Sunday, October 27, 2013

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[Random] 5 Forever As 1

SS501 Reunion~ This is the best moment ever, one that we've waited for three years for it to happen. It proves that our hopes and faith aren't wasted, that our trust with nothing to hold onto but their words are worthy. Three years of struggling - either within or without - all those are just for this simple moment, for the 5 of them stands together on stage - while then they were boys, now they are all grown up - to introduce themselves in the familiar ways we always known them by, to call out the simple sentence "We are SS501!", this feels like a moment I've been wrapping my whole life around waiting for. And today, 26 Oct 2013, what was just a dream finally came true.

Perhaps I should cry, I do feel emotional enough that I feel like crying, but my eyes remained clear. It should speak of something, not that I don't love these five men as much as I did, the true could never be further away from that, but perhaps as our SS501 grown into men, I've grown too. Seeing updates of them being back together today, I was happy - I was beyond happy, I was excited, I wished that I was there. I've realized that the passion, the love for the boys hasn't fade away, another that I've not thought possible surprised me, that I am able to love someone for so long.

I am certainly not sure why am I typing this, what was supposed to be a short Facebook entry turned into a flow of post so long, but I am feeling so much on this particular night, I feel like I need a way to express them. And I found no better way to do that than my putting them down in words. "We live and breathe words" after all I supposed, I find that quote fitting for me. Words have always the power to live in us, to change us.

I really just wanting to make this simple, this might be my shortest, and most random blog entry yet. Purposelessly, but I wanted something to mark this special day too. The day when 5 came back together as one, when what seems like a broken dreams came back as whole, creating what in the eyes of many a miracle.

With this, I shall part us with a lovely picture which captured the whole of my attention as soon as I clicked open my Facebook tonight.

5 Forever As 1

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