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[030612] First Meeting with Kim KyuJong - ThanKYU with TripleS Event

Day 2 in Korea
3rd June 2012, the biggest event for my Korea trip, it is fanmeeting with Kim KyuJong, my first time seeing him, and it is the last fanmeeting until he comes back 2 years later. I was excited, yet I do not want the day to end or the fanmeeting to start, because I know there will be a goodbye at the end, a goodbye that I do not want to bid.
The start of morning was at 8am, when I happily went have breakfast, and then later went on posting up my fanacc with YoungSaeng (you read that yet? *wink*). It was just like any day overseas, and I met my friend a little late - 15 mins - and together we went to YongSei University to get our KyuJong official merchandise.
First time after so long I am actually buying a set of official merchandise for myself. I never intended it, cause usually I don't like keeping... Stuffs. I have whole bundle of them at home already, all given to me by fans clubs and fans. But I still bought a full set for this time, just because it is memorable, and these products are designed just for this fanmeeting. But yet I was never so glad that I did buy. Seriously LOVE every single item in my set. The 3 photo packs, sticker pack, the towel, and the lightstick, they are very beautiful.

Full set!!
pictures and stickers set!
 I am very sorry to Allie and Alison that I'm not able to get what you asked me to get, the goods were sold out by the time i went back. :( next time you need to ask me earlier, so I can get everything on one goal.
After getting what we wanted, of course we need wifi to update. Eva and me went to a coffee shop named Hollys Coffee(I am totally in love with the coffee + waffle there) and I spent the next two hours there tweeting, taking pictures of the merchandise, also I written a fan letter to KyuJong. ^^ wishing him the best and promising him I will wait for him. Later Eva and me went to buy some cookies and snacks for him in addition to my drawing + fan letter. ^^ (Will put up all pictures + fancam once i reach Singapore. ^^)
Went back to the venue, KyuJong's merchandise is sold out. D: BUT good for Eva she bought the KyuJong banner, the one hung on the merchandise booth. :D
The two of us sat around and chat, later met another HongKong fans and we chit chat till it was 5pm. I finally gotten my ticket by the time we are supposed to move in, I was at row J, seat #7. XD
Never thought my seat is that close to the stage, but a little too much to the side, hence no good for taking fancam at all. Yet am glad I did live update, it was fun to see everyone response to your tweets. Hope everyone of you who read had fun. ^^
Kyu started the fanmeeting with Wuss Up. It was very powerful, Kyu was so sexy in all his moves. XD He sang all songs from his album, No More Yes, Yesterday, My Love (my favorite for the reason i cannot get it out of my head), and Get Your Love (super sweet!!!). It was all very enjoyable.
I sincerely love the time he spent talking about his childhood, with pictures from young Kyu shown on the screen. I don't really understand what he said - sad thing about never learn Korean - but i could see his smile when he thought of the time that particular picture was taken. I understood he talked about his parents, and his sister, his friend too. It was especially funny when they shown a picture of him in underwear, during which he stood up, went to the picture and tried to cover the part until they blur it. LOLOL! Cute Kyu!!
Then they picked fans to go up for a game. It was to squeeze a balloon in a hug with KyuJong. I watched as they tried their hardest clinging to KyuJong's slim waist hoping to burst the balloons. *laughed out loud* apparently, those are special made balloons, very tough, it took some effort to burst it. The fan who did it in shortest time get an extra coat from Kyu (heard that it is a coat from UR Man) and every fans on stage gotten a Polaroid taken with Kyu, in sweet poses. Hehe.
Surprise came when suddenly Love Like This started playing on the event, and they show that this is a fanmeeting for ThanKYU with TripleS, i think everyone of you, if you're there will understand meaning of it. YoungSaeng and maknae went up stage first. HyungJun actually came with a green coat and a cap covering his face that i thought it was HyunJoong leader at first. D: but~~ leader came in next, straight from airport i heard, and with a tired look plus no make up. Gah!! SS401!
The 4 were on stage and talking for a long time, still laughing and teasing like I saw them before, it was very touching when HyunJoong, YoungSaeng and HyungJun each gave KyuJong a message, though i don't understand it, but I can see the care and love they shared, and still sharing among them.
Upon the emcee asking where is JungMin, HyungJun happily answered that "he is in the washroom." ROFL! I caught that one clearly even it was spoken in Korean. LOLOL. And totally had a laugh.
It was the moment when they stood up and said "annyeonghaseyo, SS501 imnida".I had been waiting to see that moment live since I fell for SS501 3 years ago, and it really is the moment I had been hoping for in this trip. That moment is my treasure now, I will never ever forget it, even JungMin was not there to say it with them, I know he did joined the greeting, just not on stage.
They went in, Kyu came back out. Many fans were crying around me, gosh.. But I have to say my tears were still dry at that time.
Kyu sang - my favorite of all songs by him - Hikari. Oh my! That voice! Melts. Then there is this song "Sky", which he performed very well. His cheerful view about this brief goodbye hit on me, I am so happy to see him being so positive, no wonder he is our Kyu Oppa. ♥♥
Another climate came was when we spotted JungMin at the side watching KyuJong on stage. We all stood to look at him, and Kyu was on stage. JungMin went on pointing the stage, asking us to watch KyuJong. His smile was bright, as always bright, that cheerful mal. XD We are kind of still looking at JungMin for a while until Kyu went on telling us to give our attention back to him and sit down. Ah... Kyu's expression when he told us tried to get our attention back, it looks like he was trying to say "Pretties, this is my fanmeeting, I am your focus." LOL!! (That was my interpretation of his expression so don't get it wrong!)
Sincerely, this reunion, not really unexpected, but very memorable, something I never thought I will get to see so soon.
That and KyuJong special song for us fans finally made me cry, tears streamed down when I thought of the 2 years we gonna spend without Kyu, that we might see the SS501 going to service one by one sooner or later... The tears were not stopping. T.T I cried through the Special Song for Fans...
Thank you KyuJong, for everything you given us. Tonight is the best memory, really.
Further surprise came after the encore Wuss Up. We were not allow to leave because Kyu is going to shake hand with everyone of us. *happy* Another of my little wish came true, to be upclose with all SS501 member. Now I did, kind of (i took the personal moment with JM as my upclose experience already. Keke).
Row by row, we were led onto the stage. Kyu came out in all black, handsome, charming and yet always sweet, gentle, cute... Our KyuJong was there, ready to tell us thank you, to see each and everyone of us. ^^
Is that you that I caught? ^^
When it was my turn, I told him "joneun Malaysia fans imnida" stammering in between for being unsure and all, but KyuJong gently enveloped my right hand with both of his, his eyes holding my attention throughout the brief few seconds, he was really staring at me, which made me feel warm inside. And once I finished my speech, he nodded, like he understood what I said - I hope he does. I was so uncomfortable speaking Korean, especially to my idols. ♥♥ and after i let go his hand, before i go off the stage, I was told him "Hwaiting!" which he replied Hwaiting with same enthusiasm and energy as mine (I was very very very enthusiastic there) keke. *I a happy girl~~ in my bubbly world~~*
We went out of the auditorium after, and waited at the back door. After a while - i think... Half an hour? - Kyu came out. He waved to us all, saying thank you, and gave us light bows before he get in the car and go. ^^
This was an important day. And this was the most AMAZING day since I become a Triple S. I am also grateful I actually am given this chance to see KyuJong, and witness SS501 together in a place, letting us know that they still have that brotherly love for each other, it is all a fan could ask for.
SS501 HyunJoong, YoungSaeng, KyuJong, JungMin, HyungJun, thank you for tonight. Thank you for making this a historical moment for me, thank you for making my Korea trip best of my life. If there is one thing I can promised and willing to forever keep this promise as long as it last, it is to stay as a TripleS forever, to love you forever and will keep the faith and trust in you, until the day you all will come back as a group, and THAT, is the day our world is complete.
Updated @ 06-06-2012. Pictures added. Updates in Red.

Updated @ 22-06-2012. Fancam!!!


  1. thanks to share your precious moment^^
    i can feel the athmosphere too,although im not there

    1. As always, I love to share. I am glad that my sharing will make you feel happy too. Thanks for the comment. Appreciate it. ^^