Monday, July 30, 2012

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[27-07-2012 -- 29-07-2012] Kim Hyun Joong Fanmeeting in Bangkok, Thailand

Pardon me for my lengthy post, it is a coverage for all three days I saw Hyun Joong in Bangkok, Thailand.
Day 1[27-07-2012]
After 2 long weeks of work (preparation for stock take plus aftermath of it had me exhausted) I was actually on the verge of falling sick at by that time. Did My best but I was having light headache on this day, it was all i could do to sleep in and tried to prevent myself from falling sick before boarding the plane.

This is the first time ever that I am flying somewhere alone. It was kind of scary to try, but at the end I decided that it is one thing which won't kill me. The flight was eventful. I done with 2/3 of my Mockingjay on the journey to Bangkok (LOL.. Bookworm alert, reading when I am heading towards to see HJ. XD)

I reached BKK by 6.50pm, flight a little delay but everything was alright. Walked around inside immigration since i decided to wait for his arrival, and I checked on screen then gotten to know that his flight was a little early.

Met up with 2 friends XiuHuan and Yue Ling, then we three lurked around before we were joined by a few other fans who were also waiting. And I met Karen from Malaysia.

Total there were 5 of us waiting, and after 8.30pm, we head off to wait for HJ's flight at the gate. Saw a few more fans that I met before and some I know. And said hi. Of course, the whole time we were talking as we waited.

His flight landed, and we saw some airport cars waiting for him before he comes out. It was a little disappointing, but wells, he must be tired after the long flight (the walk to custom was really long). He came out approximately by 10.00pm, took a quick fancam. He looks really handsome. And then he got on the car and headed off.

As they board the car.
Afterwards was that we head to hotel and called it a day. XD

Day 2 [28-07-2012]

Initially I thought I will have no activity and just hang around BKK relaxing on this 2nd day, but who knows he gave us an open public press conference?

I had never bother to go Central World and queue early, just thinking that its good enough to get to see him. Things gotten calmer for me this time, maybe because I am in a foreign country? Maybe because my enthusiasm quiet down after seeing him so many time? No idea. But I am really happy enough to get a glimpse of him, hear his voice and know that he is near.

Allison was with me here, we took cab to Central World, and then I gotten my FM ticket(A3, row Q49, not a bad seat at all. ^^) met a few more fans, chat and wait for time to pass. By 2.45pm, my heart was beating as I wait for him to come in (we standing near his entrance). And then, there he is, dressing in simple black and white, looking so handsome passed by us. The crowd went wild. I was not able to see him much when he went up on stage, but contented to know that he is there. Caught glimpses of him waving at everyone too. ^^

The press conference last about 30 minutes, and then very quick he left. I saw him close up as he walked past our place at the exit. keeping that handsome smile in my heart

As Hyun Joong entered event venue.

On Stage

Mr Jeong!!
Afterwards was dinner and relax in hotel. ^^
Day 3(29-07-2012)
Its a big big big day~! imitating Eflie Tinker

Of course it is a big day, it is Kim Hyun Joong 2012 Fanmeeting Tour in Bangkok!

Morning past normally. I went with Allison and met up her friend to have lunch, then hang out at bookstore until it was 3pm plus, time to head to fanmeeting venue.

There were already a crowd when I reached. It proved harder for me to find anyone inside the huge Impact Hall. But I met Henecia Malaysia, and saw Karen, Xiu Huan and Yue Ling.

It was a long while before we could go in, but finally we were guided to go inside Hall 1 for the concert. I went in without taking the free U:Zoosin T-shirt and badge from the organizer. LOL. Never really notice.

It took a while for the hall to fill up, and when it finally did, it was a little past 7pm when the show started. Hyun Joong came out with a powerful number of Let Me Go, followed by Break Down, Please, Thanks You, Happiness and I'm Your Man.

The arrangement seems no big changes for me (I watched the concert in Singapore when everything was fresh. ^^) but I got a better view this time, but without Michelle to share the moments with me. Still, it was amazing, I love the show a lot. Thailand fans are so enthusiastic that it was an amazing experience to share thus night with them.

Was once again touched when he sang the few ballads, am so proud listening to him pulling off high notes these days. Hyun Joong was amazing. I like I'm Your Man performance here. It was a touching moment.

First time I got to listen to Lets Party, we got the whole place up and jumping with him (or just moving to the music), it was really fun. Same as when it was at Do You Like That and Lucky Guy. Everyone were up, and cheering Hyun Joong on.

Talk section was a bit struggle for me who know neither Thai nor Korean. But he talked a long speech about "oppa", I think I need to find translation of that. Then the Q&A section Hyun Joong was so cute when he searching up his mind for an answer for the questions asked.

Game section was picking up 5 girls to pose according to movie posters with him. ^^ it was kind of funny seeing the reactions when the poses were revealed. And same as other events, a lucky girl got the gift in the form of "Marry You".

The ending of the show came too soon for me. Another lovely performance of "Do You Feel the Same". Then we got encore "One More Time", "U" and "Lucky Guy" where Hyun Joong played with water (using water guns thus time actually. Haha, big kid!!).

After the concert ended, we were given some time to refresh ourselves and prepare for his handshake/hi-5 section.

Hyun Joong came out in white top (top button open i must add), and black jeans. As row R, it was a while to my turn. I was already prepared, with a plan in mind. I took out my drawing of him (new gift, not an amazing piece but looking just OK), and covered half my face when I went up the stage (on purpose yes, so that i can show him the picture). Near my turn, it already caught his eyes, Hyun Joong threw a quick glance at me and went back smiling at the girl in front of him.

Then it was my turn, he glance up my eyes, at the drawing of him again, then smile. His hand already clasped on mine (the handshake this time is warm and firm), and we held for a few seconds there when he said "Thank You," to me in the sweetest smile + gentle voice. In replied (first time i remember to say something in front of him), I told him, "for you," as I passed the gift to Mr.Jeong, cause Hyun Joong obviously cannot take the gift in this rushing handshake ceremony.

I was never so calm in my life. Though part of me was worrying that HJ's effect is wearing off on me, but I will never doubt I will always love him just for his amazing self. I know I will always still be supporting him. And it is good to regain some senses when I am facing him, right? Keke.

Hyun Joong wrapped up his 2012 Asia Fanmeeting Tour well, it was an amazing night with him, just him, my super star, my only one Kim Hyun Joong. I know that I will see him again very soon. I will be looking forward to our next meeting.

Signing out!!
♥♥- Paige

EDITED (31/07): Spell checked. *dies* Apparently, my cellphone have a very bad habit of changing all my words when I type then up, and once I posted, I was not able to edit it on phone. Sorry for all the errors!! 

PS: Have to say special thanks to Allison for helping me with everything/ guiding me through this trip. I am forever grateful to you. Thank you. 

EDITED (31/08): One month late, but all thanks to Karen (@karenchongky) for sharing me this lovely video which captured my brief precious seconds with Hyun Joong. It acts as a memory. And thank you to the uploader for sharing too. Sincerely thankful. ♥♥


  1. its a big wow for you, to travel just only to see him ,i bow to you i wish he knows that!

    1. Thanks. Well, I don't see it as something really big. I traveled to see him because I wanted to, and there are tons of other fans doing so as well, so I am not the only one doing this. hehe ^^