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[Random] Brief Goodbye to Kim Kyu Jong

Woke up this morning with a shocking news on my TL that almost made me cry.
Our sweetest Kyu Joongie is going to military service in the month of July.

ThanKYU Triple S~

Hello! ^^ It’s Kyu Jong~

I know I say this all the time, but doesn’t time fly? It feels like I just debuted yesterday… but it’s already June 2012~ Have you fulfilled everything you previously planned? It isn’t too late~ so think it over again~ fighting!^^ The reason I write to you for the first time in so long~ is because I have decided to enlist in the military this July ^^ I wanted to personally announce it to all my lovelies. I am very happy, as I have created so many memories thanks to your love and unending support ^^ Thanks to all you lovelies, my 20′s have been extremely enjoyable!

As I always say, I want to give back to you as much as you’ve given me!^^ I want to only gift you with good memories from here on out. Let’s promise to better ourselves and meet again in 2 years!

I am looking forward to the time I get to spend with you lovelies on June 3rd. I’ll see you all that day~ Let’s create some laughter-filled memories as we always have. Let’s create beautiful memories together~ Thank you ^^ And be happy…
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As you all have noticed, I am not really a loyal ThanKyu, nor I am very active in fangirling anymore, mostly keep to myself, away from all kind of social media account and move on with my life. Not even keep myself updated with Hyun Joong's news as well... But it isolation is not keeping my heart from the pain when I heard that Kyu Jong, our sweetest, most caring, loving Kyu Jong is going to say a brief goodbye to us for 2 years. My first reaction upon reading the message he written to us was "No! Not him, not so soon!!" But then again, calming down and think about it, the time has come. The time that we all feared and dreaded for is here, finally. It is inevitable, sooner or later, all our SS501 members will be enlisted into military, it's just a part of life that we need to learn to accept, and we should be glad that Kyu Jong is actually going into service soon, and that he promised to come back to us 2 years later, and they he is so optimistic about going to military.

Kim Kyu Jong is never my top bias. To me, Kyu Jong is always the comfortable zone, someone clear like the morning breeze, sweet, funny, easy-going. It is actually one person I really will be able to call Kyu Jong oppa straight to his face (him and Maknae Oppa. The rest, I think I will be blushing before the word even leave my mouth), and he is one person that I wanted to see even though he is not my favorite idol. KyuJong always been charismatic in his own way, you could never guess that when I recommend SS501 to my oversea friends (from USA, England, Australia) every one of the girls will love KyuJong when they first laid eyes on him, and when they discovered his personalities, they went head over heels for him. KyuJong is always popular in his own way even he is not as big a Hallyu star as our leader Kim Hyun Joong.

Compilation of KyuJong's moments.

I still remembered when I first got to know SS501, it has been 3 years ago. *sigh* How soon 3 years has passed, but the memories are still strong, especially on the warm feeling I gotten from Kyu Jong whenever I saw his interviews, he is caring, I could tell that all his actions and words (I need to read translation, but I can still feel the love and care in the translated words) are out from deep inside his heart. It warmed me up and send tingling feelings down my spine every time I thought about it or rewatch the video. To tell the truth, news of him enlisted into military worried me, how I am fear for him that it will be hard on him, especially when it comes to swimming, how I wish I can take away his fear for water, and all the hardship that is going to come...

The first video that I saw of KyuJong, he is really really sweet and caring in there and warmed up my heart towards him.

Though I am not able to do what I wanted the most, I believe that being constantly supportive to him, staying here as Triple S waiting for him for 2 years would probably bring him a smile at the end of the day. That's what we as fans could do, to keep the faith, to stay loyal, to never forget the SS501's effort and care towards us. It's going to be 2 years. It's not too long, and yet not too short either, but we will be here for him when he comes back right? We will still wait for the day when SS501 comeback and start one of their title song saying "Guess who's back?" right?
Keep the faith everyone. I believe we will see that day, and it doesn't matter if it is 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, I will bring my family and friends over to see their comeback stage, and I will probably see you all there too?

Stay optimistic Triple S. And~~
규중 오빠, 화이팅!


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