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[Random] 1st Jan 2012

Year 2012, 1st January, 2.07pm.

Yesterday I worked my last day of 2011 away with fun. And had a great sleep, and here is 2012 with me here online, a bit bored out of my mind, and still typing this and that on the world wide web.

2011 has been a good year for me, not that I have achieve anything big or earned a lot of money. Though I guessed I have earned enough, but since I have been around chasing all the idols, gone to concerts and showcases and fanmeetings, so here I am, with wealth and fame matching the start of 2011, and back to being active online.

This post is just like a conclusion of 2011 and my plan for future, which, I hope I will be able to achieve in my Year 2012, and when I look back at this, I will be able to smile.

Year 2011, so far, have been a great SS501 year for me.
In this year, I have seen a lot of my Kpop idols. And every events is different, unique and gave me an amazing experience.

*Taylor Swift's Ours is playing at the moment*

One of the best experience is when I went to Taylor Swift's Speak Now tour in Singapore Indoor Stadium. It was the first concert I ever attend in my life, and I was really glad I chose to go, cause Taylor is -as always- amazing. I have not much to compare to, but I love the moment where everyone go crazy and treated the concert as one giant Kbox and sing along every single song with Taylor, calling out "I love you" to her even though the place is so crowded and noisy and they are sitting to far away for her to hear. The moment when Taylor came near to us and sang, we practically went wild and everyone ran over to get a closer look at her.

I will always remember and love that first concert I went to.

Then there was Park Jung Min's showcase which I have neither the plan or money to go see at all until both my good friends Michelle and Felicia bought me a ticket and let me go inside and see him. There was just that much a chance I am not able to see him at all, cause he has cancelled his showcase in Malaysia, which I was planning to go.

*Now Playing Taylor Swift's Safe and Sound*

I remember clearly on how it rained in the middle of the day and how we wait under the sun and so uncomfortable. But the thing I remembered most clearly is when Jung Min came out, singing "If You Cannot" and we all started to sing along cause it's a duet, and he has looked right into my eyes (yes, I am at the 1st row) and sang with me, for that half a verse, which I felt like I am having a duet with him. It was the best, to me. And he made my dream came true, the dream to have a duet with my favorite idol.

But Jung Min is always being Jung Min to me, there is sure one thing that happened to make me hate him in a way. When he was singing "Do You Know" to us, I was eventually too touched and then I thought of how I am almost never seeing him, I cried. He made me cry, and he saw that, keep throwing me nervous glances as he sang, at that moment I just feel like punching him. Comeon, I hate people see the weak side of myself. Talking about it is one thing, being seen, that's completely another thing.

*Now Playing Taylor Swift's Story of Us* Hmm... I am playing all the Taylor's songs here, back-to-back.

Then there was the day I went to see Kim Hyung Jun, the cute maknae baby Jun. I remembered how I purposely dressed up nicely just to see him. I remember how I was so high at his every performance I hope he can sing a few more songs. And I totally remembered his gentle smile when he was waiting for me to put my hands to him for a high five like it had happened yesterday.

That maknae also has a sweet side, it seems. And I am in love with his handshake, of how firm his grip was.
Though he never remember the drawing I showed him a year before, he is forgiven just for him being extra sweet and gentle with me. hahaha~!

I swear, after that event, I was totally head over heels for Hyung Jun for the 2 months afterwards, until the next time I saw Hyun Joong.

Of course, the 5 days trip to see Kim Hyun Joong was always the best. I could never ever forget my luck on what happened.

Though, there are always regrets happened in every event I attended, but I have to say, I will never ever dare to forget every single moment of each and every event I went to. Like when I saw UKiss at the hotel when they came for KMWave. Even at MAMA red carpet, where I saw every other idols but not the golden haired Lucky Guy, I am glad I went to the event and is able to see so many Kpop idols. They are blogs that I never get to post, cause I have no idea how to post, and yeah, it's not evolving around my favorite idols.

I am glad that over the past year, due to my chase, I am able to meet up many friends, most of them Triple S. I am glad to know Choe eonni, omma, Stephanie (though we never met), Alice (Glad to finally see you), Pluto, and many other people. And I hope I am able to meet you all and get to know you all in a better way.

*Now playing Taylor Swift's Tim McGraw*

2011 seems to be a good year for me to figure out myself, it seems that, I enjoy working at the front line more than sitting in the office. So, now I am in Times, working along my friend + supervisor, Kim, a.k.a. Zeph, I am having a much happier life, in a way. I am glad I made this choice, even though it might not be a very wise choice to many other people.

Oh, and one more event worth of mentioning happened in 2012, our very own mini Christmas Party. Thank you all for being amazing, Felicia, Michelle, Kik, Far, Oppa, Yong Qi, Merlin, Kaili, I miss you all, and hopefully we will meet soon, promise to meet soon OK?

I think my post is barely making sense now...

So, 2012, I hope the world is not ending yet, cause I still have goals to achieve here.
1st, I want to go USA in end of 2013. That has been a dream of me since I was 14 years old, and I am not likely to give it a rest now. This is just a life I wanted to live, stay in USA for a year or 2, not playing, but working and trying to live alone. I wanted it, a life on my own, not with my mom or anyone else, with no friends there and no lover yet, it is a way I can test out how strong I can be. I want that chance, so I am working on it.

You see, 2012 cannot be an ending cause my goals is set in year 2013.

And of course, I the plan is for me to stay single until I am able to be independent, which means, boyfriends come after I go USA and get to live on my own, OK? I always been hoping to get marry before 24 years old and have 4 children, but now, pretty much screw that and just let me live for myself for a little while, love and hurt and commitment is not for me yet. So if you're out there, my love, hold on a moment OK?


Year 2012, I am also wanting to go Korea and be able to meet my favorite idol, Kim Hyun Joong. I wanted a chance to see him perform on one of his showcase.

I guess I wanted all the fun before I am too old for them. But do you get too old for fun? I guess not right?

Before I start talking more nonsense and spread the post until pages long, I guess I better stop here. I wish everyone is safe and sound on year 2012, those single and hoping, hope you will find the love of the life soon; those who is already attached, I hope you will be happy for eternity. I hope everyone get a happy ending, in whatever form you wish it to be.

1st post of 2012, *sign off*

Love ya~

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