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Taylor Swift in Singapore [09/02/2011]

Just back from Taylor Swift concert...
How funny is that I am writing about Taylor Swift in my fan fiction over in STAR...LOLOL.

I was not hyper over Taylor before I go for her concert,not at all.In fact 2 hours before Taylor's concert,I was more hyper over the photobook of Ma-kun that Kinokuniya just received and was wanna go down to grab that before I go to the concert.I stopped myself though,cause I don't wanna rush and of course,I may want a discount from Michelle's discount card. ^^

I had been walking around Singapore Indoor Stadium in the afternoon,found the band practicing,but didn't see Taylor anywhere.

I was just on time to enter the concert,some Singapore artist was performing right then. ^^
My seat was at the back,still one of them by the ground,7th row,the side seat.
I met a fans of Taylor sat beside me,she is a big fans,even come with a sign board.We talked,and we got readied.

Getting high when the Singapore artist performance is over.
Then they on the light,I took some pictures around.

I keep on tweeting till then.
And then words appeared on the screen,Taylor's voice is on aired.We screamed.High...
The concert started off with one of my favorite song in her latest album,"Speak Now",it's called "Sparks Fly" ♥♥♥

"Drop everything now,meet me in the pouring rain,
Kiss me on the side walk,take away the pain,
Cause I feel,Sparks Fly,whenever you smile~~"

Then there was "The Story of Us" and  next will be "Back To December".The place was so involved with Taylor's emotion in "Back To December" that I almost cry,especially when she added the "Apologize" part in it...
I love that performance a lot,lot lots....

Taylor went to change,came out with a blue dress for "Speak Now",everyone sang along.

I have to confess I sang along to every songs she sang tonight,and I screamed a lot,which I think will give me a sore throat sooner or later.

After "Speak Now" she walked down the stage,and CAME OVER TO US AT THE BACK!!!
She went through the grabbing crowd to get to us!!OMG!

I was so glad to see her clear and near there!Immediately take the chance to take some pictures/videos.
Videos a better choice,but the quality is still not good.Regret really listen to SISTIC and never borrow a camera from Michelle....
But I am happy I got her there.I was so touched by her.She playfully took off her gloves and threw them to the fans.LOLOL.Never catch it,but it's cool.
She performed a few songs on the small stage there,there was "Fearless" which she played a mini-guitar,and sang so amazingly.
And I love the way she add a short chorus of "I'm Yours" inside the song.
Then she changed to her acoustic guitar,and sang "Fifteen",we all sang along.I saw tears in her eyes at the end of the song.Once again,I was taking someone without looking at my camera,but I can still focus,I am so happy.I was staring at her the whole time.
She was singing this to our side.She looked over a few times and smile,cause she was happy too see us there.
When it came to the third song,she asked us to sing with her,she played "You Belong With Me".
Half way she went back on stage though...I never get to shake her hand cause I was quite at the back.
But it's OK,I love that part a lot.

After that, "Dear John" when I was almost crying cause I can see Taylor.

I remembered the performance of "Enchanted" the most,cause I really love the song,and she sang that really well,we all went high over that.

And also Love Story,which you can hear everyone sing along.

Her performance of "Better Than Revenge" is something gotten us stood up and jump with her.
I jumped at a few other songs too.

Like "The Story Of Us","Love Story","You Belong With Me","Mine"....

I know I may have my memories messed up and didn't remember the performance sequence,but my memory on each and every performance made me love her LOTS.

Taylor I LOVE YOU!!!

I am so disappointed when the people just stood and left after Taylor said goodnight.They might at least try to ask for encore.

I wanna ask this to my fellow Singaporean,is that not your practice to encore?
Or is "Encore" not listed in your vocabulary?
Why don't you just call for her to come back?There are still so many songs,like "Picture to Burn","Mean","Should've Said No","Teardrops On My Guitar"....She haven't sing any of them yet!


I keep on thinking,if only I am with my friends there,we will start yelling "Encore".
Any Triple S,K-popper will do so right?
If it's SS501 concert,you will call encore right?
Please say yes and make my next concert the best of all. ^^

So...All my favorite artist came already....Hyun Joong,Soo Hyun (UKiss),Maknae,Taylor,G.Na...
Left my Ma-kun,Kimi-chan and Jung Min oppa,which the 1st 2 I don't think have a big chance,but Jung Min...PLEASE COME SOON JUNG MIN!! ^^

So,Paige signing off with Fan Account.I bet I can't sleep tonight.hahaha.
Additional Fancams

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