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[13-03-2013] CNBlue Blue Moon Concert in Singapore~!!

"I want Blue Moon all over again!!!"

I am sure that's the exact feeling everyone who went to CNBlue concert are having right now, the amazing night was so great and it has certainly ended too soon, too fast that I really want to repeat it all over again so I can feel it once more, and repeat again, and again... have i told you I am a greedy girl? It should be alright to be greedy for CNBlue right? Cause they are just plain awesome!

It was a night of full rocking out, screaming fun, the boys' indescribable cuteness and playfulness... I am not sure if everyone feel the same, being in the front few rows of moon zone I've certainly felt the best of everything throughout the concert.

Truth to be told, I am a CNBlue fans just in terms of loving their music, yet I am not 100% familiar with their songs (has not listen to their Japanese songs yet, apart from that song they released recently). And if you ask me who's my bias in the band? Well, up till yesterday I will say YongHwa because I am more familiar with him - for his role in You're Beautiful, for he is the leader of CNBlue - today however, you might get me telling you I am stuck between YongHwa and JongHyun, while I think JungShin is cute too, so is MinHyuk... eeek!! Apparently I love the whole band! XD

LOL, you know your ET here has a tendency to be random. I shall direct us back to the right track. (lost sheep, this way please! *waves Blue Moon lightstick*) And I shall skipped the queuing rubbish -more like, quickly bring you across - because as you know, Michelle (my partner-in-crime~!) and me went and spent the night at Indoor Stadium (Surprise! Surprise! As if... <.<) just so we can get a better spot. We both got number 127 (mine) and 128 (her) after a whole night of sleepnessness and a whole morning (cause the organizers came and gave us a number tags by 1pm, we went go off chilling a bit before going back to queue at 5pm) of attempting to not fall asleep. After all that, and two cups of coffee down for me, at last we got a good spot, standing next to the barricade, directly in front of where JongHyun stands, and has a perfect view of the center as well (YongHwa always takes the middle position if you don't know yet). It kinda make my eyes a little too busy, you know busy looking at two handsome boys at once... but yes, perfect view~! ^.^

The night kicked off with a lovely rock and roll number I like, "Where You Are" (Yeah, guess why I have this song stuck in my head since I got up? Go figures!), and we all sang along with so much enthusiasm. I know I screamed and cheered and sang, totally waving the my lightstick in the air as well, reacted to their music by putting so much energy into them. ^.^

After a few songs they stopped and talked to us a little, with their very adorable accents, using simple sentences - all four of them spoken, but Yonghwa was the one who spoke a lot - they interact with us in English without a translator, this is one thing I love most about them for the night. After so many concerts I've been to, this... just the feeling of being able to communicate with your idol without a translator kinda make it very special with a closure touch to the whole thing, I wonder do you have the same feeling too?

As another round of rocking starts, Yonghwa (after being very adorable and told JungShin that he wants to go "there") performed at the outer stage throughout the next few songs, while I had a whole lot of time watching JongHyun (and sneaking peeks on the screen for YongHwa of course) and loving how his fingers flying up and down that guitar neck. The way he plays (especially all those guitar solo parts) is magical, makes me wonder how those fingers can move so firm and so fast across those six strings. <33

Oh and MinHyuk was moved forward when Yonghwa was not there too ^.^ Got to see him half-hidden behind that heavy drum set, very near to us fans. XD Told you it is a perfect spot I've gotten~ hehe...

After another round of rocking out - my legs were already started to act and so are my shoulders and back from all that curling up a night before -YongHwa went back to the main stage - he passed by us! so handsome! The cute moment when he "magically" push MinHyuk back to his place (Hahaha! Not him doing of course, he was posing like he is doing all the hard work ^.^) and then he started to ask us how his hair looks like *rolls* all the fans said it looks good - it is messy but still looking good on him mah~ ;-) - but JungShin went on and said "no", which gotten all of us laughing; it was even funnier that after Yonghwa attempted to fix it and asked again, Jonghyun told him that it looks dangerous, which really got most of us laughing out loud (Erm... Jonghyun-ssi, dangerous? Hair can be dangerous? Jinjja?) and gotten Yonghwa came up with a solution: they gonna sing ballad from then on.

YongHwa pushing MinHyuk's set back to its place. <33 Very adorkable.

Of course that doesn't mean they only perform ballad till the end. But the ballad session was absolutely awesome, so good that it filled me with so much feeling, when it was that quiet when Yonghwa was singing, I can't even utter a single sound, not even to sing along at some parts, we just fell silence and listen. (I lied cause i did cheer in between). During Love Light lots of fans followed the project and brought up their phone turned on their LED light to create "blinking light" effect, it was very beautiful. Oh, this is one memorable part to share. At the ending part of Love Light, it was supposed to be "그댄 나의 사랑 빛", which YongHwa sang until the 사랑 part and he stopped to let us continue, we went with "빛" (of course, that's how we know the song right?) but surprisingly he shook his head and tried with us again: "그댄 나의 사랑...", and we went with "빛", not catching up with what's going on at all. That went on two/ three more times, we can never get it right... And then at the last attempt he just shouted to us "...Singapore!" that was when we realized what he wanted all along. *rolls* YongHwa ah, how can you do this to us? Giving us such a hard puzzle to solve? <3

During Love Light, the stars among blue sea~~~

Yonghwa played keyboard for the song 'Feeling', you can certainly hear the silence filled the crowd then, I was mesmerized by the way he plays myself (hey! I am a music lover who is crazy about instruments). Though I would say the most touching number they played would be 'Y,Why...' It filled me with so much feelings I almost cry on the spot, I know Mich did too XD I wasn't sure how to describe this, the feeling their voices and those lyrics could hooked up inside you, I believe you have to feel it to understand it.

I like to see close interactions between members, this is one of the best picture ever!

A brief lights out after that, then the boys came back out rocking! This time they played all the hit songs everyone are familiar with, 'Just Please', 'Tattoo', 'I'm a Loner', 'In My Head'... we all rocked so hard over all these, not just singing and cheering, not just bouncing and waving our lightsticks in the air; totally, full-force rocking out, I know I personally did a few head banging there during my high moments, the bounce became a jump even though my legs were hurting - actually I did not feel much anymore by then, blame that to Adrenaline. The music went too loud, I was screaming out but I could hear nothing because others screams and the music covered it, or all these screams were mixed together I wasn't sure which belongs to who anymore...? And the last song for the night? The boys played 'I'm Sorry', can you imagine a better way to bring Indoor Stadium down that that?

I guess CNBlue really do love us and our response last night, Yonghwa never stop telling us he loves us, the rest too but Yonghwa kept repeating that flattering sentence. He even loves us enough to fly us kisses, so sweet. ^.^

Encore was... not there enough in my opinion (this, I have seriously seen better and worse than last night), but it is hard to start without a strong group behind it supporting. Good thing for us, the boys decided to come back out after all, and they restarted the concert right back into motion by jumping into 'Hey You' immediately as they came back out, in the Blue Moon world tour t-shirt I must add (and also the fact that it is really really beautiful).

The cute Maknae in Blue Moon T-shirt.

I love a whole lot of songs throughout the night, but I love 'I've Fallen For You' the most out of the whole encore session, it was so much fun, so much interaction, and of course YongHwa being adorable - then awkward and yet still too cute - is definitely a plus. Oh, and good news? Yonghwa mentioned that he is thinking of filming drama again, Yays!!

 Love that smile. <33

Love that made-on-the-spot-Singapore song, so special, and when Yonghwa can't think of any a good line to go with the one before he randomly add in notes, *rolls* love how he thinks as he sings. ^.^

JungShin was being adorable too that after he gotten a cap with Boy written on it from a fans (?) he went on and telling us he is a boy, *rolls*, mainly the interaction was like: "You're a girl and I am a..." *turn around to show us the "Boy" word* (fan complete) "Boy!" Again and again gotten us doing that a few times before he said to us "Thank you, I love you." I certainly am in love with how playful he is. hehehe...

Credit: uevilwoman

'Try Again, Smile Again' closed the concert up very neatly, especially when Yonghwa noticed one of the fans' "보고싶었어" paper (which was distributed by Yongseo Singapore before concert starts). YongHwa went to take one paper from the fans and then all the fans took out theirs to show them, I think it is one part that touches him - the whole group actually - a lot, I can both feel and hear it from his reaction, his surprises. Singapore Boices, you guys are amazing to get those reactions out of them you know?

YongHwa reaching out for the "보고싶었어" paper

 Credit: sherlynwenwen

Last part of the show with CNBlue walked around the stage bowing to us, finally we are seeing JongHyun closely, his guitars tied him up on his spot and he wasn't able to come down and interacts with us I guess that saddened him too. Saw all of them super close when they came to our section, one girl stood beside us got a guitar pick JongHyun thrown down, they were so happy.

 Thank you CNBlue for such perfect night. <33 Love you all FOREVER~

It was a perfect ending to the night. Blue Moon.... should be the second full fledged concert I ever attended (cause the others I attended before call themselves a mini concert or fanmeeting) and easily is the best that I ever attended, I am very grateful for all the Boice's co-operation and energy for the night. That is one night I will never forget, never ever. And last but not least, a picture of me and my bestie + partner-in-crime for every overnight sessions at any events.

Thank you for everything lovely. You're the best.

Disclaimer: All the above pictures credit as tagged, thank you for all your hardworks at taking these fancams. You guys are amazing.

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