make him have to go and drink from YongHwa's bottle later); when YongHwa wield a sword at JongHyun who was busily playing his guitar, JongHyun never even look up at his hyung; when JongHyun posed to kick JungShin playfully; when JongHyun being scared by the fireworks shooting out from the front of the stage, and the next time there came fireworks again he dare not to move forward to his mike even when it's his turn to sing; or when JongHyun picked up the pikachu's fans thrown up on stage for him, and arrange them sitting side by side at each other...

Lots and lots of JongHyun moments I have in my head because I've spend my whole night mainly focuses on him. I admit I am bias, everyone has their biases. It's not like I didn't watch the other three too, but both my viewing angle and heart desire told me to look at him, to watch his fingers fly up and down on that six strings and him closing his eyes as he plays. His love for music, him playing my favorite instrument with such passion I could feel it in my soul, certainly the reason why I like him most. ;)

Now let us get back on the general, so I won't bore you too much with the constant JongHyun talks (like anyone can be bored by that! haha!)

So the tracklist of the night!
  1. Time is Over
  2. Diamond Girl
  3. 직감 (Intuition)
  4. Love
  5. These Days
  6. My Miracle
  7. Blind Love
  8. 독한 사랑 (Cold Love)
  9. Robot
  10. In My Head
  11. Greedy Man
  12. 잠못드는 밤 (Sleepless Night)
  13. Let Me Know
  14. 외톨이야 (I’m a Loner)
  15. Coffee Stop
  16. I’m Sorry
  17. Lady
  18. Try Again Smile Again
  19. Can’t Stop
  20. 아이의 노래 (Like a Child)
Encore Songs
  1. Wake Up
  2. LOVE Girl + Talk
  3. 사랑빛 (Love Light)

Songs which they've sang on #CSMY but not in Singapore are Greedy Man, Sleepless Night and Let Me Know. I still have Let Me Know stuck in my head right now, and of course, Sleepless Night is another of my favorite from the album, I am just glad to hear that live.

Worth bringing up for it's own spotlight we have this part where YongHwa was showing off his piano/ keyboard playing skill during Can't Stop. It is beautiful, the melody, and of course the way he concentrated on his playing is priceless, there's nothing more charming about a man than when he put his whole heart and soul into doing something. Not to mention I really just love the song itself, the slow verses and fast choruses somehow complimented one another. The fans sang along as YongHwa plays, everyone knows the lyrics by heart, I just love how it is.

Like A Child is another of my favorite song from the Can't Stop album, one I've been hoping to see again. The extended music part after the song is over and where they all just kept strumming their guitars/ bass or beating the drums is another part I was glad to see, to see they all just have fun playing the instruments, it is pure joy another who appreciates music could tell. I have also recorded a fancam for that, though not uploaded yet at the moment, perhaps later of the week.

Coffee Shop/ Lady/ Robot/ In My Head all four has always been my favorite songs which I've been waiting them to sing even before the concert starts. It was not disappointing, I do think the energy from the audience (I mean you, me, us, we all) made the boys play harder too. Music has always been a two way interactions. After this time I am sure I can't listen to any of this four songs and not thought of  the hype I was in when I heard it on this night.

Needless to say, another of my favorite moment is when they sang These Days, JongHyun's soulful voice slowed the evening down. Also, the way he plays guitar like he's speaking love words via those thin strings, it was one of those moment when your heart is touched just by looking at him.

One regret is that I've never get to see JungShin much as he didn't walk over here that often. YongHwa as usual walking in and out between the main stage and the extended one. And JongHyun walking back and forth on the right side, even sitting down close to the edge of the stage so to let fans has a closer look of him. MinHyuk is hiding at the back as usual...

*sigh* Some day, FnC will design a stage where we all can get a MinHyuk Zone. XD

Over all, it was a brilliant evening spent with CNBlue, I am glad I've went over to Malaysia to it, just the night itself, the rocking made all the hassles and extra charges worth it. And if there's a next time, I believe I will still want to go for their concert, be it in Singapore or other country (not this next stop in Manila though, sorry).

And with this, I am ending this post with a dozen of pictures for all of you, most of them are JongHyun's shots, with a few YongHwa's in the middle, and also of the group when they all gathered around to play. Videos will be uploaded in the next post when I get to them! So stay tune and look out for what I have to offer next! Meanwhile, enjoy the beautiful shots. :)

Till next time!!


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