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G,NA in Singapore! [29/06/2010]

Went and see G.Na just now,wow,she is pretty.Love her hair,it's longer,like the last time I saw her singing Super Solo at Music Bank.

I really really like her,lots.She is a great singer,I love all her songs,which tempted me to buy her album to just get her autograph.If I have the money to do so,I will,I swear,too bad I don't.

I had been to a few fanmeeting/fansigning now,there was Adam Lamberg which I accidentaly passed by and saw,and there is of course,UKiss,and maknae I been to airport and his hotel,I really have to say,G.Na's fansigning is really really quiet and the fans are really peaceful.I can never get use to this.There is very little screaming,and no crazy act.The most crazy thing fans did there was yelling "Eonni Fighting!" or "G.Na I love you!" but these are all girls doing,the guys,in comparison,are really calm.

I was at the side stage today,can't see her much and my handphone camera is taking low quality pictures.But I did caps a few shots on her.

[image] [image] [image] [image] [image]

The craziest thing I did was seeing Samuel oppa and yelled "Oppa!" when he came down the stage.LOL,the people stood beside me should think I lost it or something,esp since I was singing her song all along with the music Playing ever since I arrived there.

Still days before I can have my own internet access.I can't wait to get it.Til then,I will miss Honey Hyun and keeps thinking of ways to keep us alive.

~Paige [29-Sept-2010]

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