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Kim Hyun Joong in Singapore [01/12/2010 -- 03/12/2010]

OK,I am finally getting around to type this...After 3 days...Wow,I am still too hyper to rest,while feeling tired every walking steps.Oh,well,I am fine,happily wanna share my experience and pictures and videos I have from Hyun Joong's visit to Singapore.

WARNING: This will be my blog for the whole three days,and it might consist more than Hyun Joong,but also what i felt and done along the way

This is the first time he is here,and I have to tell the truth,I never expect him to be here so soon.I thought it will be Jung Min who come after Maknae,but oh well,he was here,and he is much more charming in person than in any fancam I took,does that cover his charm?Guess not,kekeke,but you know what I mean.

I had been highing ever since I saw the "Kim Hyun Joong The Face Shop Asia Tour" poster at The Face Shop outlet @ Raffles City.I knew then,he will be coming,soon enough,but not in December soon,I must say.So I had been waiting for news online and also checking everywhere for any updated info,even went to different The Face Shop Outlets and also called to the headquarter a few times to check on the date he is coming.Then the news came when I least expected it to be,when I was at work.

Still remember that moment when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and I went into the Receiving Room and take a look at the message.It's from Jeslyn (@l0veslollipop),and in the message it was telling me Leader will be coming on the 1st Dec - 3rd Dec.That moment I saw it,my legs gave in and I was on the edge of tears.I mean,it's Leader,my bias,Leader who is coming to Singapore,FINALLY! I really can't believe it.I still remember how I scared my colleagues by my sudden reactions.LOLOL.They kept asking me am I OK,and asking me do I need tissue.I was like,OMG,Leader is coming~!!!

Hahahaha..Then it came the day when I need to queue to get the ticket.I am unable to get that day off,this is the pain of retail related works.I searched and begged and finally gotten Yong Qi to help me out to buy the ticket for me.

The night before we need to go queue up overnight in order to get that 120 tickets.
But that night is my UKiss Kings of Freedom concert night...

So once we ended there,Michelle and me went straight down to queue up already,only to have the Face Shop staffs came and chased us away.We went to watch Harry Potter and The Deadly Hallows,and I found myself slept through half the show (funny xia?).Morning came and we are safe to get the tickets. ^^ I was so happy,although dead tire cause of lack of sleeps.That day,I went to sleep half asleep,and walking around working as best as I can manage.

The girls called me right after they gotten the tickets,making it my day when they brought it down.I never feel sleepy after that,cause I am gonna see Hyun Joong soon....

Talking about soon,and then 2 weeks passed.I had an amazing also busy rushing week right before Leader's arrival,cause I am helping members here to buy the entry tickets to see Hyun Joong and drawing for him and everything else.It's not easy doing all that at once.

The members who are from Vietnam,Tina and Trinh reached Singapore the day before Hyun Joong,and I really have to thank Michelle for helping me taking care of them.

Finally the day came.I was still working at the arrival that day,and I need to rush down to get the book my customer wants so she can take it the next day.Rushed $20 ++ cab down so I won't be late for Leader.I am manage to make it way before him coming out.

Met up with Michelle,Yong Qi,Adi,Dilema,Jesslynn,and Dyinna at the airport and we all waited for Hyun Joong to come out more than 1 hours at the airport.Saw Ken was there,doing live shows.We had fun,we are so hyped up. ^^

His coming out is fast,he walked with lightning speed when he reached here ( How sad ) I can just barely get a glimpse of that face covered by black beanie and sunglasses,and due to me first time handling a camera on these events,the pictures I took all blur,what I can barely see is the back one that I put up here.

That day I was already in a hyper mood,spending the night out with Michelle (@starnite87) around central area,knowing he is staying at one of the hotels around.We slept at McDonald's,and had breakfast there before Mich rushed off to her work,and left me there drawing my 2nd pictures for Leader.By 8am,I gotten tired of sit and draw,mostly because I can't stay awake much longer if I sit,so I changed out of my TSMY T-shirt and into a normal clothes and roamed around the central area,hoping I can find the hotel Hyun Joong is staying at.Too bad my limited knowledge of Singapore Hotels and roads didn't allow me to find it.I went back my home after taking my banner.

Afternoon that day,Hyun Joong supposed to have Shop Visit at Tampines Mall,since I am living in Tampines,I am home to showered up and rest a while,which is not a long while.The place crowded up before 1pm even Leader is only going to come to Tampines Mall by 3.30pm,and I am once again,forced out of my home.

Tampines Mall is a mess,cause the crowd was HUGE by the time I reached there.I soon was surrounded by people,but managed to meet up with Michelle and Jes after some shifting places of peoples and everything.People there gotten nasty,there are some who keep pushing from behind and don't even care if they hurt the person in front just so they can get to see more of what is happening in front.There is also people who came in all the way,and just stand at the front all the way.I really found that this is not appropriate.If you're late,you just stay where you are,you can't just ask people to move away for you to come in,we were there queuing,didn't you see?And for the girl who keep pushing my bag which made my shoulders hurt like hell days after,THANKS,and may you please be more considerate next time?You have your place,what you push me for?You wanna get so close so you can't breathe,fine,but I am not gonna do that so I can suffocate,OK?
Remember,spazzies,no matter how much you wanna see the idols you love,please be considerate ya?

Anyway,just wanna highlight,I can't see a thing even I am on the 3rd row.I am lucky to get fancam cause I am tall enough.I have to stand on my toes when Hyun Joong finally came.He arrived one hour later,dressing as he was that morning,in white,looking prince like,charming and handsome.The fans went while around me,all screaming and yelling and pushing.Soon I found myself stuck in a position,unable to move cause of the numbness after I stood so long on my toes,and also cause of the people around me.I snapped as much as I can when that happened,since the only thing I can move then was my hands.

Hyun Joong was very cute that day,came with lots of sunny smile,in contrast of the rains outside.He was sincerely shocked to see the lion dance there,especially when the lion knelt down and give him a scroll.He was enjoying himself for all I know.

I was busy snapping pictures,but I did managed to catch a glimpse of him via naked eyes,I was like,OMG,he is so handsome.

The shop visit is short,but it is making everyone so hype up.
Some pictures~~
[image] [image] [image]
[image] [image] [image]
More pictures here:

I have hours to spare after dinner,planned to overnight out again,and this time Michelle and me are going to KBox for ladies night discount.At first I planned to go Marina bay Sands and stalk on Hyun Joong...

One stop from Marina Bay station,I realized I left my ticket at home.So what I can do is rush back home.And afterwards,I am just rushing straight down to Boon Lay so I won't late to meet Michelle already.At the end,Mich was late,and I spent my night at Starbucks with only my handphone to sms my friends.

Once again,I have to apologies to everyone who I ignored their messages and calls.I am just too busy.

And when Mich reached,we rushed off to KBox and had the whole 3 hours of singing,finally decided on the song I should sing for my audition,"Teardrops on My Guitar" by Taylor Swift.Here I wanna apologies to Mich,cause I am singing a lot for the whole night.

We had fun,we walked to IMM for queuing at 4am,finally admit we were too tired and took cab for the rest of the way.IMM was empty except for some 2PM fans and Tina And Trinh by the time we reached,which is 5am.Cal eonni and her friend reached by 6am ++ and by then,I am already worn out and sleeping.

Soon we found that we have to keep the queue.I am new at this,Mich and Cal eonni is taking charge in this mostly,and I really am sorry I am not that much of a help.We brought all the fans who gotten Tier 1 ticket up to level 3 at 7am ++ and arranged the queue there,doing lots of explaining till Mich getting a temper already.(Mich,mian~!!) Me?I just am feeling excited and blur and help out in anyway I can,while finishing my messages collection from Honey Hyun to him.

We are allowed to go into Sky Garden finally,and I felt excited.I took the goodies bags without seeing what's inside,and gotten the center place in the first row,which is the space with best view in the whole event.

We waited.Mich went to do some work and then clean up and put on some make up,and then I had a quick dash to washroom as well.
Come back,we were doing fancams,taking pictures of the arrangement,complaining that our banner was put too far away that it can't get attention and also chatting with each others as well as people around us.Ken came out and make the whole place wild by distributing some signed poster of Hyun Joong soon.Sad that he never give them to us at the front row... T_T

Hyun Joong arrived by the time Ken is about to give out the last poster,Ken passed the poster for him to throw.
I believe you don't need me to tell you how handsome he dressed that day?The pictures are all up on Honey Hyun already.
He came with a bright smile on his face.
I totally went crazy there,looking at him so close,the camera in my hands are snapping pictures of him so clear.I was like,OMG~
I couldn't take my eyes off him at first,so I let my finger autosnap as my eyes were looking at him.I am glad all the pictures are amazing now.LOLOL.

He caught my eyes during my stares for twice in short 10 minutes.
I felt like melting right on the spot.

Of all the special moments,these are a few I love and enjoyed the most,also are those I found bring tears to my eyes.

I totally remember when Ken asked Hyun Joong what secret that we TS don't know yet.
The cute expressions he given us when he consider that questions over,and the lips licking...It gotten many TS killed,I must admit.I am sure I am one of them.

Specially remembered the time when we are auctioning off his standees from The Face Shop,which he signed,he gotten shocked when the amount gotten to $2000 SGD,and have his jaw dropped each time the price raised after that,it's just so so soooo cute!He totally asked us to stop at $6000,cause he thinks we are going overboard already.

Not that I am one of the bidder,but I am sad I don't have the money to bid.

Memorable is with the second standee auction when one of the bidders giving the number 6060,he immediately realize it's his birthday.Ken asked us all to sing him Birthday songs,and the way he smiled awkwardly and saying "no" is gonna forever be in my heart.

At the end,one standee was sold at $6100 SGD and the other $6686 SGD.All those money are going to charity.And Hyun Joong donated $6868 SGD to support his fans' generosity.

Leader ah,you just made me love you more with you actions,if that's possible.

Remember how good he is to the fans who is lucky enough to take pictures with him,he is a total gentlemen.

Time for fansigning section,Mich and me were snapping all we can,of all the cute expressions we can catch,hoping to keep the memory with us more permenantly.

We went for our signature after he took a small break.Michelle went 1st.
My heart was totally wild when it's going to be my turn.

I think I will remember this forever.When I reached him,he was signing,so I was looking at his hair mostly and told him that "Please take care of yourself."

The next moment I know,he was looking into my eyes with a bright smile and said "thank you." holding the signed poster to me.
I am not sure what to feel or what to do or say then,just numbly taken the poster,and obediently went down the stage.
That was the 1st time I experienced my mind went blank,completely. ( I wanna cry when I am typing this...OMG..)

I don't feel anything until I was down the stage and shooting pictures of him again.All the while,my heart was screaming,I meet him!I meet him!I meet him!!!!
The next thing I know is my heart aching cause he looked so skinny and tired.Looking at his eyebags my heart squeeze not so gently inside my chest.

How I wish I can get my memory out so that you guys can see what it's showing.
And now I am missing him~!!Gosh...

OK, some shots of him at the fanmeeting...

More Shots of him?

I never went chasing or stalking even after,just controlling my tears all the while.I finally meet Hyun Joong,and I have to say,that few seconds of looking into his eyes,I was in heaven,I hope I will never ever forget that though it seems impossible to forget.

And I have to say,I am proud I love Kim Hyun Joong.

Additional memory :
Remember when I said up there I took a banner?Well,I am also so happy till I can scream on the street when I found out that the banner we designed were featured on Channel 5 news on 4th Dec 2010,9.30pm .Memorable date.

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