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Kim Hyun Joong 2nd Time in Singapore + Malaysia (4 Fangirl Day) [17/08/2011 -- 21/08/2011]

It's 22nd August 2011. The day after my 5 days Hyun Joong chasing trip...

To tell the truth, time passed so fast. I wish I can linger in the past few days and make it longer.

Oh wells, no regrets, as I made the best of my memories in that short 5 days, which includes not sleeping to prolong the days. hahahaha!

Really, I have just manage to survive with 4 hours max sleep per days for 3 days in a row! That set some kind of record, isn't it? Hmm...

So, yeah, I wanted to start my fanaccount now. Sorry if it's too long. This is not just a fan account, it's acting as my own memories keeper, to record down my moments when they are still fresh, so I can remember it in the future if I ever forgets...


Day 1 - Airport Day, 2011/08/17

First time ever, woke up at 6 o'clock on my own will, even the last night I slept at 2am trying to keep things and spazz and spam twitter and put all videos/songs into my phone. I was awake, lying there, thinking what woke me up, then I remember Hyun Joong is arriving that evening.

First thing first, I pretend to go work, actually I am going to take MC from doctor.

I went out late, trying to settle my plan. Waited at the clinic for 2 hours plus, finally my turn and gotten my MC after looking pale for a few moments. (OK, I am evil, but this is what people do when they have no annual leave yet.....)

Went back home by 11am. Repacked my bag a bit, keeping things out so it won't be too heavy.

I ended up late meeting the girls at Vivo City...

We bought some groceries then we went check in at Sentosa Costa Sands. We went on staying in chalet after all the plans (originally I thought of Hard Rock Hotel, cause he most probably staying there, from what we've heard).

After check in, then we went back out for airport. But 1st stop, I needed to change Malaysia Ringgit for my trip. Gotten a good deal, gotten RM100 for my trip...

Went to the airport, oh well, I have to say we never get a good spot. We can always get a better one. We waited around, chatting, playing and I tried to finish my drawing... XD

By 6 pm, the airport are generally packed, and we needed to get ready. Slightly 2 minutes late, around 6.52pm, his flight landed, and we are all getting pretty excited.

Then just before Hyun Joong comes out, my camera ran out of battery. =.=||

So, I just basically kept my camera, and then captured him with my eyes.
*snap snap snap snap snap*
He is so perfect! Walking slowly and waving to all of us. He was in black jacket, t-shirt that mostly was blocked so I not sure what shirt he really wore. And he has his classic sunglasses on. He was not really smiling, but he is happy to be there...
I have a moment at that part I can just stare and not do anything, not even screaming! *.*

If you can open my brain, you will see that perfect him walking by my spot slowly~~~~~

People chased out for him, I was just standing there and marveled at my memories afterward. Do you know the feeling of breathlessness? There and then I felt that, just by watching him walk past us...

After that, we met up with a few Triple S. Had dinner at Popeye with Mich, Adi, MeiLing and Mary eonni. We had fun, a long chat, then about 10 pm we head back to Sentosa, saying bye bye to Mary eonni.

We walked in to Sentosa, took lots of pictures, and enjoyed singing many KPop songs (Older ones I have in my lousy phone as my Galaxy has low batts at the time) and appreciated the beautiful lights around Sentosa. We even walked near Hard Rock Hotel, but never actually go there, as it was late and we won't want to miss the monorail to go back to our chalet.

Back in the room, both Mich and I did mask, had a great laugh. Both Adi and MeiLing was fast asleep by 10.00pm. I stayed awake and finish my drawing by 2.00 am, then I went to sleep after a small talk with Michelle.....

Ah Ken the amazing DJ!


Day 2 - USS Day, 2011/08/18

We went to Universal Studio Singapore, hope to see Hyun Joong, but we actually knew and prepared he will not be there.

Have a piece of news that he may only come USS on 19 August 2011. Oh well, we just going have fun and I swore I have a lot of fun there, even though I cannot help looking all around USS hoping to see him.

Was so near to him, yet so far. Knew he has a rest, I am glad. ^^

Met a TS from Indonesia, passed her all my extra tickets and albums. Hopes she enjoyed her time @TFS Fanmeet. ^^

More post on USS Day later!


Day 3 - TFS Fanmeeting @ Singapore, 2011/08/19

Our day started on 12.00am. We went out of our room to camp before 12am.

Went to Hard Rock Hotel in the first place. Adi was fast asleep, Michelle had some rest eyes, I went drawing until at last I cannot hold it anymore still.

Woke up at 1am plus near 2am, the Hard Rock Hotel staff came over and asked us to move away. Had a headache, we have a short rest and then move to the venue, waiting down the staircase. Reached there around 3am.

Went to sleep and awake and sleep and awake. I have enough sleeps to make my headache goes away. ^^

By 5.00 am plus near 6.00 am (Sorry, I am messing up my time on the few days that i never remember what time is it when I do something. I just knew the order of things happened...), we went up and check on the venue a bit. Found someone there. And after some discussion, we decided on a place to queue, at the top, near the entrance to the venue there.

Adi and MeiLing went back to chalet and shower up around 7am.

Mich and I went ordered the queue, and we write names (Again even after we swore we won't do it again~ O: )Until by 9am plus that my both phone died, that I am grumpy and sticky, I went back room to clean up a bit.

Was not in a good mood for a few hours, especially not when I thought of Mich who has no rest over there at the venue. I don't wish to say too much of that here since this is suppose to be an entry of happy memories seeing Hyun Joong.

Went back to the venue to see we have an official queue ordered by The Forum's guard. We started queuing there, was not wanting to order the queue but to secure our spot only (It's pretty easy, since we are the 1st 4 there. XD) but at the end we did that, and we finally finish the order and went on having brunch (Breakfast + lunch?) by 12.00 pm plus, hungry till I barely can stand anymore...

Met a lot of Triple S, and we chat on the way. Glad to meet them. Saw some familiar faces too, who included Alice(@wonderrrgirl), BB eonni, Ahlia from KHJ0606... And I met Cal (@Su_Noona) like finally! ^^ I knew a lot of people saw me that day, but they never really say hi so I don't recognize there.

Oh, and I saw a familiar girl I should remember I met, but I cannot remember her name... >.< Sorry!!!!!

If you see this.. You should be Kimberly right???? XD XP

Small tips girls, I really STM, please do say hi and self intro to ET next time you see me OK?

Went to Coffee Beans and plug in my phone, feeding my baby Galaxy before I feeding myself. Gotten myself an Ultimate Vanilla medium size and I was there having some space off time, some close eyes, some time to myself, being quiet and rest and think and calm myself off the crazy morning,

By 1pm, my phone is half full charged, I went changed as Adi looked after my things. I went to have my small lunch (bread) and then chat with Michelle a bit, by 2pm, I taken back my phone, it's about time.

I was practically jumping after registration and we reached upstair at the venue! TFS are giving out goodie bags! We all happily take them!

There are a big hand, a Hyun Joong photobook, a small pack of products which includes lipgloss, mask and a cleanser. And what I love, 2 posters! XD

Once the staffs allow us to go into the venue, I rush forward to get the place I spotted that morning and wanted, right at the center~~

The venue slowly fill up, we were so happy playing around, testing out how our camera shots came. I am supposed to take the camera and take fancams of the whole event, so I went and test it out again and again. XD

And I also snapped a few shots saying hi to my TL followers, didn't I? XD XD XD

I wanna say 1 thing before I get into the event description. Really cannot help wanting to tell all Triple S, please stay calm when you're waiting to see your idol, or even when your idol is there. Don't push, you know however hard you push you may not get nearer to him. And it's not good if you keep pushing and hurt other fans OK? Please be considerate. If you want a good spot, be early, be earlier than what other girls planned to be.

We waited there for the place to fill in. We were awed by all the nice gifts collected on the table for Hyun Joong to choose at the event. Near 3.30pm, the dark clouds rolled in....

DJ Ah Ken came out and say hi when the time was near. He announced some very good news to admission tickets holders!

1st, TFS, as promised, given out 20 autograph chances. This time is sorely based on lucky pick. ^^ There were a red chop inside the goodies bag everyone gotten from TFS before entry. There were lots of fans yelling/screaming out when they saw their small little "red marks" inside the bag... I was disappointed when I saw mine don't have...

2nd, Ken is giving out 15 autograph chances via Q&A. I tried and tried again and again to answer the questions. I knew 9 out of 10 questions Ken asked, and I knew all Qs he asked about Hyun Joong. ^^ But again and again, I missed the chance to answer correctly......

I was like, "GOD! Please give me a chance to get near to him this time! Please do make my memories with him the best that ever be!"

Lastly, Ken announced that there will be Q&A for 8 lucky winners to take photo with him!

I raised my hand again and again... Ah Ken's eyes did stopped on mine all the while he was asking questions, from the start of the 15 autograph Qs, but he always hesitated while staring at me, and then he passed through me to call another girl. Once during the photo chances questions, he paused at me for a moment (Again), then he pointed to the eonni next to me! I was like "Gah!! Ah Ken!" And I yelled "Ah Ken,我讨厌你!(Ah Ken, I hate you!)" which made a few nearer to me laughed out loud, even the good security uncle near there.

2 questions down, Ah Ken asked this Qs:

"What series products is The Face Shop promoting on this event?" (Or similar like this) with hint," It's quite similar to the previous question which answer is Face It Power Perfection BB Cream. You just have to take a few words away..."

Surprisingly, no one raise their hands to answer that question, even the answer is pretty obvious... OK, just some raised their hands, a few some, included me...

And Ah Ken picked me! (FINALLY!!)

And I called out "Face It!" as loudly as I can!

Of course I am correct!

I was happy, but kinda blanked out for a moment there. Adi actually said I scream 2 seconds after I gotten the prize, which is slow~ Hahahahaha!!

OK girls, I need time to process the news. XD

Dazed, still couldn't believe I manage to get a chance to be that close and take picture with Kim Hyun Joong, I walked out the place as instructed and follow the guard's guidance to go into the front when they gather the photo taking lucky fans.

I wanting to cry the whole way you know??!!

They have chosen a few more lucky girls to come to front. Really caught my attention is the girl who can dance Break Down! OMG! How I wish I can dance Break Down like her! D:

We waited for a moment there, and Ken said that he is near, maybe even at the venue itself~! We went very hype!

When I tested out the camera that time, then I realized that my spot is not good for capturing fancam at all! All the girls with camera/phones held high in the next pane, they blocking me!

But I managed to captured fancam as best as I can. ^^

Hyun Joong came up a short while after Ken announced that he was here. He was so handsome (as always, shall I say?) He wore casual, but he dressed in green (Cause it's Green theme party!). I have to say, I love him in casual look! Especially with his casual look mixed with lots of smiles~~ He seems happy to be there with all of us!

I couldn't imagine how I looked when I saw him. This is my 2nd time seeing him, and he still charm me, I am still loving him so much! The feelings filled my heart!

Special highlights that he smiled boyishly when he received a "Best Singer" trophy on the stage~!!! All the while I went "OMGOMGOMG!! He is soooo cute!"

Very fast, it came the time for us photo taking winners to take pictures with him~ I watched as groups per groups went up, my heart went hammering~~~~~

There we were the last group, we went up, a few of us who gotten this chance by Q&A on the spot, and a TS who I met that morning, who dressed up purposely for this photo taking. Looking down at myself, I not even dress up! The most appropriate thing I did that day was put on plain BB Cream so my tiredness won't show...

Went on stage, I kinda don't care of my cool I know. I was like staring at him, he is so perfect that I did that. XD

We went in place, I don't even remember to find a spot nearer to him. We have a brief eyes contact at the close distance, and I just stayed where I was, never realize that was the furthest from him, out of his arms reach even~! hahaha! You must say stupid me? Oh, I am thinking, well, there always will be a girl who stand the outside place. I am satisfied with the opportunity I am given! XD

After the photoshoot (during which I smiled very brightly that my face crammed in the middle of it I have to change an expression), before we walk off the stage, Hyun Joong offered to shake our hands. It was a plus I never thought of!

Last year Singapore TFS event, all autograph passes never get the chance to shake his hands...

As I neared him, he held out his hand, I took it. He is not gripping us tightly, but his hands are so warm that I swear if I get to hold it longer or he grip tighter, I might just go fangirling on him there and then. Felt his hands got some rough spots too...

While we shook hands, he was looking at me.. then his eyes went up, and he spaced~~~~ I was like, Walao man! This guy spaced on me!!! Kya~!!

OMG~ OK, I still fangirl on the way down.... hahahaha!!

Once again, i went back to my place on daze, not as bad as last year, which I totally not sure how I went down, this year is, I still know I walked back and I did smiled at Adi on the way...But that's all I can process into my memories! Did I missed you? hahaha!

I was happy (Correction: SUper DUper HAppy!!) that I can manage to see him closed up again! But I was sad that he seems tired~ >.<

The rest of the event proceed on, I tried to get fancams the event as much as I can.

The event was more or less like last year. there was a gift choosing section, when he choose the presents fans gave him which placed on a huge table on the stage. He seems to like SGTS's gift for him again~! SGTS made a huge Balloon U:Zoosin for him! And he chosen a comic collection (Again... Oh wells, he LOVE comics~ XD XD)

This time, I prepared nothing for him in Singapore. My drawing was finished, but not laminated, which is needed to avoid the paper being crush/tear/bury below piles of gifts. Hahaha!

TFS have an auction again, for donation too. ^^ And his standie was auctioned off at SGD 2000 + (Not remember the exact amount now.. ) and he also auctioned his Limited Edition Break Down album @ SGD 3500. He actually remembered the lady bidding for it is one who bid for his standie last year and never get the standie!

And he said "I hope she can get it." She gotten the album after he said that! No one went after her SGD 3500 offers. Haha! Oh well, we all want Hyun Joong to be happy, right? And I have to say, she deserved the right to get the album!


Very fast, it came to autograph section, where a lot of happy girls gotten a signature on their Break Down album.

I wanted one! But I am happy enough with my chance to get a photo taken with him. Actually one of my MOST WANTED list was down, I am a happy girl~~

Tried to take pictures without much success.. too many people blocking... >.<

But I did take Michelle, I hope I took her~ ^^

The ending was very fast. He said a quick bye and went off.

Happy as me, how I wanted to give Ah Ken a tight hug after the event to thank him. I controlled and never pounce on him and yell yay! Else I think he will be scared.=X

After the event, I saw lots of familiar faces, includes Cal, who was also in photo taking panel. I met The Face Shop staff who helped me on choosing my products on my 1st trip there last December. I met her again on the trip to TFS to buy products this year too, she still recognize me after all these months, but that's another story. XD

And before we left, I saw BB eonni, who came to give me a handshake saying congratulations to me. Woots! Thanks eonni!

We went have a small dinner after that, I was still spazzing in my heart.

I did rush back home to keep my bags and rush to airport to rush to airport to overnight. ^^ Next post will be my Day 4 entry!

My favorite Shot!

Caption for the pictures: "When U:Zoosin meet ET.." hehehe!

A personal shot with Hyun Joong found today (26/08/2011) \o/\o/\o/

Thanks Sharon Goh @ FB tagged me the picture!


Day 4 - KLIA Meeting + PressCon @ Malaysia, 2011/08/20

My day 4 started very early. Precisely, I barely slept 3 hours while waiting for my plane.

Both me and my friend are taking JetStar over to Singapore, one of the budget airline that can land in normal terminal. Our flight is on 7++ am, (Sorry, my time is still bad), I have short close eyes for the hours between. ^^

Reached KL by 8am ++ near 9am. And then I went on connect to wi-fi @ KLIA and check my tweetline for updates.

How my heart raced when I saw updates of him boarded the plane. ^^

The time ticked down, I saw familiar TSMY friends in the airport too. ^^

Finally, his plane touched down around 11am. We were all readied. I took out my Break Down album + Golden marker hoping to get lucky~ ^^ One hand I have my drawing of him on hand too, hope to show him. ^^

He walked out with sunglasses on (Again, haha!) very handsome and fresh. I think he managed to catch some rest between the days. ^^

Managed to catch a short fancam there.

It was super shot cause the manager stopped me from taking. I am an obedient Triple S, so I stopped recording as soon as he raised his hand said no to me.

Disappointed cause the airport walk was not as long as I thought it would be, but not disappointed cause I manage to see him so relaxed walking. XDD

He went via VIP route, not managed to meet him, but managed to meet eonni, which cheered me up!

She was there to welcome Hyun Joong, never see Hyun Joong but gotten us instead... Hope eonni doesn't mind? XD

We were in a long car drive back home, happily chatting everything. I keep on wanna laughed at the reaction eonni given me when I told her I gotten the chance to take picture with Hyun Joong in SG, she was genuinely shocked~ hahaha!!

We went to her house, gonna sleep at her house for the night, and we went and play with her dogs, Oscar and HeiHei. Eh! I missed them!

We reach Hilton hotel by 3.30pm, and saw lots of medias there. Saw familiar faces there too. ^^

Gotten into the Press Con, and we waited patiently for it to start.

When DJ Jeremy introduced himself, I was particularly spazzing in my heart! hahaha! I wanted it start faster!

I had my camera readied to shoot him as he comes out. So me and Mich among a bunch of press shooting as much as we can once he comes out.

He dressed in black, handsome once again. Innocent written all over his face that day, love the look!

Can see he is more well rested, but he can rest more...

The press con is short. He was asked around 5 questions, none very hard nor very deep. There are questions I wanted to ask so much but can't~ hahaha!!!

He did noticed us among the press, cause before he goes, he did say, "Thank you for all the medias and fans who came to see me today..."

I was literally OMG~~ He noticed! What given us off? hahahaha!

Stayed to have an early dinner, the food are nice! hehehehe! Sorry I have to say that, cause 1st time to Press Con, everything is new to me. XD

Was beaten that night, asleep before 10 pm i guess, but not before I said night to my TL. hahahaha!!

Press Con venue!


Day 5 - Fans Meet and Greet by Warner @ Malaysia, 2011/08/21

Last day of my ever-ending Hyun Joong chasing~~ This day started quite early~

We have breakfast, I miss noodles as breakfast, which is typical of Malaysia culture.

After dinner, we took sometime to flag a cab to Garden Hotel, where the event is held. When we reached, there already was a long queue there.

Met up with TSMY and said hi. Gotten a bag of fangift from the admins, I love the banner, thank you! ^^

Security guard came and dispersed the queue, we gotten our queue number. Before we went, we met up with Omma and then 3 of us headed off to Starbucks @ Mid Valley, where I charge my phone, and we chat over a cup of Starbucks! I had my coffee, thanks Omma for the Cappuccino!

Met Pluto there, who always taking nice pictures. ^^ And I gotten a fan gift! Nice badge! I love it! Thank you!!

Around 12pm, we went back up the ballroom, as we still not sure when will the album start selling, as there were a last minute announcement that albums will be sell on 12pm. Went back up there and we queue. ^^ Had a nice chat with 2 other girls we met there.

Time to buy albums!!

My hands are sweating by that time.. OMG!!

Each fans there is entitle to get 2 tries. Each try we need to buy 1 Break Down album and then lucky draw to draw out a ping pong ball. White ball is we can get a 2nd try, orange we get the number to go and have hi5 with Hyun Joong!

My first try gotten me a white ball, even I saw the orange ball and aimed for it I missed it...

Went for my 2nd, which the person let me take purposely shook the box before I reach in, I was thinking, "eh! why like that??!!" thinking I might not get it, then how leh...?

Then when I took out the ball..... it is ORANGE!!!!

I happily took my number and went in! Mich gotten in too!! We were relatively at the front (1st section for the press). We waited a while, and we saw Omma gotten in too!!!!

We hugged and jumped and played. Met my other eonni there too, was happy to see everyone.

By the way, eonni, you look YOUNG!! O.O never get to recognize you!

We had so much fun while waiting. Chatting and taking pictures like bunch of teenagers.

Nearer to time, we went for a wash room break, came back into the venue found everyone on their feet! O.O

We never lose much of our place, thank god!

DJ Jeremy went on stage and collected questions from the fans. ^^

And after a short questions asking among the fans, DJ went backstage.

Next moment we know, Jeremy announced that Hyun Joong was there in the venue!

And then, not even a short wait later, DJ came on stage and introduced him out!!!

He was dressed too handsome that I lost of words to described! And I thought of I will be able to hi5 him in this.........

Hyun Joong appears to be on a great mood today, he talked a lot on himself, welcoming the fans, introducing himself, and said thank you to us. ^^ he even happily answered all questions asked by the fans. ^^

And he was so cute when DJ asked him to say "Aku Cinta Malaysia." He said it like a question. hahahahaha!!

Then very fast, came the time for hi5. Both Mich and I hold there for a while to take more pictures/ videos..

ROFL to see he turned his hi5 event into a handshaking event..

TS, which you prefer? I think handshake not bad leh. XD

Then we go up near the end, not long after Pluto.

I have myself prepared, 3rd time seeing him close, I more or less controlling myself well. I have my camera off and hung on my neck, not using when on stage. My drawing in the left hand and my right hand free to shake his hand.

Michelle let me go up first. hahaha! I was looking at him all the while as I walked up.

When it was my turn, Hyun Joong look into my eyes (Almost died).. I remember holding his hand, he gave me a small smile, spacing off into 4D land a bit.

I beginning to think it's me, why is he always space out when he sees me? >.< He never even notice my drawing on the left!!

Unwilling to go down like this, I shook my drawing on my left to catch his attention.

He slowly came back, frowned at the drawing a bit, then his eyes widen.

Next thing, he given me a full blast little-boy-gotten-his-favorite-toy smile. I mean it, full blast! Stronger than what he gave me last December! This is not just grateful, he showed me he likes the drawing! I passed that to him, he took it and passed to his guard.

(And please note that, as all this happened, his hand is holding on to mine.. so that counted at 1/4 of a minute our hands lingered there~~~~~)

I finally gotten one of my dream came true! To give my idol my my drawing of him personally, cause it is always asking one of my friend pass to my idols in the pass.. And I gotten the reaction, the reaction is GREAT!!

That smile! That short few minutes made my day! In fact, it made my whole trip to Malaysia the best of everything!

Kim Hyun Joong, thank you! For making me love you, for giving me all the great time in my life, making so many great friends I can happily chat with. If God give me one more chance to choose again whether or not to fall for you, I will still choose to fall, cause you're not only the most perfect man I ever know, you're AMAZINGLY true and caring!
I love you!

Both Mich and I were not planning to go for Monday TFS Malaysia event, taking 11.50pm night flight back Singapore. We were both satisfied with our star chasing, though tired and hurt a bit for all the running and banging and squeezing and lugging around heavy cameras. My right hand is still hurting as I type, so yeah, I have evidences. hahaha!

Me and my Drawing! I given him the one on the left, the completed one. ^^

Omma and ET me!

Posed for Red.FM photographer with my drawing. O.o surprised when I saw it actually came up. hahaha!

I have a good time and I am so glad to meet all the Triple S! Thank you for always being here and glad to know you!

Now, if you not yet meet Hyun Joong in person, you have my blessing, do go see him one day, and wish you will make your own best memory with him.

Now... I am waiting to see him again next year at his concert!

And I will see you too!!

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  1. i was fangirling on your blog while imagining these events in my head...GAH!! really wished i could see him one day!!! xD

  2. Reading this fanacc, wah, I'm dying of jealousy already! Kya!

    To sum up as a whole, you held HyunJoong hand for nearly 30 secs and nearly 10 secs moments next to him! And wow, he looked at you during the photograph session! *drools*

    Haha, too bad I couldn't meet up with you and others this time :( But I'll make it next time!

  3. @ Yanna, @ Stephanie,
    No need to be jealous/envy, rather than that, let's just hope you will get lucky next time and see him close as I am, get to hold his hand, maybe get a hug by him? XD XD And see him perform. See all SS501 performs if we can. Hehehe! Let's see them together~!

  4. i had a great time too... this year was a good one as i manage to get Hi5, pic with HJ and HJ siggy on my LE !!!

    Fangirling is great !! Makes me feel young all over again...

    KissKiss & Love ya ^^

    Omma aka modern_mum @ twitter