Sunday, May 6, 2012

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[02-05-12 ~ 06-05-12] Kim Hyun Joong First Mini Concert in Singapore

Kim Hyun Joong has left sunny Singapore today, 6-May-2012, bringing yet another dark sky and rain before he went off.

Thinking back, I am not sure I can believe the days passed that much, it was just like yesterday when I gotten the news from Mich about him coming for a mini concert. Right now, I do have a little withdrawal syndrome, I do have my share of disappointments and regrets for not doing something when he was here. But these days, I rated his happiness way more important before mine. It is satisfying enough, I saw him here in Singapore, he put on a great performance, he sang us so many songs, gave us a great time, and for that I am grateful, I am happy enough to call the past few days another amazing experience with Kim Hyun Joong.

Just another entry on my own blog, I am not sure I should call this a fan account, call it whatever you want. ^^ And I hope you will enjoy reading this.

A gloomy morning to welcome Kim Hyun Joong. It was like Singapore is also welcoming U:Zoosin to town and prepare him a rainy day. Saw on Twitter early morning that it was raining at some places, I was glad that Tampines stayed dry long enough for me to get out of the house. And I was happier that I took the day off and went to the airport and see him.

Left home early but I went to town getting camera from a friend before heading to Changi Airport. Reached there by 11.15 am and saw the barricade is already up. Not much people there though, so I was free to choose my best place to stand at.

My view in the airport.

Love my perfect view! XD

Met up a few friends and other fans. Saw some more familiar faces around and said hi, chat for a short while before his flight land. One thing I love about going to events is that I am able to see friends from the same fandom that I know, most of them I have never see since the last time Hyun Joong was here, and I missed them a lot. The amazing thing happened to be since I became a TripleS, is that I suddenly gotten so many new friends who not only share my passion, but also care about me. I never thought friendship forged in this situation is possible, but it proved to be as longer lasting than I imagined it would be. I am glad that everyone still are friendly and nice even we never meet or chat for a long while when I was busy with my life and work. Sincerely everyone, thank you.

His flight landed earlier than scheduled. I was in position and readied to welcome Kim Hyun Joong. There are not as many fans at the airport as the last two times when he reach here at night, but the crowds were high as the time neared.

And then... he landed! *all grins*

It was about half and hour more before he comes out, of course, the idols are always the last to come out. I actually felt all calm and still talking to friends to pass time, not really taking notes of the time, and only half aware of his arrival of course. And then, the front started screaming, and he is out.

Perfect views included, but quality is not super good, I still love my fancam a lot. He looks handsome, a little tired but he still smiled and waved at all the fans there, that is our amazing Kim Hyun Joong, and that's the reason I love him.

The rest of my day was spent with friends at Fairmount Hotel, we had fun, did funny things, had a great late lunch and Starbucks for dinner. I saw more familiar faces outside the press conference, never get to go in but it is alright, and ended my day going home early.

Nothing much happened on the 3rd May. I have to go work with an unwilling heart, off work went butter factory and enjoyed myself. It was my second time going clubbing and it was fun there. Gotten home by 3.00 am plus, slept at 4.00am. Normal day for me. XP

For someone who slept late at the last night, I woke up early at 9.00am today. Still I was online chatting my time away until I was late to meet up with my friends.

The morning/afternoon was normal. Met Mich and another Paige, we never even bother to go stadium or Fairmount that day, mostly enjoy ourselves, had lunch at Pizza Hut Toa Payor and shopping there. By 4pm we moved off to check in our hotel at MBS.

Our Room!!!! And the girls doing make-up. (*stage whisper* I sneaked a shot!)

You must be wondering why MBS.. Well, we did kinda hope that Hyun Joong will stay there. He did not, but we had fun anyway. I love the room, MBS is amazing, luxurious, and beautiful. This is the first time I stay at the hotel, so allow my to be a noob and get hype about it. The room was big, and the few of us took our whole evening there chilling, then make-up a bit, and prepare for the fanmeeting.

At the end, we are kinda late to reach Stadium, LOL! Still, we met up with many friends, Omma, Choe eonni, we really do miss both of you guys. It was months ago since we met you or talk to you! I was so glad we get to meet before you guys have to rush back to Malaysia. Steph, we finally get to meet XD we will see each other again soon. Chu, thank you for the present, it was amazing, and I did miss you. Janier, hey! I really had fun talking to you, though I am still gonna play MIA after this. Alice, been keep saying hi but never really get to hang out and chat. You were busy, always busy, I appreciate all that you shared and did for all of us fans even with your busy schedule, thank you. Allie!! Thank you for sharing the gift from LKHJ with us! We need to hang out sometime! Michelle Wong, Adi, MeiLing, Jeslyn, Far, Glynn (you gave me a surprise) we really do need to hang out more, let's find a day for it OK? And many others I never really meet before, glad to see you. And the friends I never get to meet, I hope that we will see each other next time. Do tell me when you're coming to Singapore OK? Kathy, I was sad that I never get to see you, but I am glad you had fun. Bika eonni! You never give me a chance to see you at all!! D: I do hope we will get the chance next time OK? ^^

Dragging myself back to the event before I get too far. We went into the venue and got ourselves seated by 7.00pm plus. My view to the stage is not bad, nearer than I thought considering I was at Row 8. Everyone were catching up with each other, talking, laughing until the light dimmed... And the show started.

My view at the venue.

Hyun Joong came out with an amazing performance of "Let Me Go" and "Break Down", it was just as I thought it would be and more amazing than anything I imagined. I love "Break Down" a lot, and the power of that performance made me speechless. Me without a camera gave up recording with my phone halfway through the songs. I had everything in my memory, something I never wanted to fade away. I don't think it will for the next few years though, as long as I am still loving Hyun Joong, this first concert will be staying with me, I believe that.

One funny thing is, I was pretty sure I screamed on a part of "Please" (everyone did), but I managed to forget the performance of that song and scenes until 3 hours after the concert itself. The memories came rushing back with a big "OMG" in my brain, I never thought my memory are capable of shutting down and restart itself. (*wink* I believe you all know what I was talking about? Still not? Please search YouTube for the fancam.)

I enjoyed every single second of his mini-concert, including the fans interaction. His answers and his videos made me laughed so hard, typical Kim Hyun Joong. I was glad to have the chance to see him on-stage performing, something I had been hoping for since year 2010 when he went solo. This man knows how to make us feel loved as well as showed us his improvements, he put all his heart into putting together this amazing concert for us, that I could see and feel deep inside my heart throughout the whole event, in every single details and in every lines he spoke and sang.

Felt lucky to be in Singapore as he was performing "Smile", "Marry You", and "If You Feel The Same" for the first time. I love the performance a lot. And I love the lyrics he prepared for all of us to sing along for "Happiness Is...", promised that I will remember the line forever. "Happiness without you baby, I can't even imagine it", it rings true in every single word. I can't imagine my world without you now Kim Hyun Joong, thank you.

"Do You Like That" and "Lucky Guy" were amazing as well, was distracted by the U:Zoosin notes shooting out at the starting part of "Do You Like That" and went trying snatch one for myself as well as Mich. I managed to get one for her( later I was able to get one from the ground as well). Thanks U:Zoosin for the souvenir! XD It is pretty! Mich said Hyun Joong was smiling to see all of us chasing after the fake money, mischievous U:Zoosin Hyun Joong, I bet he planned that. XP The short dance after "Lucky Guy" was amazing too.

I love "I'm Your Man" because he was amazing at performing it, pulling off the high notes is not easy for him, but he did it with style! I am proud of him. I am also glad to see "Thank You", "Because I Am Stupid", "Kiss Kiss", "Marry You" (Aww! Lucky Fans! XD) and all other songs live in front of me. It was my first time seeing them, and I am grateful he did the performance.

Touching scene that almost made me cry was when he performed the last song. The video before was very touching, showing us how much love he has for his fans. He always knows how to make us feel special, that is Kim Hyun Joong's charm, and I believe, if you're reading this, you see that part of charm too. "그대도 나와 같다면" (If You Feel The Same") was one of my favorite song when I first heard it, I love the lyrics meaning and his voice sounded so good singing the song. After the event, this song became my favorite, topped my favorite songs "I'm Your Man", "Thank You" and "Break Down" to become number 1. I was touched, I almost cried and would be crying if I never exert my self-control over the tears in my eyes.

He said bye after that, we tried to encore asking him out. He came, singing "One More Time", coming out from the back, walking slowly back up to the stage. It was amazing he given us who were sitting further back a chance to see him up close too. Hyun Joong, thank you for the opportunity. 2nd performance of "Lucky Guy" was more dun than first, without the restriction of the dance, he made us all jump and have fun with him, ending the concert perfectly.

Hi-5 event started a while after that. After a while of having butterflies in my stomach, I was there, in front of him. The whole thing was a rush, I remembered him there readied with a smile on his face. Then I was shaking his hand (yes, handshake again) feeling his big, warm and yet soft grip, put down my drawing for him on the table (which he never have the chance to take a look at that moment, I hope he sees it later), and was hustled off stage. Without a word spoken because I lost my ability to speak once again. I never know what kind of magic he had on me to make me forget my speech every time. Hyun Joong ah! D: Hope next time I will be better. XP

The drawing I gave him this time ^^

Things were back to normal after, we went staying MBS that night, wanting to find a good clubbing place but at last gave up on the idea because YueLing needed to go by 3.00 am to catch her flight. We spent the night at the room playing card, relaxed, then slept at 4.00am, not before we were all hyped up for the pictures and videos everyone processed and uploaded overnight. Thank you all the amazing fans for sharing them with us! Everyone of you are amazing! Thank you!

05-May-2012 & 06-May-2012
We had great breakfast at Sky@57, then I gotten to swim up at MBS and saw the amazing view from 57 level.


Food at Sky@57! 

Delicious breakfast! And COFFEE!!!

Had fun hang out with Stephanie and Janier on Saturday. We had a great lunch at a Korean Family restaurant, then went noraebang at Tanjong Pagar. None of us managed to see Hyun Joong off. Well, he cheated us (kinda) and had fun in Singapore on Saturday.

Lovely lunch. These are the Korean side-dishes.

I am glad he did that and enjoyed a day here. He deserve a rest, especially after such amazing performances for everyone of us the night before. I am more than readied to give him all the freedom he wanted. ^^

He went back to Korea on 06-May-2012, taking 3.00pm flight. Never get to see him, but I sent him off in a way.
Gate Closing. But Hyun Joong and Mr Jeong were late for boarding. Their names were announced for last call, which sounds pretty funny to me. Glad they had fun still. XD
It was an amazing period of time for me, I am glad Hyun Joong came to Singapore, choosing this as his first stop and came here not only making all of us fans happy, but enjoyed himself as well. As a fans, I can't ask more than this. Kim Hyun Joong is amazing, and he always is and always will be "My Star". I am being bias here, but I am sure I will never find any other idol as amazing as he is. He broken the record by hi-5 (actually shaking hands) with all 3000 fans attending his fanmeeting, even after the 2 and a half hours of singing and dancing, performing his best for all of us fans. Sure, to me, I have a better experience for the hi-5 section, but I think it is always the heart to do this that touches us all and make us stay as his fans until now, and probably in the future too.

U:Zoosin, come back again please. I will be waiting for you, as long as forever held, and before eternity end for me, I will be waiting and always seeing you as my star.

Some pictures I took during the period. You might find familiar faces, views, and even see some items from the concert itself. And there are definitely some images of food that make your stomach grumble. *wink*

Michelle and Me! ♥♥

Self-cam. :D

Paige and Paige. Yeap, her name is Paige too!

Group Pictures! Hehe!

Freebies from Hyun Joong(U:zoosin note and U:zoosin badge), Gifts from LKHJ (the postcard and keychain), and my ticket! Now all safely kept in my bunch of items from previous fanmeets.

Two girls went out to take pictures. This is actually the pool at MBS 57 floor, and they are stepping on the floating boats? :P I not sure what to call them...

Night view of MBS. Which I took when I was on my way to clubbing on the 3rd May.

My ticket! And Michelle's of course!


  1. aw i miss him already^^

    1. Same here. What's important is everyone have fun, right? ^^

  2. Hi Paige!

    Thankies for such a lovely fan account. Enjoyed reading it much. Unable to attend this fan meet, reading fan accounts are the next best thing. Your account really touched me. glad that our U:zoosin left such a huge impact on fans. Happiness is ... knowing U:zoosin


    1. Hi Lynne
      I am glad my fan-account is good enough to bring you some joy. Next time he comes, I hope you are able to see him with us so you can write your own fan-account too. ^^
      Yes, Happiness is knowing U:zoosin and be his fans.

  3. hi enjoyed reading your FA ,your one of the lucky fans who have met , shake , and enjoyed his performances.hope the remaining FM will be as successful as the first one.

    1. Thank you for the reply.
      I am glad that you like the fanaccount I posted. ^^ Well, I do think I am lucky comparing to many others who did not have the chances to see him performing yet, am sincerely grateful for that.
      Same as you, I do hope that his subsequent events will be as good and as successful as - if not more than - this one. And I do hope everyone else who never get to see him before are able get the chance to see him then. ^^