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Kim Hyung Jun to Singapore [29/08/2010 -- 31/08/2010]

Been away from Computer for 2 and a half days,thought tonight I can finally update and do something,then realized my mom took out my plug and now I only have less then one hour to online,not like I have a good day myself,my trip to see Maknae freaking fails and she still doing this,damn frustrated now!

Maknae came to Singapore,I shall be happy,but strangely also not happy cause I can't go to the fanmeet,his fanmeeting just came too soon,and it's not enough time for me to prepare money for this trip,and last month the problem with my boss happened,I am practically broke and still owing Michelle money...So I gave up going to that one...To me, $50 one is not worth cause you can only see him far away...Then $180 one too expensive that I can't and won't borrow from my friend,even a $128 one I won't wanna use that money for him,not now,not when I am broke and in debt,OK?

So yeah,I don't have a ticket and I didn't go to see him..Yet I am planning to go to the Malaysia one on 9th October,without telling my mom about the trip.She will just freaks when she finds out,but tell her,she will also not let me...So FORGET it,OK?

Well,so the past two and a half day I was all around chasing Maknae... ^^
Went to the Airport on 28 Aug,planned on 3pm and I reached there 4plus..I know I am the best...But at last I finished the sign board and the letter to Junnie still,so it's still OK,I am still satisfied and happy.The sign board,not too good,and it's A4 size,but it's not bad also.I hope Yong Qi didn't destroy it,or I will kill her myself.

Met up with Cal eonni,who is someone I heard a lot of times but never get to know,she is friendly.And another fans named Cakeekiss,and her sister and her cousins,they are a whole family Kpop fans,which is cool.And her mom also Kpop fans..Nice..haha,I love mom like that..hahaha..

And another funny thing is that Yong Qi,who promised me to come meet us at 5 pm,reached finally at 7 plus,took about 3 hours to come here...NICE right?Cal eonni said that she came from Johor,cause it took her so long to come.Seriously,her time estimation is amazing,better ask her to be there 2 hours before any important event starts..

So,8 plus and we gotten the border already,and we all sit by there,I finish up the stuffs last minute and we talked about all crazy ideas.There are Merlin,who was there quite early as well,and has been helping sms-ing everyone who is coming that where we are and what we are doing and so one,she is the best,haha..And there is Cakeekiss,and her cousins and her sister,and her mom,and then there is Yong Qi,Cal eonni and Adi,just a group for the few of us,and we went waiting for Maknae excitedly..

Well,we stood opposite TSSG and was happily waiting,planning how to make Maknae stares at our side.I really don't like the fact that TSSG are shooting glaces at us and talking about things we gonna do,well,not a fan of them,and you should know I just say what I feel.

Took a pic of their banner since their are directly opposite us.

He came out by 10 plus and it was quite fast,we can't get his attention,cause he was over at TSSG there.The whole thing went very fast and we can't even call see him much he was gone.He is very handsome though,guess you all saw some pictures already,blue button down,glasses....

I can't even get a cam cause I am not train for that yet...So yeah..It was actually not that spazzy for me at all.

But what gotten me excited lastly is not the brief glaces of Hyung Jun,it's my eonni from inside...

Well,I am in TSMY and I have some friends inside,she bought an air ticket to fly over from Malaysia just to see him in the duty-free area in airport.She waited for 2 hours inside..hahahaha,cool of her to do that.

Inside,she met Maknae and gotten his signature on his album,so so so cool xia?And she also able to take pictures and record videos of him really close.And she called me from time to time to tell me what she is doing and all that,I was really excited with and for her,you know?When she said she gotten Maknae to sign for her,I was like ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! And my friends all going crazy with me already.It was a really good way to get near him,you know?hahaha...

She finally out,and due to my request she gotten another small signature for Merlin,cause she love Junnie much I just ask for eonni to do me a favor....
When my eonni came back and find me,and she passed Mer the signature,we went on spazzing and screaming at the airport exit,even the door won't close with us standing there,we never noticed..Until Adi did..hahahaha...We went all crazy over her superclear and near shots...They are amazing,I shall share it next...Now battery low,I shall update tomorrow,wait for the rest. ^^


 Kya~I am back hehehehe..
But morning,my body is throwing me tantrums,which is weird...UGH~I don't feel like eating nor sleeping,but light-headed..weird?
It's Independent day for Malaysia,but not here in Singapore..

OK,I promised you all I will share some pictures from my friend right?She is amazing..hahaha,the shots superclear~How I wish i have a DSLR as well~!!

Credit : Rachel @ DS Family
Please do not HOTLINK Pictures.

[image] [image] [image]

[image] [image] [image]

[image] [image] [image]

[image] [image] [image]

[image] [image] [image]

[image] [image] [image]

And adding a video :
Credit : Rachel @ DS Family

So can you see why are we so excited and spazz so crazily at the entrance?Hahahaha...
I screamed really loud for a long while as well.. ^^ Don't even care about the glances TSSG are shooting at us as we did that.ROFL...

And then we just went on talking to that eonni there,and sent her off to take plane home.What's the best about her is that she just coming here for 1 trip,and go back on the next flight...I seriously giving her thumbs up for her dedication.

Went home after that and then Cal eonni told us about she will be stalking Maknae at hotel with Quainte's Xiao Chu eonni...And she invited us to follow,of course we did..And even though we reached home after 12 midnight,we gotta get ourselves to sleep in order to meet Cal eonni at Tampines MRT by 7.45am..I woke at 6.20am the next morning and started my stalking the 2nd day.

So next we went Mac for breakfast (OK,Mac again...) and we met up Xiao Chu eonni and her friends who are stalking Maknae.He is staying at Fairmont Hotel,somewhere in City hall which I now know how to go,but don't know the road name or exact location on the map..LOLLL..

We waited inside..And very excited and hoping to see Maknae soon..Maybe we were too loud,we gotten the attention of the staffs and they chased us out....

Then all eonni took their turn to sneaked back inside one by one,we all did so...And once in,we pretend to be a guest there,and looking at the map and travel booklet from Cal eonni..LOL..Clever huh?

As we were in Hotel,Adi playing with her phone... XP

We waited and kept on seeing the increasing of TS coming..Hoping they can be quieter and trying to be invisible...
About 11am,we once again being chased out,all of us TS who are waiting..And we just stood by the front door,waiting...

One of the thing pissed me off is that the TSSG who are lying,tweeted up that Maknae left 20minutes ago as we're still waiting outside Fairmont and see no one out yet.
The Hotel staffs started to became tensed as times passed by...And we can know that he is still inside,and we kept on waiting.

Then the dancers came out,and they boarded the white van,and there is a black car with plate 8888B which we suspected is Maknae's car..hahaha..Which it is...
We waiting along side the exit and felt like welcoming everyone in and out...I think it's a weird sight for the tourist..LOLLLL...There is red carpet somemore..LOLLL...

Finally the security came down and they kept order,told us to just go the the right side(Exit's left) and we all did,squeezed there also..Many have camera readied,and waiting...

I didn't take many pictures,especially not of Maknae cause my phone camera is so lame,but I did took something around me,for example,the car Maknae was riding when he was here...

Maknae's ride and the plate number,who interested in buying 4D?LOLLLLL

Maknae came out,wearing a light Grey T-shirt with cute,I am sure someone have the fancam,later I will update that on the right board. ^^
He passed very fast again,and the security blocked most of our views.Without the intention to chase after his car is a good thing cause after Maknae boarded the car,everyone went on to their van already and we are the few left there waving to him.He waved back out the WINDOW~!!Walao~!
And I took the chance to show him my drawing of him (Erm...Picture up soon?) ^^ and when he was waving out the window,I stood right at the window with that picture,he suddenly became more alert,and i think he saw the drawing(Can't really tell since he is with sunglasses on,but a big possibility~).I hope he does remember that though..LOLLLL..

After he left then we gotten on a taxi and went after him to Republic Poly where the showcase is.Our friends Yong Qi and Glynn was already there.And when we reached,we gotten to know that he also just reached..

We hung around,until the showcase started.talking and spazzing..

And when our friends left,we decided to leave RP,but met Safi on the way going..LOLLL..
Then we hung around,talking and discovered that he is in the VIP room,taking pictures with the Red category and the lucky winners..he wore white,caught a few glimpse there,he kept waving at us,but Warner was pushing us away to avoid us getting shots of him.. *sad* T_T

We were there the whole day after that,found his car at the backstage where they unload.And I took pictures of the car again..


We waited for him,but after the showcase ended,he never come out for a long time..In the end we went home,sad,cause unable to see him..There went my 2nd day of stalking,the night time in nothing I can say since unrelated...

Yesterday,is supposed to be the day he going home.I know that he is having a party in his hotel room at 12 pm,that's an inside source..^^
I was thinking,debating to myself whether should I go ION and see can I meet him buying LV bags there...But in the end,I slept til 1 plus in the afternoon,woke up and lazy,so stayed home until 7pm and went airport.
Airport trip was a failure,Maknae went via VIP route.We went on chatting with some TSMY who took the trip down just to see maknae..We were all disappointed,but I did managed to pass him letter through the dancers..Went and asked them for the favor.

Happy meeting the TSMY,they are funny..LOLLL...
We went on laughing until side hurts...

One thing I am sure after this though,I am so taking flight to the fanmeet in Malaysia and try to meet maknae inside,see if he can remember my drawing of him or not..LOLLL..

Til next time girls~This is long~WOW~!


Some pics from the Airport trip,just adding...

Credit : Rachel @ DS Family
Please do not HOTLINK Pictures
Credit : @violettacal from twitter.

Just found Cal eonni and I took some pictures from her Twitpic. ^^Hope she doesn't mind.
Thanks for the upload eonni~ ^^
The sign board or 501%Love I did for Maknae~~!!!
He is out!He is teasing us!ARGH!Maknae!
Cal eonni and Merlin,I found That I like this shot~
See the signature at their hands?That's the signature my friend from Malaysia gotten Merlin~~So good!

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