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Park Jung Min in Singapore! [17/03/2011 -- 19/03/2011]

Fan Account on Jung Min Trip to Singapore

This is a mixture of luck and hard work~I gotten to see him for quite lots~Good enough for me to last a life time remembering how I see my third bias in Singapore!

Why would I saw it's luck?Well,I bet you will say it's lucky of me as well,and also lots of thanks to my friends.Someone never know how grateful I really feel I guess.

Airport Day

Well,on the 17th,I went to the airport,reached by 5.30pm,and we started to do fanboard and also design the present for Jung Min,tough job.We had fun,playing and laughing around,doing things we love,waiting for JungMin's arrival.

The crowd is not quite big,not as expected,considering the next day is a Friday but holidays for students.Cal eonni was disappointed,but I am thinking it's still OK.

Jung Min's plane arrived by 9.30pm,and the environment is already tense by then.We were prepared,waiting behind the barricade,especially after Ah Ken arrived in the airport as well,we were practically high.The Most Hyper Girl award went to Adiana (Of course,a hyper girl with her BIAS coming to town,LOL) who jumped around and keep laughing and just cannot stop for a moment (And it reminds me of myself when Hyun Joong was in town.),which,well,is funny.
Kik was there too~And hyper as ever,but well,Adi is still the most hyper one of the day.

He came out around 10pm,we all can see him through the glasses,and he was waving the moment he saw us.I guessed he expected some crowd outside.

Out of the 3 SS501 members who came to town,he is the friendliest one (Or is that maknae?), keep waving and smiling and he was playing with his phone as well.I took a few fancam when he was inside,but all not quite clear as my little Samsung Galaxy can't really zoom.But I am still happy with 1 or 2 close up videos I took.

He came out by 11.22 pm.Everyone went crazy yelling and screaming.

He walked quite fast,but I can say it's better than Hyun Joong,who bullet walked.LOLOL.
He was waving the whole time.And he took the flower my friend,Del who bought for him.And I heard from Cal eonni that she touched him.

*jeaous,jeaous* LOLOL


Day 1 event I didn't go.Working.And it's a press con which need to charge me anyway.LOL.I was seeing everyone's tweet though and knew a lot of them had so much fun,kinda wish I was there,but not really also.

Day 2 Event : Fansigning

Never thought I can go for this FanSigning event,cause that day I am supposed to work.But early morning I had a serious menstrual cram,and I went for doctor,who given me a day off,and some meds.I took 2 tablets and the pain was subsided after half an hour,leaving me planning to go Jung Min event in Square 2.

I asked Mer to go with me cause I know she will be going,and we went out by 11 plus,with me keep nagging her to get her be hurry.We reached the venue early enough for me to put up my standie banner and also gotten a good spot at level 2 to see him at Barcelos Flame Grilled Chicken,I had a Chicken Fillet Burger,with Mild Peri spicy.And I had to tell you,it is very delicious.So there I was,enjoying my slightly pricy meal and wait for JungMin to come,cursing my yfrog cause I can't upload the picture of the view I took.LOL.

I watched as the place filled up,it's pretty crowded,and I am so glad that it is.Kik,Dyianna and her friend was standing at the side where Jung Min came in. ^^

Ah Ken arrived and again,made the whole place went crazy and tensed.

JungMin arrived very handsome,friendly and very tall.Dressed in light blue(My favorite blue!) jacket and white shirt and black pants,handsome and stylish,as always ^^.He smiled and waved at everyone all the way as he proceeded down the escalator to the venue.I took a fancam. *uploading*

On stage,he is super friendly,waving to everyone in front and to those of us upstair.He looks very happy to see us all there,and I bet he is,isn't you,Park Jung Min?

Then he went on striking 3 sexy pose for us upon Ah Ken's request,for us to take pictures/videos.We were all yelling.
Aigooo...Sexy Charisma ah,you just killed every girls on the spot you know?Even the 2 girls beside me who is not a Triple S went gaga over you.kekeke.

The next thing you did was jump down the stage and take picture with your fans.Lucky first row girls who gotten you so near...We all are going OMIGOD at the moment when you suddenly put your arms around the four girls.I totally screamed..And you know what,it was a while since I scream that loud.LOL.

So the fansign started after JungMin took a rest inside.He did a lot of cute movements,like doing hands warm up,and then opening the pen caps with his teeth,making Ah Ken comment him being dirty,and he teased Ah Ken a lot,like giving him the pen cap,hahaha.

Fansigning started,we those who upstair keep calling something like "Park Jung Min,Saranghae!","Park jung Min,Not Alone!" and "Park Jung Min,我爱你!" which made him finally looked up and merong at us ( stuck his tongue out to tease us.) I can see he had fun,LOL.

Michelle joined us later,coming up here and use her amazing camera and took more HD fancam.I bet she will share soon.

We watched til the end of the fansign,while lots of girls went off to chase after him in the middle.And after Jung Min left,I went to pick up my banner (OK,i am a little protective of that little baby...Oh well,it's my little baby~~~) and found my way down the escalator is blocked.Then I realize it's the place where Jung Min will be leaving Square 2 from!!
So camera readied(It's my phone,duh!) and I took another short close up fancam of him. :D totally satisfied by my day~!!Not bad for a girl who never expect to see her idol at all huh?

We never go home that night.I went with Adi to her house to slightly cleaned up and recharge my phone batts.Then off we go again.

We reached Vivo City by 11pm,and then we find a place in Starbucks,sat down and wait for Michelle to come.I was so happy to find a power point and continue to charge my phone.

When Michelle came,we went to check out on movies,then we went to St.James o check whether there is any TS queuing up.It's not a good spot for queuing cause the clubs and pubs are still opening.We found 2 girls,and they said they will be queuing there.We left them after a brief discussion and go for a movie "I am Number 4",I love the show~!

After the show we went to queue.At start,I was like I don't wanna sleep,cause I am on hyper mood,and there is music,there are friends.In the end I fell asleep.Middle of the night,Mich woke me up,saying it's about time for us to queue.Then there was a guy sitting next to me.He was drunk and he asked for my number...??!! I was so blur but now thinking of it,if it wasn't Mich,I am not sure what will happen.His friend pulled him away at the end.So girls,really,next time if you wanna queue outside overnight,you can't really sleep like I did.It isn't safe.

We went in front to queue at Dragonfly by 6 plus 7am.Some other ladies were there,who with some misunderstanding almost quarrel with the 2 Triple S who came and queue there with us.We calmed both parties down,and finally gotten a good queue without anymore incidents.

Day 3 Event : Fan Meeting
I wasn't even sure why was I queuing there for the start.I didn't even buy a ticket for the showcase,and both Michelle and Adi gotten the ticket to go in.

The eonni who at first about to fight with the girls sat behind us,and started with us some SS501 101facts...

We went for breakfast by 8am,thinking that Starbucks will be opened by the time.And when we reached...It's not.We walked over to Harbor Front for Mac instead.
Happy Breakfast at Mac,and we all joking and laughing and playing.

Went back to queue by 9am,and I grabbed my charger(Forgotten to bring the 1st round) and went to Starbucks.Sat there for about 2 hours with a Java Chips Fruppucino and read...Napped some of the time away when my eyes were too tired to stay open,and then kept reading.I waited til my phone is 80% charged before going back to queue,which when I went there is 11am plus.

Found both Mich and Adi were sleeping when I reached our queue.I had to laugh.

They both woke up a few moments after I sat there.And I asked them to go refresh and eat.They did.And I waited on my own,played songs and write some lyrics and hoping it will be good......

Both of the girls come back with lots of stuffs,like Starbucks,noodles and wet towel.....
The sun is already gotten quite hot by then.We talked a bit,I played with my phone,and I slept.Middle through the heat,I gotten Rachel eonni's tweet that JungMin's fanmeeting event in Malaysia,which I am planning to go,may be canceled...
Imagine how down I was when I saw that....All I could do right then was really plug into my music and tried not to think.Sounds of Ma-kun and Hyun Joong in my ears made me feel better,but it couldn't really raise my spirit.I cried a bit,thinking that I couldn't see JungMin for real now.Last time was Hyung Jun,now again...It's depressing.

I guessed I fell asleep,cause the next thing I know,they were waking me up and the sky is dark.Yong Qi reached by then,and more than ever,I feel like going home,shower and rest,forgetting the whole freaking business.But Mich and Adi won't let me...

I sighed and wait til Jeslyn join us.Probably cause it's late and also cause it's gonna rain (Or was it raining),she was here in a quick rush,saying hi.Few of them rushed to the booth to buy products,I went along but being chased back.Weird,I suspect something is on,but I don't know what.It was raining,and both me and Yong Qi quickly find shelter.I was not feeling quite well then,bit disoriented cause lack of sleep and encountered heat and rain.I waited til they come back,cause it's raining and I can't go anywhere.

Suddenly,Adi produced to me a ticket to go into the fanmeeting~!

She and Michelle both bought that for me,so I can go in with them to see JungMin~
Imagine how I feel right then,surprised.Scolded them shouldn't waste money for me...But couldn't help feeling touched,happy,cause I can see JungMin.
Eeek~Girls,you will just spoil me this way.Don't do that anymore,please. >.<
And I love you girls to the max.

So I got to go in with them,starting to get the hype now.And not long later,they securities came out and check ticket and everything.By 4.30pm,we got to go in.

It's cold inside,also additional with me gotten wet from the rain outside.I can't imagine those at the back with no shelter at all...
I am at the first row inside~~!!Although the barricade is high,the view is still good~OMG~
I felt really tense when I see how good a view I've got.It's the kind of place where you can see what he is doing and he can see you.And I looked around,then I realize I am the only one in first row dress in RED~!OMG~I wanted to change but it's impossible,cause the crowd is already too thick and he will be coming out anytime soon.

Then Ah Ken came out and make everyone high,cause now we all know,when he comes out,meaning JungMin will come out soon that Ken now is here.
He did,and the 1st song he gave us is "If you Cannot",we all sang along.
I,who was having sore throat,did my best on the high vocal part,and when I was singing,he is also singing,and he did an unexpected thing : he looked straight into my eyes and sang one sentence with me!!
It's like we were singing duet~!
Automatically,I smiled at him,cause I am so happy I am not sure what I was doing,I know I was smiling...
And he returned me back a bright smile of his~
Oh My GOD!I think I wanna faint at that moment.

Throughout the whole fanmeeting,we had so much fun.JungMin is friendly,funny and he used chinese a lot,teasing Ah Ken,saying "我讨厌你 (I don't like you) !" and then teasing the fans on stage and off.Those lucky girls who can play games with him is so lucky~Everyone gotten a hug~!I want!

Funny thing is when we make a 3 steps for showing our love to JungMin.We were to say "Park JungMin,Saranghae!我爱你!I Love You" and muak a fly kiss to him.He did the same back to us.

And he mentioned everyone of us is his girlfriend...He repeated that alot.

Totally regrets is when Ah Ken asked who know how to dance "Not Alone",I never expect they just need us to dance the "Down down down down,no no no no" part,or I will sure want to be on stage!I don't dare,refused when Tiffany eonni tried to raise my hand.Total regrets....Aigoo...

JungMin fed a cake to the lucky winner~~!!!Well,I was thinking that she isn't suppose to win,but she cried when JungMin touched her,and JungMin make her the winner cause he don't know what to do.
We all ooh and ahh when he fed her...

We went so crazy when he came over to the front and sat at the side.I tempted to hold my hand out to him,but the barricade......*sigh*
Know that YongQi touched him.LOLOL.

Higher point is when JungMin picked a question and all those who being picked can go up on stage.
I forgotten to paste mine on the board.LOL...
Well,just regrets,especially when all the winners got to take a intimate Polaroid picture with him.
I can't believe he Princess hug a girl~!! *jealous,jealous* Lucky girl~
Bad JungMin...LOL...

Found JungMin really funny when he said that we all are his girlfriend...
Eh...JungMin,you bad boy~tease me like this more,later Leader will beat you.Who say you can touch his wife?kekekeke,kidding girls,calm.

My phone batts ran out by the end of the fanmeeting event.I could do nothing but oooh and ahh and let Mich take everything.

Funny thing is when he tried to leave the stage,even before he really gone down from the stage,we yelled "Encore".Ah Ken was like,"Eh,how you girls know we have encore?",LOL.
Well,obvious answer for Ah Ken,"Of course,he just sang one song from his new album,and we were expecting Not Alone."

Finally,he came back up for encore.Singing "Do You Know?"
He totally smiled when he realized we know the fan chant.And then he went into concentrated into his song.
I wasn't sure what went into me.After the 1st chorus I feel like crying.Inside me,I was like,almost,just like that 1% of chances,I can't even see him like this.Malaysia fanmeeting may be,most probably will be canceled.And yet,I am here,looking at him,he was singing my favorite song,looked into my eyes for a few times in a night...
The next thing I know,I had a hard time chanting Park JungMin.And totally lost myself in tears when he reached the 2nd chorus.
I tried to stop,but I can't.JungMin noticed...LOL.He saw that his fans crying,and he kept looking over.I keep on trying to control,but I can't.I was so touched.If it's not Michelle and Adi,I can't even see JungMin in real,so near to me until he noticed me crying.
Oh My God.
And the videoman also caught me crying.And I was like..OMG!Don't!!!
But I know I am caught on video.Just pray now that he won't make it into any official release products or videos of any kind,or I will really cry.LOL.
Michelled and Tiffany eonni both like,"Oh My,don't cry".Thinking back on this,it's funny,bit.

That goodbye is brief.We ran out hoping to see him.
We never see him board the van,but he did waved to us,using his handphone ( Iphone 3~~~~ Why not 4?? ) and knocked against the dark tinted glass for us to see.Funny him.

Well,now just hope that he will change his Iphone to Iphone 4 to use the amazing casing we designed for him.

We went for dinner before going home.When we reached Tanah Merah,I considered going to airport with Adi.But quickly rejected my thoughts cause we never know when he will be boarding the plane,and also whether he used normal entrance or VIP.
It turned out that he used the normal one.And total regrets for both Adi and me.LOL.

Oh well,I am satisfy.Cause I gotten to see him finally.And even though just for that event,and even though I am not one of the lucky girls who gotten to touch him,I am happy.Happy for I can see him like this even he is my 3rd bias.

Jung Min Ah,Jung Min~!! You just given us the amazing fanmeeting.Sorry for you to see me crying.If you can see this,I have to tell you that I am crying cause I am so happy to see you,and you're so warm and so amazing in stage~!Thank you,oppa,kamsahamnida,for making that few hours the best of my year 2011.I love you much~!!!!

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