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[16-03-2013 -- 18-03-2013] Kim HyungJun @ Singapore for SPD Charity Show

Wow, it has been quite a while since I post up in Chances or Fate, almost half a year since my last post, and I've been missing-in-action the whole time, busy with work and life. Truth to be told, I do miss all these, interacting with my friends, the TripleS and sharing my feelings to everyone who's interested in reading.

So, below post will be another fan-account entry, this time round it is our lovely Maknae Kim HyungJun who stepped on the sunny island for SPD charity show. He has been so amazing here I was so proud of him.
Hope you will enjoy my post as much as I do enjoy my experience, especially to you who requested it.


This news came as a surprise, I thought I've missed it because I've not pay attention to any of my social sites much anymore, but nope, the news really just came out one day without previous warning, my friend messaging me in the middle of my work telling me that maknae is coming to Singapore again for a charity show.

It is exciting, you know, it has been a while since I see HyungJun. But after a round of chatting and checking with friends that I know, found that there would be no way of getting any ticket to see him at the show, I pretty much thought to screw it and just head to airport to welcome him as he arrive and send him off when he goes. Well, just what a fans can do right? Am pretty chill this time round, but I did make sure I get his arrival and departure timing way beforehand, just so glad to find out that I can make it for both timing, even thought both timing were not that good because it is in the middle of the night.

And the week wheezed passed (it really feels like such, probably because I was dead tired all the time), and it was the arrival day (the same day my mom was flying off to Korea >.>) which I've got to work afternoon shift and headed to airport right after I was off. There wasn't a friend of mine who were up for this trip, mostly because they are living too far away and the flight is landing way too late for any of us to have public transport home; I am there simply because I live in the East and taking a cab back won't be as bad. So yeah, I was there alone, hungry after work and headed off to T2, bought my meal at McDonald's as I wait for time to passed, twitting and practically relaxing. XD

Then another surprise came, which would be my friend who said she will be coming down to see him, but she scared me by giving me wrong information about his arrival. While his flight should be landing at 0010 (as my information told me), my friend checked the wrong date and told me that it is 2300-ish, scaring me to rush all the way from T2 to T3, just barely contending myself with quick walk instead of sprinting all the way to T3 like I am in an Olympic.
*pokes* you know who you are, please do not give me a jot like that again, who knows one day I will drop dead due to heart attack.... <.<  >.>

Waiting there, with nothing else much to do but wait, I was so grateful that one of my friend (not really Triple S, but she likes SS501 because of me) was chatting with me preventing me from falling asleep right there until said friend arrive. And there were still more waiting, twitting, talking, all the way till around 12.55 am that we started moving place. Not much fans were there that night, roughly 50-70 people? His flight landed on-time if I am not wrong, and after another 20 minutes of waiting, we finally saw our target.

Dressing head to toe in black, HyungJun was already waving to us when he spotted us waiting for him outside. It was still too far for me to see, but excitement was building as I watched him walking up to take his luggage. He waved to us a times, still being so active even though it was already 1am, playing with his handphone and talking to the crew with him. And a while more of waiting, he gotten his luggage and coming out.

There's not much fans around, there was no barricade, and security was not that tight. When HyungJun walked out we were just nicely surrounding him taking pictures but obediently follows order, no one scream or try to grab him; in total amazing Triple S behavior girls. ♥ you all. And we accompanied him headed for the lift. I myself taken a video, nothing too high quality, but I am sure you can see some good shot there.

(has not even bother to edit the video before I upload it from my phone, so there is no watermark. If you really want to share this though, please credit back to my YouTube, and I will really appreciate it if you do not reupload this. Thank you)

So as you see, HyungJun was very friendly (and very handsome, yes!), kept saying "annyeong" to us, talking to us, replying fans' questions as he walked towards the lift, his smile was so bright despite it was so late at night. I've always thought our maknae as friendly, and this... How he was there that night was amazing. Special memory from me which I am not able to show on the video was when he went into the lift, his eyes scanning the crowd of fans. There was this brief moment of eye-contact with him, something.... I am sure you know how it feels. That alone, and the fact that I've got to see him handsome and friendly, makes my trip to the Changi airport worthwhile, all factors considered.


After the amazing airport trip, it just made going to send him off on Sunday more exciting. I was lucky that it was my off that day, and you would know why soon.

The day still started as unexpected. Well, it was a lazy Sunday, I woke up late (tired for working the whole day before), took my breakfast and was there watching 2 Fast 2 Furious (and marveling at Paul Walker's good look... Don't ask, my latest infatuation). Normally (it is a habit of some sort), I won't really care about my phone when I am off, throwing it to one side charging as I use my computer this side, when it rings or whatever, I would just leave it. It was lucky of me then because I was charging and messaging with my mom, who was asking me what else would I want from Korea, so my phone was by my side when it rang. My friend called up to ask me would I want to go see HyungJun at SPD.

Surprise surprise! Nothing else acts as a better wake-up call than a friend calling you up and ask you whether you would like to go see your favorite idol, I tell you that. So, having no plan on Sunday (yays for no work!), I said yes (Duh! Of course!) and we agreed to meet up at Toa Payoh by 4pm for early dinner before heading down Mediacorp. Felt a little guilty for the posts I have not done though (still not done I must add), but it was turning out to be a good day there. XD

We are skipping dinner, talking and stuffs, needless to go into details for those, we reached Mediacorp at 5.45pm, met up with SGTripleS who gotten the tickets, found out that we will be meeting another girl for the tickets and we will be sitting at the first level. It was kind of worrisome seeing how we've not really dress up for TV, luckily, our seats are at the back row. And skipping all the details, we got to know a new friend (if you're reading this Caroline, thank you once again), talked until the show starts. Maknae comes out, dressing in all black and once again looking very handsome as you can see him at TV, he held onto a girl expression soft and fatherly. XD

Never bother to take picture of him on stage because my phone won't zoom anything nice, I did enjoy the show itself, of course having maknae there is something special, but the performances every other artists put on are amazing. Noted that he was the 3rd to last guest, it was a surprise when we saw him coming out to perform "Just Let It Go" early in the show. Later we gotten an explanation that a guest has absence, hence HyungJun cut half his performance earlier.

I've always wanted to listen to "Just Let It Go" and "Sorry I'm Sorry" live, I love both songs (and also "나쁜 남자라서", then again, I always have a thing for ballad.) from his Escape album very much, especially for "Sorry I'm Sorry" because the beat and the tune of the song is amazing, and that part in the bridge (the second 넌 나를 사랑하지 않아 with that long ending note) always take my breath away. I love how HyungJun voice sound, has always and will always love how his voice sound, it's unique, a voice that can sing almost anything (I guess pretty much everything, but then again, the world of music is still very wide); and I love his dances. Don't you think the dance for "Sorry I'm Sorry" is very nice?

This first time I got to see it, and just focusing on seeing it, not videoing the whole process or snapping pictures through it (sorry guys) was amazing. Maknae did his performance really well, I still love how his voice sounds, and the feeling of fulfillment - I am not sure if I can describe it, you've got to feel it before to understand - the feeling of finally able to see something live... all these are indescribable, I never thought I would feel so much, then again, I've never been craving to see something so much for a long long while.

Oh, and an additional note, those of you in front of the TV might not hear it, but if you stalk any fancams, you shall hear the fan chant, powerful in its way because we have so little fans being inside. Somewhat, the song felt completed there when I hear it live with fanchants, that's how I always think anyway.

We headed off to airport to send HyungJun off after, although it was not a successful one seeing we have not manage to see him off, but there we met up with some friends who I've not seen for a long time, talking about past experience and this experience, laughing, catching up chatting... it made the night fun, putting a perfect fullstop for my whole experience of seeing maknae in Singapore.

Seriously, I am anticipating for him to come back here and hold a concert/ fan-meeting, it will be amazing, just hope that it would be a date clashing with the period I am heading to Korea. XP

Last note towards the friends who has been amazing on this trip, thanks to SGTripleS for your amazing help and support, thanks to the fans who are so good that never fail to make me feels proud to be a TripleS, and finally HyungJun ah, though you probably won't see this, still thank you for coming and put on that amazing performances for charity and for us, HyungJun deabak! You probably gonna see me at your tour, amazing you. ♥♥ Just too bad though, you never get to see this drawing this time... :-P

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