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[020612] First Meeting with Heo YoungSaeng

Day 1 in Korea

It was a tiring, emotional, strange but always memorable day for me. It is my first day to Korea, started up not so eventful as i had a fight with my mom about some small matter, in the end I gave in but not quite happy about giving in at all.

Negative emotions was soon thrown away as i know regrets and anger is not helping with creating a good memory in Korea. It was pretty fun all the way, as I went around MyeongDong had great breakfast, then shopping and sight-seeing.

Around 1.05pm, i hooked on a wifi on the street, and there came a message from Alison that I need to be at JeongBalSan by 2.00pm for Young Saeng fansign (I gotten picked at lucky draw). But that was lunch hour, fastest way from MyeongDong to JongBalSan is by train, and the journey takes an hour...

It was emotional breakdown throughout the whole journey. Worried that I will be disqualified because I am being late - it was already late when i jumped on the train at 1.25pm (took me a while to navigate my way out MyeongDong shopping district and find an entrance to the subway); Fear for myself not being able to see YoungSaeng at all; Once again angry at my mom for putting me into this mess. Tears was swelling in my eyes all the way to JeongBalSan that I kept my head down not looking anyone.

Reached my destination by 2.40pm (*curse*) by then Alison -- who I asked to wait for me at the subway station -- already gone (not blaming her, I am the one who was late anyway), so I face a bigger problem -- WHERE IS ILSAN SYNNARA??

Lucky me today actually, I asked 2 very helpful Korean girls about where Ilsan Synnara is and the 2 actually helped me searched up direction at Naver, and then brought me to the LaFesta. They left after telling me roughly where Synnara Records is, and left, I got to the building they pointed, but the CD shop was not really listed on the building, hence I went on asking for more help, this time from a Korean gentleman who led me the right way. All of you who assisted this lost lady on the Korean streets, even i don't know your name, and been pointing places and talking English, you still offered me help. Sincerely, thank you. 중마 감사함니다.

Reached Synnara with further problem of not knowing how to register, thanks to a Taiwan Triple S named Nana for offering explanation, and later brought us to MBC building. Even though we were not able to go inside and see Young Saeng live performance, it is still a good try with great intention. Thank you.

Got to know a Hong Kong TS named Eva in the process, and made a quick friends. We talked a lot, shared past experiences on chasing SS501 to various countries (not that I have a lot to share) and talked about the boys... It was amazing talking to you Eva, your name reminded me if my best friend, and you have equally amazing personalities. I had fun talking to you. Keep the faith, miracles always come to those who keep faith

Finally, with some help here and there and asked a few favors - once again, thank you to Nana and Eva - i found Alison. *sigh of relieve* And I gotten my albums, and after sitting at Coffee Beans and Tea leaves for a while, we proceeded back to Synnara. The queue started as soon as the fan staff came (here now, wanted to say thank you for the patient fan staff who helped ordering the queue, as well as everything else).

YoungSaeng came a little after 6.30pm, dressed a white coat, shy and handsome, but he walked into the CD shop in a very fast speed. The fansign started almost immediately. ^^

I am no. 057, even when I was late to registrations (really, don't learn this at home), which is pretty front. First time seeing Young Saeng, he us as gentle and as cute as I imagined him to be, and very handsome. Very very very handsome. *winks*

Though, apparently, I did something unexpected to him. LOL! He chuckled amusedly when he saw the page I flipped opened for him to sign, and he was saying it out loud why I am choosing that page (it was because I DON'T WANT to see him sign over his face, and he was being very very sexy on the page I chosen :-P). But, he still signed on the page, written down "To Paige" (allow me to marvel at it as it is the first time my idol sign to my name. I am a nerd, remember?) then his big, flourish signature. Once done, he asked me, "PS?"

Dazed, I went on, "huh?" My mind went blank really, what do I want him to include in his signature to me??? I still have no idea even though now is 5 hours after the event. *smack self*

And I went on saying, "hmm... I am your fans from Malaysia..." and I can't quite figure out what he written in my album. *fainted* *make note to check with my friends*

Once he was done, i said "kamsahamnida" to him as he passed me my album (I was completely calm and fine except being my blur self and wanna rewind back to to redo the "PS" thing), then told him "Oppa Hwaiting!!" (with Hwaiting pose). Young Saeng smiled sweetly, nod, then said "bye bye" in the cutest way I ever heard a man saying. O.M.G.

Came out the room, giggling. LOLOL. Eva and me waited till the fansign ended, and I took a great fancam - on camera, meaning, fancam will only be shared when I can take the file out - of Young Saeng walking passed us. Went down to carpark to see him, very glad to see him rolled down his window and told us "kamsahamnida" sincerely to all us fans there.

Still marvelled at what happened and what a fool I had made out of myself in the event *smack head*. Yet, overall, the day ended perfectly, I won't do it any other way even if time rewind. Well, I am not ET if I am not being a nerd and do the wrong thing right? And it exchanged such an amazing memory for me, from YoungSaeng. I am so grateful of my day here.
More on Seoul visit, food and shopping when i reach home in Singapore. XD

Thank you to YoungSaeng Oppa for being so animated, you're so cute!! XDD Hwaiting for your following up events! We will wait for you to come Singapore! keke!

EDITED @ 05-06-2012:
Figured out what YS written for me. He said "See you in Malaysia~ ^^" Teehee, OK, you must come Singapore first though, YS. Oops, I never told him that he needs to come SG. I will tell him that next time, if I see him again.

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