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Kim Hyung Jun 2nd Time in Singapore [16/06/2011 -- 18/06/2011]

It's 2 days after the event, work started again, but I miss this cute, gentle bear of mine. XP
Let's just record down my feelings and my experience for these few days so it will not be forgotten,OK?

*** Though I doubt it will be forgotten at all, Maknae made sure my meeting with him unforgettable~

On the 16th June, his arrival.
Stuck in office the whole day, and his flight arrive at 2.15 pm in the afternoon, didn't go see... Jealous, went all wild on Hyun Joong winning MNet and HyunSaeng moment after that. End of story.

On the 17th June, fan meeting day...
To tell the truth, I have been getting ready for this day for quite a while.
Gotten my ticket end of last month, and gotten readied the gift for him a week beforehand, gotten my nails painted green/yellow 4 days before, gotten my dress chosen 2-3 days before and then on this day gotten 2 drawings of him laminated. One for giving him, the other for showing him. XP

**This is the one I showed him --More later-- while stupid me did not take pics of the one I gave him. T_T

My Toy turtle for him.. XP

Woke up very early on that day --6.45am??-- and get ready to meet him.
Dressed up for the day, in my black dress with fishnet pantyhose, very sexy looking that even I cannot stand myself wearing it. But really look nice. XP I totally get attention on my way to work. People must be looking at me thinking, where is this girl going ah...?

The whole day I was stuck in the office, checking tweets like every other minute, and gotten more and more excited till work also wanna throw aside as time gets nearer. By 3.00pm, I am already trembling, 4.00pm, my hands are shaking and I cannot even type properly. By 5.00pm, I am praying no more new emails and call for me (Still have, till about 6.00pm) and by 6.00pm, I already rush out of office, hopped on the train and rush towards Sundec, ignoring my legs hurting (Some glitches on my platforms poking my left heel as I walked) just rush over cause that's what my anxious mind asked me to do.

Reached Sundec Rock Auditorium by 7.00pm (Or before, I was not keeping track of time once I reached Sundec), lots of Triple S was there already. Anxiously looked for Michelle and Jeslyn, but never see them. Then i found Allie (Finally meet!) talked to her and also other TS I knew from 1 time meeting, from dance class, friends who really in my little group.... Wow, I was busy! LOL.

Finally caught my girls, and Adi also found someone selling tickets, and she bought CAT 1 with SGD100.00 to go in with all of us (hooray!!)

Gotten goodies from Only Jun, love every thing:

Then we were there talking and taking photos and laughing... (BTW where are my pictures??) while waiting for the organizer allow us to go in.

By 8.00pm (After Rachel eonni rushed over), we finally can go in. I was at E30, center of the 5th row. Once I was seated, I was like... WHOA~ Cause my view is perfectly center! LOL.
Thought it would be cold, but no, the place was just at the perfect temperature.

We didn't wait for long til Ah Ken comes out and talk.
And it was a short talks, he introduced Hyung Jun. Once he did the place went dark.

And then Hyung Jun came out...

Dressed in white singlet, with stylish black jacket and black pants, he performed us his hot track, Oh! Ah!
I wanted to enjoy the show, but couldn't help recording the fan meet with the cam I borrowed from Mom. LOL, my hand is shaking so badly during the show, cause of the excitement and I was totally too charmed by Junnie to focus my camera properly.

He is very cute all the way, with a charming, manly side of him showing occasionally.
And he knows how to play a bit sexy too, just that, he really shy after he does something like that.

Totally in love with his interaction with Ah Ken. ^^ He keep joking and making all of us fans laughing like no tomorrow.

Especially when Ah Ken mentioned does he want to work with Park Jung Min, Jun was like, "Jung Min? He is not sexy, he is not cute, he is Jung Min. He is a horse!" That gotten all of us screaming and laughing.

Aww~ And Jun want us fans to say to him is that his songs are very nice. ^^

But when Ah Ken asked us whether he is sexy, handsome, Jun was like, "Shut up!" then he was like " So shy"... Ahh!! Oppa!!

When Ah Ken taught him Singlish, his reaction was so cute!
I can't help loving his impatience to learn Singlish after Ken mentioned that with Singlish he can maybe get a Singapore girlfriend. He was like, "Hurry up, hurry up!" LOL!
He very fast caught up on the usage of "Lah", "Meh" and "Xia". And after he learn, he keep pointing at Ken and say, "Handsome meh?" making Ken complained. Playful maknae!

2nd Song was Girl, which is a very hot track that I love for long time even since before the official track was released.

And then came the time to pick lucky fans on stage (Once again, no luck....). The first fans up have Maknae drew him a portrait. He keep asking us to call him "Artist" when he drew. LOL. And when the girl (A Thailand fan) mentioned her name is Au, (Pronounced as Oh) Maknae totally went wide eyes and try to make sure the name is really call Oh? (Ah Ken added, is there an Ah over there?) LOLOL!

Apparently his drawing is more "Oh and Ah" than real thing. LOL.
But I guess any fans (including me!) will be more than happy to get the drawing for themselves. ^^

After that have 5 more fans up on stage, then there was the very special Polaroid photo taking section.
The girls have to pick, and have to touch one part of herself to one part of him and take picture. There was combination of elbow with knee, elbow with hair and all that.. funny reaction from maknae every combinations. ^^ Jun actually worried the pictures are not nice and requested for another photo with them, how sweet of him!

And then came the high point of choose the last fans, and Hyung Jun handpicked a girl from Russia (I think we know what Jun's "Hot" type of girl is, XP). This lucky girl gotten herself a chance to let Jun sing "I Am" to her! (*scream*) But OMG, she is so calm! I cannot believe if it was me... OMG.. Oh well, I never am born in this luck.

He came back out in all white after a moment.
And he was singing 다른여자 말고 너, he asked us to stand up and went high with him. keke..

After that came my favorite song, "Heaven". The whole place immediately quiet down, with no noise except Junnie's amazing vocal and the music. Heard that a lot people cried on that song, I didn't, manage to hold it back. But yes, his vocal touched me. JUN! YOU SHOULD SING MORE SONGS LIKE "HEAVEN"!!

When he watched SGTS video to him, he tried to be strong. Though we all can see tears in his eyes, he never cry. Well done Maknae, you grown up! XD

I love the part that, even when he is deeply touched and wanted to cry, he still can make fun of the situation and let his humor infect us all, making us laugh the whole night.

Laughed out loud at his shock expression when Ken announced his last song of the night.

He ended the Fanmeeting with UR Man, I am so so so very very touched to hear a SS501 song live, even if it's only Jun solo singing the song, he did amazing, and he is forever in my heart the cute Jun, with a little bit sexy, little bit manly, 100% funny and playful. The song UR Man was amazing, completed with strong SS501 fanchant that we all missed so much.

After a round of screaming and cheering, he came back out with another amazing performance of Oh!Ah! and Girl, making all of us high during the last part of the fan meeting. My camera ran out of memory at the starting of UR Man so I not manage to take anything to got all performances ached into my brain now. ^^ He looked at me (my direction) sweared with a few times eye connection throughout the performance (Best thing of sitting in the middle!!)!!

After the fanmeet, there is a fansign!!

I stayed for signature this time. Took my time checked my makeups, pack my things --included camera-- and slowly made my way to the back of the queue. I never am someone who rush to let him sign. XP

We have to leave our present to him (Mine a turtle with rabbit hat!!) in a plastic bag (CTS prepared gabbage bag..........................). I took my drawing (One he saw before last year when he came Singapore) up on stage. Calm and nervous at the same time... OMG~!

Michelle went first... I behind her...

When I reached there...

Me: (Holding the drawing and watched him chopped his "choppograph" on my poster") Oppa, saranghae!

Him: (Finished chopping, looked up with a smile, palms up readied, kept smiling) nado! [Me too!]

Me: (Looked at him, melting at his smile, then remembered I should hi-5 him...)

Him: (Smiling and just waiting...)

Me: (Let go my drawing, and put my hands into his opened palms)

Him: (Caught them tightly, keep smiling. Then he saw the drawing which slide towards him. Let go of my hands, pick up the drawing)

Me: Oppa, you remember this?

Him: (Smiles) Yigeo yepuyo! (This is beautiful)

Me: (-.- ||)

Him: (Thought it's his gift...)

Guard: (Passed me his poster)

Me: (Took the picture right back out of his hands) This I won't give you! (Turned and go. Not before noticing....)

Him: (Taken aback, blinked blinked..... then turned to Rachel eonni.)

AWW!!! Poor Jun! kekekeke, no that my drawing not giving YOU! especially when he not remembered!
Actually all this happened less than 10 minutes, feel like very long isn't it? OMG! It will forever ache in my heart! Choppography or not, my SGD188.00 worth cause of the funny interaction with him there!!

After we went out, we saw Fairmont Singapore hotel printed on Jun poster, then we went to the hotel as well. Slowly walked over, and after we reached we still waited for 2 hours outside, which is hot and I am tired and my legs are killing me...

Adi managed to get a pass from one of the guys working for CTS. ^^ LOLOL~~

By 12 plus, one of the guard? CTS worker? came and tell us that he is reaching. So we went and line up by the doorway. This time, kinda like deja vu, but I am nearest to the glass door.
Before he reached, his guard came over, saying: "You can say good night to him, you can hi-5 with him, just no grabbing, OK?" we all obediently went "OK!"

Come on! We are Triple S! We will NEVER hurt our oppa one loh!!

Then there he comes. In black T-shirt and sun-glasses (Yes! Sunglasses in the middle of the night!)

I was holding the drawing (once again) and holding out my hand, hoped to hi-5.

When he reached me, he not hi-5 me...

OMG! His grip is sooooooo STRONG! I totally gone OMG!

And he was like saying good night! Thank you! all the way... Sweet him!

That night I went home by 2.00am, slept by 2.30am...

Day 3, Airport Day!!

Woke up at 4.43 am, and got ready to go out and see him off at airport.

Went met up Adi and took bus to take first train to Airport.

When we were at the train to Changi Airport (Train was between Expo and Changi Airport), Meiling called up Adi and told her that Jun was already there.


Once the MRT reached and let us go, we just jumped out and chiong towards T3~

Ran all the way up, not enough breath...

When we reach T3, we used to time to find where is he. Then we heard screams...

And automatically, Airport turned into our 200 metre tracks! We ran all the way to the gateway to immigration!

Just reach, before really catching my my breath, I used the last breath I have to yell "Oppa annyeong!"

He automatically replied, "Annyeong!"


And really, though he looks tired, his skin is still very nice! And he has bright smiles on his face!

Went in already, we all still have not enough and went up level 3 to see him. Well, he was so cute and waved hi to us! kekeke!

Some bad quality pictures:

Him inside the immigration.

Took from Level 3~~

And when he walked out, he waved to us bye. I guess he never forget us fans who waiting for him. XP

Hyung Jun oppa ah! Please do come back Singapore! I am already missing you here! Yah! You are too cute! But keep giving us that cute charm of yours, we love you for it.
Please do remember me and my drawing of you that I never give you. Sorry I cannot give you that, cause 1, I totally love that drawing, it is my 12th attempted to draw the same picture to get it RIGHT! So mianhae, it is utterly meaningful to me. 2, I really really hope there is somehow, something you remember me by, I guess that's all the fans' hopes.

OK, I know I will see you again! Love you Jun~ DO COME BACK!

PS PS, you are the first Idol I hi-5 and shook hands with... OMG! I am totally giddy about this.. XP

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