Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sometimes, it is a happiness to learn how to let go.

This is one quote that came into my mind the day after Kim Hyun Joong 2012 Singapore Fanmeeting. Mainly just rambling, not pointing at anyone in particular, things just gotten frustrated for me these few days.

By saying "let go", I am not meaning to stop loving, but one have to realize where "love" is suppose to stop and where is the fine line between loving and invading someone's personal life.

Love, should be meaning giving support; Love is something you feel so full in your heart for a certain person. Sure, this feeling would make you want to see that person more, to really care for him/her, to look out for the person, to support them when they are in a tough patch of their road. But it doesn't include us to comb out every single details in that person's life, however tempting and urgent it seems to know the one you love like the back of your hand.

A person, even a superstar, need a breather too.

You probably thinking that I am bossy, or I am stupid to say this, but at least I am not a psychotic stalker when it comes to loving someone. This sound harsh, hate it and hate me if you want, but psychotic stalker is what you appeared to be when you give the one you love no freedom to breathe. This is what the outside world sees when they sees extreme fans stalking their idol's every single moves, this is why "fans" of some popular fandom are being hated.

Idols and superstars are human too. They are just like me and you, think of them that way.

Let go is what one have to do sometimes, it is how one can find happiness. And by letting go, you give the one you love happiness too. It does take a while to learn, and I have to say I am not 100% perfecting it, there are still a part of my heart which doesn't want to let go at all, itches myself to look for more information, more chances, more good luck to see him... But the important part is, I am not putting that itchiness into action, so I daresay, I found half of my happiness, and I gave someone I love all that I can given to him including the freedom he needs.

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